Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Steamboat dinner for mid-year birthday celebration in youth. Whee!! It was right after the Mini Sports and I really didn't have any will to go -.- I was tired until I don't even feel hungry! In my case it's severe since nothing can beat my love for food. HAHAHA But then I dragged myself to the event since I need to take care of my group, I wanna eat steamboat for RM5 and it was Samuel's last day in youth before he leaves for Australia to study ='((

Lifesaver TK decided to give my bro and I a ride so I even more happy because I don't have to drive. I hate driving when I'm tired. Yeap! So that saved me 0.8% of energy.

Arrived church and straight away can eat already after blessing. (: Here comes the food!

Raw chicken
All the good stuff.

Oksusu. My favourite!

Sabah Chun Ken vs. Sausages. I'd pick chun ken because uhh.. I don't like sausages that look so red lmao

Tofu! My favourite #2 :) In the end there were lots of leftovers to TK took the whole lot. I bet it's still in his fridge now =/
Can never live without egg in a steamboat..

Youngsters' favourites. Meatballs, crabsticks and sausages. Forgot to take a picture of the fishcakes :O
My dinner. Cheat one lah for sure HAHAHA

Puberty boys getting 1kg of meat -.-
The youth was divided into 4 stations, each group handling one station. My group were all youths aged around 16-18 so they can all handle cooking by themselves and I just watched and ate what they cook... Bad leader lol. I bet the only thing I did was force them to eat vegetables. Wow I sound like a mom -.-

Early birds get to eat first lol
The station next to ours. Sour faces because food not cooked yet.

3 guys waiting for other station's food. LOL

Our group (:


All the guys in one group. CHAOS. See how dirty their table is.. hahaha

How Sam eats. I can put tohsoi pictures of him because he will not be here to hit me HAHAHA

Gabriel who came back from Canada, and Jared who came back from his trip to Canada.

Idk why I'm so lame!!!

I think our group had 5 rounds altogether lol All my dieting failed because of this one meal!! Other groups finished half an hour before us so you can imagine how much food we consumed, given that we developed bigger and longer intestines since we're all older than the rest. 

Adele even had room for hard-boiled eggs. GAH!! I think she took this whole lot herself! =O

TK and Sam. I don't wanna comment...

I realized that I've known TK and Sam since I was a kid!! TK went to the same preschool as I and later same primary and secondary school! Probably known him for 15 years!! Sam even longer because I knew him since we were in diapers lol The three of us were in the same preschool for a while. I REMEMBER. Because last time in preschool there was this incident when Sam gave me his RM1 and I was hunted down by his mom the next day. Worst part was that I was accused of stealing his money. NGAI!! He gave it to me!!

Perhaps after that incident I became really crazy about money! In a good way that is.. hahaha

Played 'fetch' lol where all of us threw jelly at Elisha and he has to catch it.

Took tons of pictures with Sam because he's leaving already! Just sent him a farewell SMS hahaha because he's gonna board his flight soon. In about half an hour... Now that he's gone I'll be more lonely in youth :( ALL I HAVE LEFT NOW IS ADELE. :(

The girl with big thighs, the sunburnt kid, and the ah pak
We wanted to give Sam the typical Good Sam farewell present but we failed :( Because no one had the time to prepare (this shows how unimportant Sam is HAHAHA) and uhm, he gets sick easily so if we pour buckets of water on him he might catch a cold =/ So cannot play lah later he will be sick throughout the week and I can even imagine him sneezing in the plane lmao

So we decided to just play with cream on the birthday cake...

But sadly there was no cream on the cake

It's custard instead of cream...


Cutting the cake. One step closer to smaking Sam with cream *evil laugh

So after cutting the cake, we prayed for Sam and blah blah blah he said his goodbye speech and stuff. Adele cannot tahan already so she was the first one up to cream his face, with custard lol. I think she massaged it on his face -.-

There you go...

HAHAHAHAHA He cannot kill me for this!

Dang the custard really smelt bad on him!! HAHAHA It was better than cream actually because cream is harder to clean and it's sticky and stuff. Custard was much more better but you have to deal with the smell. This kid went out with his friends with all that custard stink.. EWWW.

Yeah took a bunch of pictures and photo bomb-ed a lot but I'm too lazy to upload every single one of them!! Gotta catch up with homework!


Liana said...

Sam's face has too little custard!

Alysasasasasa said...

I miss sabah chun ken!!! T.T spare me some!!!