Sunday, July 8, 2012

PLCS Mini Sports

PLCS mini sports is basically a mini sports day for Pre-U (if you put it in a not-so-glamour context, it's form 6 -.-) students like myself. The sports include Basketball, badminton, volleyball, and also brain sports like chess, carrom and Scrabble. Not sure if they are called brain sports but it surely exercises your brain so exersice = sports. 

It was held on a Friday and Saturday. Most of the pictures that you are about to see are taken on Friday because I was busy on Saturday. Doing what? Oh, no way I was in any sport. If you know me well enough I suck in sports, and also in brain sports. Put me in food-eating competition I might have a chance to win but this, it's a definite NO. I was put in charged of medals and certificates so most times I was in the teachers' office printing certs and enjoying air-cond. *evil laugh.

Had to drag my butt to school at 7am to get the school compound ready (oh yeah we are hosting it). Finished around 9am and had to be back for the real thing at 2.30pm, so a bunch of us - Audrey, Tam Kang, Mei Ling, Wei, Judith, Mike and myself went to Salim and then Centre Point to kill time. 

I've never ordered this in my life LOL The only thing I eat is roti

Weird looking teh tarik :/ Have not been to Salim for a long time.

Wanted to sing karaoke while we are in CP but then it wasn't open yet. So Wei and TK decided to DDR. Them battling it out.

While they (and me) watch in awe. TK stomped on the machine so hard I thought it was gonna blow.

After that we walked around CP, went to McDonalds for takeaway and went to school. Didn't take any pictures of the badminton matches because it was ongoing in the school hall. Most times we were at the basketball court because our friends were playing :3

First match. KKHS vs. All Saints.
I don't like basketball TBH but then I like taking pictures. Here goes.

I like this picture for no reason

Karee. and her turtle pose.

Teacher going high because the match was getting intense

Volleyball was also ongoing. Our school vs. I dunno which school lol

Both teams in blue
 Didn't really watch the volleyball match because it was quite boring (please don't kick me) and after a while the girls' basketball match started!! Our school vs. All Saints again (:

Before the match. The shaking hand part. hahaha
Audrey playing.
So Audrey and Judith were in the team. Dang Audrey super pro and we never knew she could play like that. There was one match where our team scored 28 points, and sources tell me that 25 points are scored by Audrey. Dang! Great teamwork though I can see, smart to pass Audrey the ball hehehe

I like this picture for no reason #2

Audrey shooting
Audrey bouncing the ball. LOL Most pictures are of Audrey lah because idk who else to take =/
 After a while I got bored with the girls team because both teams were not that aggressive hahaha so I shot the boys again

The girls again.
Audrey again. Her expression and hair looks like it's copied from the handball picture LOL


Tired Audrey. Profile picture perhaps? HAHAHAHA
Yup that's all not much to post kthxbai.
Next post - Youth Steamboat Partyyy (:

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HAHAHA poor Audrey looks sibeh tired at the last pic but she so PRO!! oh and when is Shnwei shorten to Wei HAHAHA ngong