Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On the Brightside

*Curtains open

In the midst of the two-day Mooting Competition, I managed to catch a live play in our very own little city, KK!! Can you believe it?! Yes! KK!

So a few weeks ago, Carmelia invited me to an event through Facebook about this play. Then I was like, "aiyah still so long..." The play is called "On The Brightside" by Green Leaf Theatre House, touching on individuality and how to face your inner fear.

So few days before the play, Madam Teo (our MUET teacher) asked me and TK if we wanna go watch. Carmelia's in the play btw I forgot to mention. Both of us wanted to go but sadly the Saturday show was full (the play was on going for 3 days). Madam Teo gave us her tickets at the end so YAY! Off we went =D Thanks Mdm Teo!!

 The ticket which I kept as a souvenir LOL

I came home from Mooting at around 5pm, and the play starts at 7.45 but then Carmelia texted me asking me to go early just so we could get good seats! Quickly showered and changed. Then ma was like, 'Not tired meh? If tired don't go lah'. But I insisted on going despite all the tiredness. All I want was a break from all that Mooting stress hahaha and also to support Carmelia! So TK's dad sent us to the Penampang Library at 6.45pm =/

The play was about 7 friends who were of different personalities, but enjoyed making dramas together. After graduating from school, they pretty much lost contact but one of them, Adam, decided to reunite everyone to do a play because well... he has cancer and has not much time left. Aww... so sad! It's mainly about facing your inner fears and stick to being yourself.

So the 7 of them had peculiar roles to play, Carmelia played the tomboy *claps*, there was the soft-spoken guy, the feminine guy, the bubbly outspoken girl, the geek, the guy who wants to be an actor, and Adam the starring =D All of them are newbies, and job well done to all of them. Acting was 100% goodie good good and I was almost in tears!!

Before the play began. The characters were sitting in corners like that holding a candle. Dang good man if it was me my legs would be really numb -.-

Shot during the play. The one in the red-checkered shirt is Carmelia!

Shot #2

So was it worth the RM20 I paid with the little pocket money I saved? YES.
Was it worth dragging yourself to watch a play at the Penampang library? YES.
Was it worth sacrificing your rest/sleep time? YES.

The play was extremely good. Storyline good. Acting good. Everything, just plain good.

I just cannot explain it. It was close to heart and it was genuine. Yes, genuine. I just loved it.

The end *screen closes

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