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My Friends with Fifits

I met the best people in the world when I was in form 5. Okay, I didn't meet them only when I was in form 5 lah some of them I've known since I was in primary school but only when we are together we become unbeatable. Like Power Rangers lmao

If you want to know why I call them Friends with Fifits (Fifits for short) read here. They don't actually chou fifit (have armpit stink) HAHAHA It was a joke back in form 5 when we kept using fifit as a swear word. Everything also fifit here fifit there and thus I had the idea to call us the fifits. Because 'Friends with Benefits' would never work for us since there is only one guy in our group and we never give each other money -.- No benefit at all.

So here I am to introduce to you, my fifits! This post is for me to remember them because I scared one day I suddenly memory lost and cannot remember anyone. So I can refer to this lmao. And also just in case I suddenly forgot one fifit, which is impossible but lately my mind has been playing tricks with me. -.- Somehow I cannot remember some people at certain minutes of the day!

Okay to be fair and just HAHAHA Am going to introduce according to our age ( we are all 18 this year but some are few months older than some) if not later some of them say I bias put who who who first and them last. Maknae (Youngest in Korean) fifit sorry lah but you are last!

First up is Marie!

Back in 2009 lol

Yeap she's the oldest. *evil laughs. In fact, she's the oldest person (I bet!) in all of 94-liners because she's born on 1 January. Okay Marie now everyone knows you are old hehehe. I met Marie when we were in primary 2! And that time I thought she was annoying lmao and I was trying to stay away from her lol I think we got pretty close during primary 4 but at that time most people hated me because I was really lc. =) Wow I was lc since so young lol So you can count how many years of friendship lah from there.

I think all of the fifits can agree with me that she is the most stylish one amongst us -.- HAHAHA I bet most of us are pretty casual, going out in jeans/shorts and a t-shirt, but she is just different. Because she has the biggest closet (and room) compared to all of us! We go to her house most often for open house and birthday parties yay so fun!! She can also draw very well gaaaaah and she likes to read books which I think it's the only similarity we have. Oh and also checking out hot guys but then her hot guys all very different from my hoy guys because I think her hot guys not really that hot and she thinks my hot guys not really as hot as her. I just used how many hot guys in that sentence lol?

Yeah I've known her almost all my study life lah so I know her very well that she is much braver than before. Maybe it's because she follow us too much but before she was very shy shy one. Last time she used to say it's hard for her to say 'no' and such but right now macam don't have already kan?

I better make it short or else this would take me forever to finish lol

Now, Kalina.

Karee's the one at the right. Cannot post a picture of her and me only if not she perasan that I have feelings for her wtf This picture was taken back in 2007!! When I had less pimples!! =(
Okay her real name is Kareena. Glamour name hahaha always get compared to Kareena Kapoor one!
It is very obvious from my caption that Karee is very hamsap!! hahaha And if you see her ah the first impression you have will be 'walao why that girl's fringe like birdnest?!' HAHAHA I tell you why it's because she trims it herself in her bathroom every morning before she goes to school.

Back to the hamsap (pervertic) part. Karee will touch you whenever she gets the chance =____= Like shaking your hands she will also get high lol (I say one) Then ah she always likes to stalk random people ESPECIALLY PRETTY GIRLS!! Boys also she interested one lah like my brother -.-

I always get into fights with Karee lol. And then she can always make bird sounds unintentionally. Like when we were in form 2, Marie, Aly and I were doing this thing called 'bubbling' where you put your lips together and blow and your lips vibrate. The sound that came out was like 'bbbbbbbbbb' but Karee decided to join and we got into trouble. She started imitating us and we got caught by the teacher LMAO She turned to us and ask, 'Why got chicken clucking sound in class?' HAHAHAHA because it really sounded like a chicken HAHAHAHA I'm laughing now as I type -.-

Next up is Aly!

Her Facebook picture with me innit -.- It's actually a screenshot I took earlier this year when I was Skyping with her

This is the only decent picture of Aly because whenever we have to take picture either her eyes are half closed or she's sneezing lmao. That's one thing you have to know. Another thing you have to know is that Aly has lips like Angelina Jolie!! 

Aly is the one that (I think) sings the most in our group. Sing until cry those ah. And she can talk a lot also. And she ever bashed me in an SMS last year. I found out because she accidentally sent me the text!!! Ya I know you hate me Aly because I am taller and have bigger boobs hahahaha

ALY NEVER STUDIES. If she graduates faster than me then I will erase that statement. hahaha Last year when everyone was busy preparing for SPM she was eating chips while watching Hong Kong dramas for the whole night okay. We went for the library for group study but Aly just went there to burp (that is what she does best!) She can also eat non-stop and puke everything out in the end. What is wrong with her?!

She also likes liang moi mandopop singers like Hebe from SHE, Rainie Yang and ... that's all. She likes Suzy from Miss A too -.-

Next in line is me!!! *claps

Picture back in 2009. Even then I look like an insane woman -.-

I can say that I am probably the most annoying one in the group, and probably the loudest lmao!! I am the tallest one also! hahahaha Probably the one who has the most hairstyle changes in the past 5 years HAHAHA I also dunno why I always have the urge to cut my hair at some point. Fifits please stop me when I wanna chop my hair off again. Tie me up in a chair and lock me in a freezer please.

Okay too shy to talk about myself later too perasan =="

Next up, Pae Yii!!!!

Me and Pae Yii during graduation day last year. See somehow we always very formal lol
Got to know Pae Yii when I was in Form 1. She sat in front of me, my memory tells me so. Only got closer to her when I was in form 4, when everyone ditched me and got a seat with their friends and I was left alone wtf and that time Pae Yii had an empty seat beside her so I got sit there... Walao I'm not sure if she like or not lah that time but first few days were very awkward hahaha but after that very good liao because she kept telling me cold/lame jokes which made me laugh very hard but she just act cool only. WAAAAH!

Most of us passed our Chinese because of Pae Yii because we always copy her chinese homework!! I bet she's the only one in class who does her homework okay and practically the whole class copies her work! THANK YOU PAE YII YOU SAVED THE WHOLE CLASS!

You see her kan you might think that she very diam diam and guai guai but she is not lah okay!! She can be really crazy one lol you have to be a fifit or one of her many siblings to know that lmao

Orangutan's turn! SIAW!

Siaw don't high!!
Siaw is known as the orangutan of the group because she always swings her arm on your shoulders, like an orangutan lol 

We always joke about her one lah because she won't get mad (she will but not as often as us =/) HAHAHA oh and also last year I don't know why but one of us said she's autistic! WALAO! Okay that is very insulting but funny at the same time. You know you can cheat her and get away with it forever hahaha but then she will eventually find out lah (because she is also damn smart -.-) but doesn't go into a fit instead she just replies with a 'YER!' 

Siaw is a future primary school teacher so I cannot reveal much things lah because next time if her students found out about this post I AM DOOMED!!! I might even put her career on the line so I better shut up!

One thing I can say is that she likes Kim Hyun Joong a lot which I think if her future students find out, they will laugh at her because in that era KHJ will be considered an ah pak already HAHAHAHA makes no sense I know.

... Now. The only male species in the group, Huang! Or Fan!

I bet you can guess which one Huang is -.-

From the picture it is observed that (walao am I writing a Science report?) Huang likes to act cute!! If you don't believe me you can check out is blog where he uploads his SS pictures. Kidding! hahaha but he does like to act cute that I am not kidding.

So Huang is the boy genius in our group. Because he is the only boy mah. For girls idk lah all of us are smart HAHAHA He can solve math problems in 5 seconds while it takes me half an hour to finish part one!! I am not kidding! It's like I'm stuck in this question, I go ask him, he LOOKS at the question and he already knows the answer. Then I'll be like #$%^&*() I DON'T LIKE YOU HUANG!! Then he acts cute again -.- That kind of genius. I don't know how is brain works but apparently he can draw like a madass also!! WHY LIKE THAT?!?!?! 

Funny thing is that the first time I saw Huang was in the library lol back in form one, before going to English tuition or something. We (me and tuition mates. No Huang ah) had to wait till 3.30 to walk to the tuition centre but I got ditched by my friends who were in the same class as Huang. They told me to stay with Huang lah and can ask him any questions since he very smart mah. So I was at the same table as he was so I said hi. Then I think he was too shocked/scared he packed his things and left the library lmao!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA okay maybe he forgot already but yeah it happened and you should see the look on his face!!

How many people already?! I've lost count..

Next one is a person who just got a new phone *jealous dao bao ... AUDREY!!
Eh Audrey I seldom take pictures with you lol

Audrey is also very ham -.- She says so herself so I am not the one who said it! We always think of FOOD when we see her because her mom can make very delicious cakes and pork rendang *drolls. and whenever I'm hungry I ask if she's hungry or not she also says yes hahaha that is why we are of the same kind!!

So uhm, she also very fierce =OOO And she shouts very loud lol maybe it's because both of us are quite big sized that's why we have good voice projection HAHAHAHA What? I don't know what to write anymore because later she eff me in school =O I know she gets high when she sees cute guys and has crazy power of remembering song lyrics though she only listened to the song ONCE! 

She's probably the one who is getting married first amongst us fifits. And will probably have 7 kids. NAAAAH I SAID IT!!! You better make it real woman hahahahaha Oh yeah she also boasts a lot about her assets which makes people who have less assets feel bad :( I'm not talking about myself lol.

Okay. Maknae's turn. Ya you already know it's Shnwei

What so funneh?

Based on her 'maknae' status, which she claimed it herself lmao, you know that she is a korean freak!! It's true. She always say she no money kan but she has about 100 korean albums I don't even think it's possible. And she watches Korean dramas without subtitles @#$%^&*( CRAZY!! She also stalks kpop stars ah until sometimes she forgets to bath. And she can speak alien language which somehow we can understand and are able to reply in alien language as well!

You know what's the best thing about Shnwei? SHE HAS A MOLE!! Which we can make fun of hahaha We gave her an english name loh Moley but she rejected it D: Nolah I know that deep down she loves that name to death more than HEHEHE

Yeah that's all about Shnwei what you wanna know lagi? Because I don't know what to write anymore I'm too sleepy!!

Some never before seen pictures from my unorganized files! Enjoy! Lots of #Fifitfacts associated with the pictures lol

What did I tell you about Aly's camera face?

Me and Siaw. My shopping companion now lol I think we have addiction to go out and buy stuff and walk till we have blisters lol
KAEMA! We dared each other to wear ugly clothes from Metro lol!!

Oh I forgot about KAEMA! Before the fifits, Aly, Karee, Marie and I are known as KAEMA lol a name made out of our initials. E is actually Edlyn but then she left us uhh... due to some arguements.. but we are in good terms now! :) So I don't think we could use KAEMA anymore so Fifits it is!

Made it to the 'Walk of fame' together. All of us are in it okay!! This was for PMR! We are still in the WOF this year for our SPM results! hahahaha
Fifits very good in posing for 10-shot feature in my camera lol It's not easy okay you have to change pose and pause at the right time only Fifits can do it ah!!

These Fifits took accounts class and got extra A :(

Fifits always remember birthdays one ah. Got cake also!!

Us taking pictures in public like no monkey's business. We always do. This was back in 2009!!

All of us like to eat!! And we always eat together, most of the time!! From this picture you know that Siaw eats the slowest.

We always give surprise ah until people cry okay!! This is Audrey crying. YER YOU ARE ON TAM KANG'S PAGE OHHHHH *winkwinkwink

Now you can focus on Shnwei's mole here... So kyeopta

If it wasn't for the Fifits, this picture would not exist because they got me a Fujifilm Instax 7 for my 17th birthday T_______T Doh jeh sai ah you guys =') and thus the picture lol
Fifits join competitions together! Or rather drag each other to join competitions with lol

We graduated together as well lmao!! BEAT THAT YOU DONUTS!!! Aly again @#$%^&*(
Fifits in 2012! Missing Aly because ah she suddenly flew to KL for studies lol

Yeap that's all (: Am very thankful to God because he blessed me with such amazing friends I don't even know what I did to deserve this :') Some of us are in college while some of us are still stuck in form 6 but we still miss each other every time! I LOVE YOU GUYS! *throws imaginary hearts

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Oh yeah! I realized that most of the Fifits own blogs lol except for Karee and Siaw!!!


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