Sunday, July 15, 2012

My camera

GAH. I just don't know who to tell this to because it seems that no one even bothers about this matter and perhaps it's not really that important but to me it's really important I can't even...

At situations like this my blood starts to boil and I talk (in this case it's type) real fast.

Yesterday during the school concert my camera was going nuts and it couldn't zoom. So I failed to take any pictures. *sobs

So what now? Get it fixed? Or what? We have a day off school tomorrow and there are tons of things to do. Am I supposed to fit this in tomorrow as well? Why am I talking to myself? OH I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS.

I think I am going insane =_=

To further add on to the point of me owning broken gizmos, my glasses have been broken for about a month and I still haven't fixed it. I have been going out with it for these few weeks, looking like a buffoon. And I still don't find it in my priorities to fix it, sedangkan it has been blocking 10% of my vision. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH ME.

Okay maybe I'm just sleepy.

But my camera is sick :(

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Alysasasasasa said...

STOP PROCRASTINATING IIYEE!! Go fix ur lens and camera LOL... =D