Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I'm back by popular demand!! hahaha Nolah it's just that I was really busy with Mooting (as seen from title) that I had not time to blog. Not to mention Mt. Everest-high homework pile. Yeap. People say primary school homework is a lot, well I beg to differ!! At least we can get the homework done in a day, Form 6 homework just keeps on piling. In fact, I'm supposed to do homework now but then here I am...


I joined Mooting last minute. Actually, I'm a substitute. A LAST MINUTE SUBSTITUTE!! One of the members pulled out because she had a camp or something so uhh, the teacher called me to fill in. No idea why I said yes because I regret 5% haha I joined last year as a solicitor but this year I was Senior Counsel. Not bad hahaha promoted myself weh.

Competition was on Saturday and I was only given the task one week before the actual competition. Don't ask me why I did it I just did -.- So yeap, hectic preparations, skipping classes and a truckload of stress. We made the teachers go crazy and we were crazy writing our submissions the day before the competition lalalala okay I guess all of you can get my point.

So the venue for the competition is still the same -.- It's was held at SESB, Karamunsing. This time I had to pick up the other team members to go to Karamunsing. The first team (our school sent 2 teams) was up at 8.30 am, while our team's turn was at 1.30pm. You see the gap? I didn't know how we survived in Karamunsing that day. Involved lots of meals in McDonalds and running around the complex with my banana suit (my uniform)
 Went to Pancake House International for breakfast. Teacher's treat :3
This is my Banana Caramel Walnut pancake. Not bad but not too good either.
I think I can make better pancakes =/

 Representing our school (:
From left: Jason, Caleb, me, Johan, Annadele and Douglas.
This was before our (Johan, Annadele, me) turn

Douglas & me along with our Mooting teacher, Ms. Sheily
She probably contributed 5% to the total McDonalds sale that day.

Douglas with the judges, Louise McCarthy and Cathy Atkins. Second year seeing them and I think they're the nicest Australians I've ever met!

Met my primary school classmates!! That's Tan Ken Seng on the left and Anselmus in the middle. Three of us have been in the same class throughout primary school (primary one to six!!). Last time I was taller than them now lose already hahaha. They look like bosses and I still look like a high school student. PHAIL.

The Mooting Competition is organized by Bond University, Melbourne, Australia. They have it every year in KK and I have participated twice now. It was a great experience and I think both our teams did a really good job. Winners were from STTSS and they really deserved to win because when I saw them present it was definitely a jaw-dropping moment. hahaha. And after the finals we get to have the best lunch that anyone could get. YEAH!

Please forgive for my lansi post I am in a hurry to finish 4 subtopics of math -.-


Random pictures to compensate (not that I think it'll work...)

Largest sushi I have ever consumed!! I think it's the size of my fist hahaha
My grandma tapau-ed it for me from KL!! Super nice!

A picture of my study table which I took after Mooting. I know it's messy but I just don't have the crap time to clean up.

Hitz Cruisers came to our school just now! So each of us was given Tropicana Twister and some chocolate dates. Then I won tickets to Rockfest, happening on the 14th of July on Padang Merdeka. lmao Now who wants to go with me??? It's the same date as the school concert -.- But I haven't paid for my tickets yet GRRR Why force me buy tickets?!?!


Anonymous said...

what is going on in Malaysia? Angry madman

小范 said...

omg got westerners haha xD got many schools joined this mooting ka?

Alysasasasasa said...

woii meet tan keng seng??? HAHAHAHHAA sibeh funny when i saw them 2 in ur pic XD <3 ur post =D