Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Me & Aloe Vera

For those of you who have seen me in person, or have seen pictures of me would know that I have acne problems. It's not just a pimple here and a pimple there, it's a lot of pimples. Especially on my forehead.

I started having pimples since I was 12 years old (yeah early puberty what to do..) and it has gotten worse since. When I had chicken pox when I was in form 2 it just got worse. Scarring was bad, my face was never silky smooth and I was often laughed at because of my pimples (jealous because I'm still going through puberty issit?)

My skin isn't 100% perfect. It is NOWHERE NEAR perfect. My skin scars easily so after my chicken pox I was left with a lot of scars, which soon developed into keloids. Consulted a skin specialist about the keloids but the only solution to get rid of them is injection. I'm not ready for that so.. yup. But then the specialist adviced me to wash my face because she noticed my severe acne problem and I went home with Cetaphil and antibiotics that day. And my keloids weren't treated lmao

Before that I did any cleansing routine on my face so it was quite new for me. Now I kindda regret starting because in my opinion cleansing my face made my pimples worse. I don't know who to blame the skin specialist or me. hahahaha. Oh well. It's a long story in between.

Last year my acne has gotten real bad. Even the aunties were concerned so I got tons of advice and just nodded in agreement. I never really had the guts to try out random skin care so I just brushed off the idea of wanting to try new products but I was interested in trying natural stuff though. My grandma asked me to give aloe vera a try one day and I agreed.

Aloe Vera is well known for its ability to treat skin problems. I remember when I was young ma bought some aloe vera gel for my cousin who has nappy rash. And it worked like a charm. Aloe Vera is also good for moisturizing, acne, soothing sunburns and even your scalp!

So my grandma heard from her friends that applying aloe vera onto pimples could help reduce it. I'm not saying that you can just pluck out the aloe vera from your garden and slap it on your face. Noooooo. You only need the inside part of the aloe vera, which is the transparent part. So I usually cut it around 1cm thick, get rid of the green part and chop the transparent flesh into bits. And then I apply the slime on my pimples, leave it on for a while and wash it off. She told me that another effective way is to swallow cubes of aloe vera but YUCK! No way. I simply do not like the slimy, green taste of raw aloe vera so I'll pass.

This 'natural' way might have helped others, but not me. Sadly. Perhaps it's the way that I apply it or the way that I cut it or I'm just to dirty and the aloe vera has been infected even before I apply it on my face. Aiyah it just didn't work lah. =( So back to being the ance girl :(

This year when I worked in a skin care shop, I tried some masks with aloe vera ingredients. Not much of a change but I think it helped me hydrate my skin a little ask my skin is really dry. What they tell me is that my skin may not look dry on the outside but inside it's dry, and 'hot'. Thus the pimples because of internal heat. I don't even know if that term exists.
I like this one because the mask sheet is really light and it absorbs into your skin really fast.

Just tried this one yesterday. Didn't really like it because after the mask my face was really sticky =/

I don't really like using sheet mask because ...  I feel like my face has been captured by a thin sheet of cloth HAHAHA It depends though. Some masks are really comfortable so it's okay, some are just really uncomfortable and you feel like peeling it off the second you put it on, but tahan until the 15th minute because you don't want to waste RM5 that you spent on the mask lmao.

So last week ma got me this (okay actually I ask her to buy for me lmao but I didn't know she'd actually get it for me. Loves)

TADA!! (Nolah this is not the original thing she got me lmao

It's this! *drumroll lmao

Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
Saw good reviews about this product, and I have been wanting to get it but I was busy for the past month = I didn't go to Suria (where the NR store is located).

This soothing gel is made of 92% Aloe Vera. Here's how you can use it (:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! One simple product with so many uses?!

I have a friend who used this and his acne problem was cured (!!!!!!!!!!) Main reason why I want to try it lol because his acne problems more severe than mine and also cured so I dare try this lmao

Open the lid, there's another seal (:
Love the fact that it has a seal (which normal mask packs should have) but I don't really like the packaging itself because it can easily be contaminated. There's no mini spatula or whatsoever given so I think it's really dirty if you just scoop it out with your bare hands. That's why I transferred an amount to a tiny container and use my cheapo spatula when I used it. I am trying to be hygienic ah. Cheapo better than nothing okay.

Consistency of the gel. Look how clear it is!

Super big tub now I headache don't know how to finish it =/

It is this transparent lol
Right now I am using it as a mask, and I've tried it 3 times already. I just apply on my face, leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it off. Results were good. My pimples are still there but I can see that it has gotten less irritated, and my skin is more moisturized. Am going to try using it as a moisturizer. I never liked using moisturizers because I don't like the sticky feel of cream but this one sits nicely on your face and it's cooling. So I thought I'd give it a try since my face is in it's brink of cracking.. due to dryness lmao 

I can also used it for my hair LOL since my hair is always dry. The saloon people always compare my hair to wires lmao so maybe this might help. Another I can do with this is use it as an eye mask!! WHEE!! I'll try it during exam week lol Finding excuses to not study before the paper.. hahaha

If it's edible I'd probably have a few scoops already =/ The smell of it is okay, not too strong, not smelly. And for those have sensitive skin, this product does not include paraben, colouring or mineral oils! 

I think it's quite cheap too. RM32.90 if I'm not mistaken! Grab a tub today!

This is not a sponsored post lmao. Not so pro yet. Any sponsor wanna sponsor me hah?


Alysasasasasa said...

Me want a tub!! Sponser me!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and I know it's 2016, but I want you to know that the nature republic aloe vera gel you brought is a fake. The packaging is dark green when it's suppose to be light green. The 92% does not look like that, the percent sign is suppose to be small and on the right corner of the 2. Yours doesn't have the 300ml/ 10.56 fl.Oz stated at the bottom. Google image the real one and you can see what I'm talking about. I hope you did not damage your skin using the poor imitation of nature republic :(.

Unknown said...

I did some research and found that hers was the previous packaging of the NR aloe gel. She purchased this 4 years ago and it's typical for companies to re-package their products..and also, the ORIGINAL TUB IS DARK GREEN IN COLOR. and not light green. I've bought mine in a Nature Republic Shop and they even showed me what the fake looks like.

Lucille Mae Borja said...

I did some research and found that hers was the previous packaging of the NR aloe gel. She purchased this 4 years ago and it's typical for companies to re-package their products..and also, the ORIGINAL TUB IS DARK GREEN IN COLOR. and not light green. I've bought mine in a Nature Republic Shop and they even showed me what the fake looks like.

aaliyahjackoson said...
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aaliyahjackoson said...
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aaliyahjackoson said...

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Unknown said...

Aloe vera is very beneficial plant by which you can cure any kind of problem. Whether it is acne, herpes, blemishes and constipation aloe vera is helpful in all problems. You can buy aloe vera gel from any store or if you want you can grow this plant in your backyard. If you drink aloe vera juice on a daily basis you will stay away from lots of internal problems.

Abbey Gay said...

Wow, nice article I will definitely use aloe vera to keep my skin spots free. I think aloe vera gel is that ingredient which anyone can use without worrying about side-effects. I have aloe vera in my Terries but I never used it but after reading your article I am not only going to use this, in fact I will suggest everyone to use pure aloe vera gel to cure their health related problems whether it is internal or external.

Pixie said...

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