Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Word of the day: LAZY

How I categorize myself: LAZY

Maybe categorize is not a proper word but you get my point.


10 reasons to show you why I think that I am lazy, and 1 reason to show you I'm not -

I am lazy to wake up in the mornings, and I am lazy to fall asleep (although I love to sleep lol)

I never fold my blanket

I can never finish one thing that I have in mind at one go (this means I'll start doing something, and then leave it there forever untouched)

I can only study for 2 hours tops. I don't know how other students do it but I JUST CAN'T!! And after 10pm my brain automatically shuts to sleep/lazy mode

I never wash my face properly. And thus the pimples #cry. At most I wash my face 4 times a week lol. And this 4 times is only a simple cleanse and not followed by toner or moisturizer. AND YOU DARE SAY YOU WORK IN A SKIN CARE SHOP BEFORE.

I don't exercise. Reason for being so fat TT____TT What I just hate to sweat bah. You know I sweat like a pig even if the aircond is on you can imagine how much I sweat if I do 10 pushups.

I never wash my car. Okay I washed it ONCE since I got it, which was last year! Since it's almost one year old I'm going to wash it today #5seconddetermindedface

I don't tidy up my room. Hence the pig sty of the entire house.

I never ever comb my hair before I leave the house. Never did, never will.

Whenever the phone rings I run to the toilet and pretend I need to pee. HAHAHA

There you have it.

One reason I don't think I'm lazy is - I still consume a large amount of food despite the need to exert a high amount of energy to chew/swallow the food.

*this is a post I wrote because I am lazy (again) to drag myself outside to wash my car + my head is spinning because I spent 2 hours doing my bio presentation SAVE ME


audrey said...

'Whenever the phone rings I run to the toilet and pretend I need to pee. HAHAHA' WHAT running to the toilet is not lazy ABIGAIL. NOT LAZY.

小范 said...

LOLOL the only thing that you won't be lazy is eating right? haha xD abby u too funny!

*agree with you drey, that's not lazy abby!

Alysasasasasa said...

eh...9 out of 10 of ur laziness is same as mine...only i do pick up the phone instead of hiding in the toilet =D