Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pictures from my phone

Uhm, if you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I have just received a Samsung Galaxy S2 from my uncle!! Once again thank you kaufu! Yeah I know S3 is out but my dream of having a S2 has not faded since last year lol. It has been exactly a year and I finally got the phone! Happy max! But then I have phobia of losing this phone like how someone stole my iPhone 3 =OOOO *touchwood

So I am trying to clear my micro SD card to insert it into a new phone, and here are pictures I took with my trusty Sony Ericsson Elm. I love this phone, always will.

Me, Amanda from Lahad Datu and our mime masks. Taken during Children Creative Ministry Training in March last year.

Cornetto McFlurry from Brighton, UK! I must be insane it was so cold and we were freezing but I had to have ice cream -.-

Strawberries we picked from Strawberry farm in our UK trip last year =D

Necklace I made with beads I bought from the UK. Until today I bu she de wear it out lol

Siaw and I during Youth Alpha last year! It was Mask day =D

Me, Liana and Elaine with our Angry Birds bottle! Elaine bought it for us!!

No one in the right mind would be able to guess what this is! hahaha It's actually a thin skin of cocoa jelly stock at the sides of the bowl while I was making it! I clumped it together then somehow to me it looks like a heart ...

Taec on Running Man. Note that Taec is my imaginary husband lol

Shnwei and I at the Shan Tao Primary School Alumni Dinner last year. We are not official alumni members btw dad has tickets and forced us to go -.-

Seungri socks Lisa got for me from Korea!

Back when I had a frenzy about cheap pens from Kaison.
Cross from New Zealand that Sabrina bought for each of us (me, Liana, Adele) while preparing for SPM! I hanged this on my study lamp

Graduation shot. Used it as my phone's wallpaper

On the Logos Hope tour. My group number and country

Durian I ate in Petaling Street, KL last year

Nick's frozen yogurt, which I ate most of it. hahaha I think it is the best frozen yogurt I've had so far

Nick and I at mom's office. We were going to Suria, I was going for an interview which led me to my part-time job at Tony Moly

Banana leaf I had with Jade back in April.

When I just got my mushroom haircut

Shnwei buying Pororo specs.
hahaha memories.

I seldom use my phone cam because I normally bring my super heavy camera no matter where I go so these are just random shots I took when I'm bored or when I am lazy to retrieve my camera from the bag. lalala. And I played around with my camera a lot while I was doing my revision in my room last year, which proves a lot that I wasn't 100% revising/studying.


We had sports day from Wednesday to Friday and I must tell you that I am toasted! Not as toasted/tanned/burnt/charcoaled as other students but I did get my share of the sun. School's fault. They let students stay under the sun from 7am to 2pm! I wouldn't mind if the weather wasn't oven 450 degrees hot but it was okay!! Even the teachers stayed under the shades and what did they do to protect us students? Nothing much. First everyone didn't know how hot it was so they weren't 'equipped'. Second day I saw students (of all forms and gender) bringing bags loaded with foldable umbrellas, sunscreen, sunglasses, hand fans, towels and wet wipes. Now can you imagine how hot it was?

I was dragged to join cheerleading for my sports house. I still remain in Red House so YAY!! The cheerleading part was fun and I did enjoy all the dancing and stuff, plus I didn't have to stay under the sun and die of boredom. Sad part is that we didn't get any placing :( Oh well, we have next year lol idk if I'm still up for it or not. But it was a great way to remember Sports Day!


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