Monday, June 11, 2012

Anthony Neely Concert

When it comes to concerts, I am always last minute D: (remember the time when Red Soul came?)

Friday night (day before concert. SEE SO LAST MINUTE) I got a phone call from Shnwei. It was the house phone ringing lol and if you read my previous post I am very lazy to pick up phone calls -.- So I screamed for my brother to pick it up though the phone is only 50m away from me.

Yeah so Shnwei was like, "WHY DIDN'T YOU PICK UP YOUR HANDPHONE?!"

My mistake. My handphone was on super silent lol, which is silent plus no vibration because I went for a meeting in the evening.

Conversation happened like this, as far as I can remember ah..
Me: Oh, it's on super silent. Sorry bah.
Wei: But I call your phone got this weird sound blah blah blah am gonna ask you something but you will probably say no to it lalalala
Me: Then why you still call me?
Wei: Bu shi bah (which translates to, NO BAH), today Cherrie called me and asked me whether I wanna go to Anthony Neely's concert or not blah blah because she got tickets blah blah and she said you can follow also blah blah but have to drive blah blah blah she lazy drive blah blah

Like that.

So basically, Cherrie (friend of me and Shnwei) had extra tickets to the concert and she asked if we/Shnwei could go with her. Obviously Shnwei said yes because she's a fan of this dude and she has been begging the sky and the moon to let her go! Tickets are sold at RM100 and RM200 and she said she couldn't afford it so ... actually I think this is all a lie because she can afford to buy 3 Korean albums in a month but refuse to spend RM100 for this lol

And I was dragged into it lah. Not reluctantly hahaha since I had nothing to do that Saturday night and if you give me free stuff I would surely take it, if I think it's worth it lah hahahaha

In the end Cherrie said she couldn't make it, and she gave us her ticket (it rhymes!), so we asked Siaw to go with us!!!



Oh yeah, some of you might be wondering, Anthony Neely who?

If you think that he's an orang putih who sings songs like Justin Bieber, then you are wrong. Yes lah he is an orang putih (see is name also know zzz) and he sings, but he doesn't sing english songs. Okay he has one english song (and he can sing english songs) but then he made is mark in the mando-pop industry instead. SINGING CHINESE SONGS. And he has a chinese name as well because his mom is chinese (is it not obvious enough?). His chinese name quite cute one  倪安东 lol. Which is read Ni AnDong

Uhm, how do I come to know this dude?

Simple, from the love of my eyes, the television. Years ago I saw him on 超级星光大道 (One Million Star), a Taiwanese reality show similar to American Idol, as a PK challenger singing 'Can't take my eyes off you' (okay he was actually on the show before that but I only remember this song) and I was like, OH MYY HOW COME THIS ANGMOH SO PRO?!? I'm a big fan of the show so obviously I saw him glow and continue to shine after that :) Yeah. I think he's quite famous lah hehehe who cares he's handsome and can sing so like that hahahaha


So the 3 of us went to Burger King for take away before heading to Kian Kok Middle School, where the concert was held. It's actually the school's fund raising concert =OOO Walao how come so cool can invite famous people lol. Show starts at 7.30pm and I think we reached half an hour before that time. And the place was already packed -.-

Had our burgers like a boss in the hall lol

Glowsticks that they gave us!!
The three of us while waiting for Anthony to perform. Because it's a fund raising thing there were a lot of other performances.

Nothing to do... play with glowsticks and Ipad LOL

See glowsticks so pretty!! No that is not Anthony Neely!! Puh-lease!!
After an hour of waiting and screaming for Anthony, he finally came out!!! *screams like maniac

I don't think people in the hall were up to my screaming because all the aunties and students looked at me. What? It's a concert HELLO and the guy is hot HELLO HELLO

THAT'S HIM!! I seldom say people liang zai (handsome) one but he is really liang zai okay!! I have to see it with my own eyes only I say okay!!! (make picture big for you to see)
Blurry side profile

Him being interviewed by the MC. Ameh why the MC so cool if it was me I would be jumping around like a kangaroo!! hahahaha.

Singing. and glowsticks
The video cam was blocking 20% of my vision GRRR! And the glowsticks were also annoying but luckily there were no signs of fan boards (except Shnwei's iPad) so I can still see him really clearly!!!

I didn't know he could sing Chinese so well =O And he speaks fluent Chinese was well, even better than me who is of pure chinese blood #FAIL

Darth Vader hahaha

He likes to do that. I realised LOL
So after 3 songs (only!!!) he went backstage. Then the crowd (mostly students) demanded for an encore! hahaha I guess he was sick that day because he kept drinking his water. And I saw him coughing. But it was a really great performance overall and it was really worth the wait!

He sat on the stage stairs (how you call it?) for the last song, the only song I know from him and like lol. When he sat down the crowd went crazy and people started to gather near the stage to take pictures of it. It was chaos okay but he didn't seem to bother hahaha *liking attention! The RELA on duty were all there watching with their big eyes.

#FAKEONE this is actually the screen lol

You looking at me? 
THAT'S MY FAVOURITE PICTURE OF THE NIGHT!!! I shot 100+ photos of him and I think is the best one! I know it's blur but I like ah cannot meh?

Last part of the last song. See so many camera/phones
After his performance it was an autograph session! They sold his album outside the hall and Shnwei bought it (like you wouldn't have guessed). I didn't buy why because one, I know I wouldn't listen to it and two, I had only 10 bucks with me. TT_____TT

Siaw and I waited downstage (we kena halau because we don't have his album) while Shnwei lined up to meet him up close! Shnwei was high after that she was pale and she couldn't speak properly and said she don't wanna wash her hands anymore. typical fan girl this one.

More shots of him HAHAHA see so nice he shook every fans' hand!
And then we saw someone we knew in line LOL

okay that's all!!!!


小范 said...

arghh.... anthony!!! !@#$^&$%^&*

he will come to kl ka? if he come then i probably will go haha xD

Omg the photos of him are nice and hot haha xD LOLOL

Alysasasasasa said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA so typical punya Shnwei...asal got liang zai come she sure will go and buy the album one..