Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shut Up! Orientation

I am not asking orientation to shut up, although I wish it would end faster because the past two days have been boring!

Am just gonna post about the shows I have watched for the past month before form six started. Basically just showing off how I wasted my time at home. In between korean dramas I did do some productive things for instance, making jelly and eating them all.

Okay nevermind!

Watched a show called Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, a show recommended by Shnwei because Infinite's L is starring in it. I bet it's another show of the 'flower boy' chain. Most girls hate it and many of them gave negative reviews but I just don't know why! So far Flower Boy Ramen Shop and SUFBB (this one) is not bad I must say. Especially this one because it talks about friendship and how they mature from being just an underground band to a famous group. It's not only about hot guys (but I can't deny that it's the main reason I watch this!) but the story is rather interesting as well!!

Watched a season of Hello Baby featuring MBLAQ. Hello Baby is a reality series where artistes get a chance to 'take care' of kids for a period of time. And basically that is how they make money!! I don't know MBLAQ really well but after watching this I totally fell in love with them LOL Not really. I only like Mir and Lee Joon(actually I like him while he went on Oh My School), who were outcasts because they failed in a challenge searching for kids. It's a funny show lah because it's like, the MBLAQ members have no idea how to take care of kids and Leo (the only guy kid they have) is a total destroyer!! Then the members also try to impress the two girl kids LOL so young also attack!! Mir even proposed to one of them but then he was rejected.

Okay why did I post about this?!

Bored at home and it's really hot. If I don't blog I think I might be sleeping on the living room floor or lying down on the sofa! Orientation so far has been boring but I just have to endure for one more week, then it's the holidays!! YAY!! After that classes officially start. I don't know whether I'm looking forward to it or not but I do hope that form six would be interesting and fun, despite the stresss and craziness!! I'm saying this because I actually chose Biology over Physics! Yeap, am taking science again although I promised myself not to touch any of them for the rest of my life. But I can't :( I wanted to take commerce but then I realized that lessons are going to be conducted in Malay and I'm not really good at it! The Economics teacher also scared us about how hard it is no matter which stream you used to be in form 5 and I was like ...

So right now my subjects are General Studies and MUET which are compulsory, Pure Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. Five subjects that aren't easy. Shoot me!!! Chemistry is a compulsory subject so that definitely stresses me out because I am not good in Chemistry at all! Don't ask me why! It's like me and Chemistry don't blend well at all. If I was given the chance I would take Biology and Physics instead of Chemistry because I just don't like it!! Oh yeah, and picking Biology wasn't easy at all but then I just followed my instincts and went ahead with it. Guess I really want to be a doctor after all LOL joking! There are 34 students in Science while 18 of them are taking Biology, 16 going with Physics and I was like WALAO!! I didn't know Bio was so popular and I thought only less than 15 would choose it. But I was wrong crap.

Sukaneka tomorrow. Oh no I thought only form one kids do this but apparently they are treating us like them too!!!

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