Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm melting!

Because of the sun!!

I bet this the is hottest week in Kota Kinabalu Weather history!! Did we reach 40 degrees already because I sweat even when the fan is turned to 3!!! Right now I have a stand fan directly blowing at me + the air cond! And I still feel hot and sticky. That is what you call global warming and I do believe that it is part of my (and yours too!) fault because I only know how to state the ways of preventing global warming on a test paper, while in reality I don't practice them at all. It's true. The thing I do which I presume contributes a nano-percent in saving our Earth is that I only turn on the air-cond for one hour when I sleep and that saves a lot of electricity LOL and the fact that I don't smoke reduces air pollution (shame on you, smokers!) Otherwise I am doing a terribly bad job TT_____TT Maybe I should stop buying books to save 234567 trees, and not drink water to save water (because I can drink up to 2 liters of water a day OHMAI)

Despite the blazing UV rays, the school decided to carry out a sukaneka (sort of like a mini sports game or similar to that) at 10am in the morning yesterday and I was like, WHAT!?!?!?! Reasons I opposed the sukaneka is because

1. It is very hot.
Be it any time of the day, IT IS JUST HOT LIKE AN OVEN.

2. We are old already
HELLO I bet sukaneka is like, for kids or for form one students lah! We are in form six and yet we still have to go through this?!?! =O 18-year-olds usually practice an unhealthy lifestyle instead of playing basketball ahh okay, for instance we lepak at ZenQ for 2 hours!!

[just got off the phone with my aunt from the UK hahahaha was on the phone for so long I forgot what I wanted to blog about lmao]

3. I'M LAZY!!!!!
That explains all of it. hahahaha. They came up with handball and tug-of-war for us to sweat our butts off but in the end we only managed to play handball. I only wanted to play tug-of-war but I didn't get to so it was so disappointing okay!! I changed into my track shirt and went under that ball of fire for nothing!!!

So uhm.. yeah. Started the sukaneka at around 10am, which was after recess. We were asked to sing a Birthday Song to a person and were forced to sit through speeches before that. ugh. There, half the morning wasted.

Audrey acting cute
Team One taking a group shot. We were supposed to be up against them for tug-of-war but no chance ='((

Explaining the rules...
I thought we were going to play handball at the newly upgraded basketball court (we have roofs woohoo!!) but sadly they chose to play it at the student carpark TT_____TT AMEH!! Please lah even playing on the field is a better choice but the carpark?!

It's game time!

I think they were wearing netball vests? I don't know whether the same player rules from netball apply for this similar sport but I think the players were all confused about what they were supposed to do = me confused. Half the time I saw the center shooting the ball and the shooter doing goal keeper work -.-

This is Shnwei's cousin brother wearing her imaginary husband's initials LOL

Remember me saying I didn't wanna play handball? Well I ended up being on the court too. AND I WAS FORCED TO. Not really, actually I just reluctantly did it because I guess I was giving Audrey a hard time (sorry!) and the other team members (okay maybe only some) showed me a pissed off face. WHAT?!?!?! Y U NO LET ME STAY UNDER THE POKOK?!?!

me, my pose, and my thigh fats
Our school has sports props shortage and therefore I became the shooting ring -.- Yup, that is how I make myself useful. My job is to catch the ball when my team attempts to shoot it. AND I DIDN'T CATCH ANY!!!! Wasn't my fault okay because I tried my best and this goal keeper from the other team was blocking my way!! Hello he was supposed to guard the shooter/attacker but instead he guarded me =____= THE PROP. I'm not even playing one actually, I just stood there and try to catch the ball when it's passed to me! But at one moment because I was so determined to score a point for my team and he was stepping on my tail I just ran into the court (WOW THE PROP WALKS!!!) and attempted to take the ball.

Yup, and then I was scolded by the judge and teachers I DON'T CARE BANANAS. Even when I tried to state that the goal keeper is not supposed to guard me they didn't understand so alah... Just let it be and let me burn under the sun. meh.

My team in action.
The score was 3-0. Our team LOST!!! ALL BECAUSE THE PROP RING FAILED TO CATCH THE BALL. I AM VERY SORRY SORRY LIKE SUPERJUNIOR. GIMME ANOTHER CHANCE AND I WILL.... wait. FORGET IT. I will not play this game if it's so unorganized like this time -.- And least wear the vests in the right order and get a shooting ring okay.

Oh right, those who were not playing were supposed to cheer for your team mates okay. And there was this particular person who went blaming on those who were in the court when the team lost. Hello!?! They've done their best in the game and yet you dare scold your own team mates?! You didn't do anything and yet you yabba-yabba there?? Ugh. Get a life seriously those were in the court fought in a battle, and you did what?! NOTHING. And yet you blame the others when your country lost the battle? Pffffffffft

After the game I was pissed off so I just sat in heat and anger. And then I a took picture of myself.
and Mei Ling. See my pimples all burst out because it's too hot and the smile is so fake I'm choking

Then I took a picture of Karee, who's team won the game I think

Yup, that's all. One more week of orientation then it will the holidays!! WHOOOOPIE!!!

A felt head that I made one afternoon. It's supposed to be Taec but then it doesn't really look like him zzz One of my friends thought it was my grandma OHMAI nice or not? no

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