Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am fat

Recently I have been feeling very unhealthy and fat. Reason is I have not been doing any exercise and I don't sweat as much as I used to so I guess I am not burning any calories. Another reason is I'm feeding myself too much and not eliminating any from my body (constipation sucks). Therefore, I conclude that I am fat and have to loose weight or else I won't fit in to my old school uniform (Form six registration is next week and we have to wear our uniforms I'M DOOMED!! How can I be slim and sexy in less than 5 days!?!)

Oh well. Beats me. I have to start exercising now and start eating less junk food. Have to get my muscles back so I can punch some people! Nah, just joking but I do admit that I am flabby and have to lose weight or else my plan to marry a handsome and hot dude would fail a million times. Unless the guy likes a girl like me who never exercise and eats excessively EWWWW No way. So I have decided to start living healthy. AHA! This is my new resolution LOL Every time I make a New Year's resolution I never complete it and it just gets piled up lalalalala 

BE SERIOUS OKAY. Okay! This is my Mid year resolution - Live healthy, stay healthy. 

The important thing is to 'shift' my weight to the 'healthy' scale, maintain it,  and not move to the 'obese' scale.

Just for fun I went to google what FAT really means since fat is sometimes harsh when you use it to pinpoint people's weight. Which is what I am doing to myself because I am trying to make myself feel very fat and thus psycho myself into not eating so much fatty food. hahaha. So here is the definition for fat, according to


1. having too much flabby tissue; corpulent; obese: a fat person.
This defines me, and my current belly fats. They were muscles but now they have turned into flabby tissue. Seriously it's hard to maintain muscles and muscles GAHH!! My muscles turned into flabby tissues in just two months! (after quitting from wushu and it has been piling up since)
2. plump; well-fed: a good, fat chicken.
This proves that I'm not starving all day and indeed I am well fed. haha Proves that my mom's and grandma's cooking is superb that's why I eat so much LOL

3. consisting of or containing fat; greasy; oily: fat gravy; fat meat.
Means I have lots of fats in my body hahaha Good for people living in the countries with four seasons but for blazing hot Malaysia, not so much.

4. profitable, as an office: a fat job on the city commission.
Wow I didn't know you could use fat in this way! Will use it in my essays!

5.affording good opportunities, especially for gain: a fat business contract.
Next time when my teacher asks me what I gained from the lessons I'm gonna say, a fat experience! Is that they way you use it? The teacher might probably be offended, y'know.

6. wealthy; prosperous; rich: He grew fat on dishonest profits.
I am fat = I am rich?! No way man. 
7. big, broad, or extended; thick: a fat sheaf of bills.
Indeed I have a big head, a broad palm, and extended thighs and flab.

8. plentiful; abundant: a fat supply of food.
 I have an abundant amount of thigh fats. 
9. plentifully supplied: a fat larder; a fat feast.
Over supplied I must say HAHAHAHA
10. dull; stupid: fat clumsiness of manner.
I never knew fat could be used as dull & stupid =O That's new. So if I am accused of being FAT means I am actually overweight and stupid? That is so harsh!!

Okay I did this out of boredom =___= But I did find out that FAT is actually more poisonous that ugly (at least ugly doesn't mean you are stupid) GOSH! So it's better not to use so much of fat fat fat fat. Maybe overweight is a better way to put it?

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Anonymous said...

Fat your head! You're wonderful! :p hehehe.
All the way from NZ xD