Sunday, May 13, 2012

Farewell dinner @ Party Play

I was really cranky on the first day of orientation, which was last Thursday. I have been in school since I was 2 and a half years old and now still have to go through 3 weeks of orientation in the school I went to for the past 5 years ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So I basically lc-ed everyone and showed sour face to new students. Sorry lah if you get the wrong impression but that time I was really beh song. I'm actually quite friendly so do say hi to me lol.

Enough of that.

During orientation Audrey, Shnwei and I (so funny we end up together again haahaa plus Siaw of course but she is soon gonna ditch us if she gets another offer) were planning to have a farewell for Marie, Pae Yii and Huang before they leave for further studies in West Malaysia. Problem is most of us had plans on Saturday, and I have youth on Friday night so we were scratching heads NO TIME FOR US TO MEET UP AIYAHHH. So the three of us decided to have it Friday afternoon after school, since that's the only time we have.

After school Audrey and I went for lunch together then I received a text from Pae Yii saying they are having farewell TODAY (Thursday) and ask us to confirm attendance etc LOL so I said okay then Audrey called her mom to tell her about here whereabouts here mom told her that Huang wants to treat her for dinner lmao!! So yeah, kelam kabut then we decided to go out that night for farewell!! (It was in such a rush LOL I only read the text only at 3pm and dinner was 6.30!!)

So hooray the farewell cheered me up!!!

The farewell was at Party Play, Lintas. They (PY, Huang and Marie) said they were treating us LOL so everyone segan segan don't dare order expensive stuff! Then later Shnwei and I told Pae Yii no need treat so I ordered without looking at the price LOL Actually it's my first time in Party Play (if you don't count Red Soul concert) and I was very confused with the menu hahahaha

Here are some blur pictures I took of the food

Chicken Chop with mashed potatoes. Cheapest main course I think. Everyone ordered Chicken Chop except for Tam Kang, Marie and I!! It's RM16 lol we help them save money!

Mole Lee eating

Aussie Style Beet Batter Fish & Chips.

Chicken Chop with Wedges.
You can choose either wedges, fries, mashed potatoes or rice to go with you main course I think!!

The hungry people!

Main course also comes with a salad! YAY!

My giant club sandwich!!
Which cost RM20, the most expensive dish our table ordered!! And I didn't pay for it in the end LOL I will remember for the rest of my life that I had a sandwich this big and my friends paid for it!! It was really yummy too! The flavours were nice together!!

Oh, maybe you were wondering how big it is....


vs the height of the fork!!!

After dinner we went to ZenQ for desserts. Crazy people we are going out on a school night and having so much food though we promised to lose weight! This time we paid for desserts!

Marie and I shared a bowl. ZenQ signature.
I like the taste of the grass jelly but somehow this bowl of thingee we ordered taste like some kind of herbal tea hahaha but it was nice though.

Audrey & Pae Yii's choice. Similar to ours but it comes with shaved ice. Our was ice with some type of flavour ..?

After that we took polaroids!! And this came out so funny....

I asked Tam Kang to take the picture but he didn't dare to click the button so Audrey being impatient, snatched Patrick (my polaroid) and snapped!!
So you can see that Marie is pointing to the back, asking Tam Kang to get in the picture as well and Huang making a face. He claimed that his eyes were itchy or something.
There you have it! A fifit picture! Fifits are always awesome because we are unpredictable, and funny. HAHAHAHA

After that we waited outside ZenQ, and this crazy night club was booming songs like a boss till our ears hurt but then we weren't bothered because we were taking pictures. ahahaha.

What kind of pose is this?!?!

Pae Yii, Marie and Huang
Marie is going to Perak because she got the Petronas Scholarship (jealous!!!!!) while Huang and Pae Yii are both going to UTAR in KL.

Marie and I.
Same class since primary 2 and now she's ditching me!!! NOOOO!!!

Shnwei and Pae Yii

Pae Yii and I.
Why my face look so yuck?!

Shnwei and Pae Yii

Audrey, Marie and a shampoo guy

What kind of pose is this 2.0

Shnwei and Marie.

Pae Yii's car came so all of us did a group hug before she leaves together with Huang and Marie.

See Siaw all excited for the hug. Hamsap!

After that she was too high and her picture with Marie turned out like this....

Have a safe journey you three!! Study hard and make sure you belanja me more in the future!!!


To all the moms,


Right now my mom is vacuuming the house because we are gonna have BBQ tonight and family is coming over! Oh man I hope no one ask me about my form six D: Fail daughter lah me am not helping instead I'm blogging -.- Okay, I'll help now loh!

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