Tuesday, May 29, 2012

APCOD & Mani-pedi @ Hannah Tai

Before I post anything I just want to say that my blog post about Big Bang is just merely my POV and if you are offended in any way, pretend I don't exist and you have never read it :/ But that blog post explains exactly how I feel (and actually there's more) so I don't intend to hide it.

So what happened this week?

Orientation started this week and yes, I'd be lying if I said it was nothing much. After years of being in school, I still had to get used to the first day of form six, so much for the training. I must tell you that it's far far different from secondary school. No wonder teachers want us to call ourselves 'Pre U students'. I get the point, because form six is zero percent the same as whatever you did in form five!

On Wednesday night I helped out with registration at APCOD (Asia Pacific Consultation On Discipleship). Sounds grand huh? Well, it is grand. There were people coming from India, Pakistan, Nepal and many other countries so it was really interesting to see these people gather in the audtorium for the same purpose. I was only there for registration and Info counter on Saturday so I didn't get to go for the sessions but it was still, fun. But tiring as well hahahaha

My name tag =D

The night before the registration we had to help out in sorting the name tags according to groups, which was East/West Malaysia, Overseas and Speakers. Gaaaah in the end I think the name tags which we (ma and I) were in charge of got real messed up and I was $^&*_)(& but then later I sorted it out lah like a boss hahahaha

Cupcake.. Reward for staying behind the info counter hahaha

On Friday, Shnwei and I went to Hannah Tai to have a manicure + pedicure. Sounds classy? =O Nolah! I got the deal from Groupon which cost RM50 for the both of us! To me RM25 is cheap lah for both mani and pedi so I decided to try it. Got nothing to lose and my nails are always hopeless one LOL

But on that day itself I was actually kind of anxious because the last time my mom purchased a deal from Groupon it actually turned out very suckish. It was a meal for 2 at a restaurant called Kampung Chicken Pot (or something similar) somewhere opposite CKS Millennium. The service was bad, the waiters didn't know what to serve us, food portion very little, not to mention not nice. It's not that I want to put them out of business but at least give me good customer service if you don't serve me good food.

To my surprise the mani-pedi experience was not bad!! It was good okay considering that we only pay RM25! The package advertised in Groupon was said to have nail shaping, callus removal and one nail colour (both hands and legs) and it cost more than RM100 per person or something. But when I referred to the price list Hannah handed me it was actually much cheaper. What we were offered was actually the 'Express Manicure' and 'Express Pedicure' which cost around RM30 each. So it was pretty worth it lah we were pampered and the place was cozy as well! Not to mention the staff there were friendly and the sofa was so big :O

Thumbs up to Hannah Tai!!

Moley (Shnwei's nickname from me) flipping through the magazines will pretty nail designs *faints all so pretty
My nail colour! Which I named 'coral nails' hahaha because the colours (green and blue) look so much like the sea and reminds me of corals LOL This was taken yesterday so the index finger's colour is chipping off already. I'm rough ngah!!
We were allowed to choose only one colour for each nail so yeah, I did alternate colours. It's my first time trying China Glaze (no its not from China!) and I really really love the vibrant and young colours they have! Nail art at this shop costs RM2 per nail, and 3D nail art for only RM5. I think it's quite reasonable given her nail art is pretty amazing. 

If there's more offers at her place I'll definitely buy it again!! =D

Holidays just started! And these two days have been, uhm, LAZY but I did manage to do a little homework (well, only one keratan akhbar but it took me about an hour to complete it yesterday!).. Wednesday and Thursday is Harvest Festival so my parents are on holiday as well!! Whee! Hopefully we get to go somewhere and not stay at home all day. Until the next post, HAPPY KAAMATAN!!

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