Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where has it gone?

When I was 13, I had my first love I found my love for photography. It wasn't something I was obsessed with, but I just enjoyed snapping pictures of family and friends and the things I see in my daily journey. I took pictures of mostly the people I hang out with, the food I ate, and also events in church. Although I must say that I do not have any professional skills or special talents, but I still enjoyed every moment snapping and looking through the pictures.

A few years later, a lot of people starting to put interest in photography. That is where the frenzy began. From chunky DSLRs, overpriced lenses and films, photoshops. Everyone was hanging a chunky camera over their neck, and shooting as they go.

That didn't happen for me. I started with a very old Olympus Digital Camera, which my dad bought when I was around 9. It's nothing fancy but I did enjoy taking pictures with it. And it eventually rested it soul because of its reckless owner who always drains its battery. whoops.. Later on I was blessed with a Canon Powershot 120iS. Camera which I cherish a lot (because pa bought it for me! YAY!) and I am using it up till today.

I think my love for photography has slowly faded away, with the wind. (what is this?!) I mean after the DSLR frenzy I think I slowly "ran away" from the hobby. It's my 'when I like something, and then a lot of people start to like it, then I'll hate it' kind of thing. Happens all the time to me, alright. I just don't want to do what everyone does. Get what I mean? I think that is the reason that I haven't been actively taking pictures. That, and I have been very lazy and busy for the past 2 years.

So since I have nothing to do before school starts (I don't even know what school, what course I want to take or when school starts. Total failure over here, hello.), should I start trying to pick this thing up again? Since I have nothing to do and I should do something that is more productive (Sitting at home watching Food Network doesn't count). I should also start using my brain before it turns into a big chunk of rusted steel. Oh yeah. Right now it is 78.99% rusty. I can smell it from here...

Okay, I'll give it a try!

A picture I took back in 2008.
Somehow I really love this picture. For no reason (and it's nothing special. Other people can do it a hundred times better). but I just love it.

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