Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Siaw's (early) birthday outing

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ALAS! The long anticipated blog post! (Okay like anyone reads it). Have been dragging to post this up for many reasons. One, I have been going through sleepless nights because I am worried about my future education. Telling everyone that I'm going to form six is pretty damn easy, for a liar like me. Yes, I can lie easily and I convinced everyone that I'm going to form six, problem is I cannot convince myself. Is it just me? Or my brain? Or my heart? I have this itch and I really don't feel like going into form six. I just feel that I can do more than that. No offense but I really do respect those who take up form six because I believe that STPM is harder than any other pre-U and only geniuses can pass with flying colours. But for me, it's not just the thing.

Anyways, I got the offer letter for form 6 but failed to get into the matriculation in Labuan. Sad? Not really. I just applied because everyone in class was applying and now I am in relief because if I didn't get form six I would have nothing else to do for the rest of my life (since I don't know when I will make up my mind for my next step. Help me.) Am saying this because some of my friends who wanted to go to form six for the time being (before any other courses start) didn't get the offer instead they got the offer for matriculation. Imagine if I was one of them I would have MORE sleepless nights. And I don't want that please.

Okay, back to the main topic. Went out with Siaw, Shnwei and Marie during April 10th (it was a public holiday) in conjunction of Siaw turning 18. She is finally able to call herself the 'legal' Kim Sun Ah. It was only us four who went for karaoke because the rest could only join us for dinner.

*My neck hurts OWWW

Siaw treated us to a 2 hour singing marathon which almost cost me my voice and my eardrums LOL Sad to say that the songs available were vast in choice BUT mostly outdated HAHAHA I guess I sang a lot of Abba songs. We didn't finish singing our Jay Chou songs because our time was up and it was such a bummer!!!

 Shnwei, looking like Phineas/Ferb HAHAHA

Kim Sun Ah without Lee Dong Wook =  singing a sad love song about how they can never be together, forever. hahahaha

After the 2 hours we didn't want to get out of the room (because they didn't let us finish singing Jay Chou. We just heated up okay) and so we decided to cam whore LOL

Walked around in CP and Warisan until I got really restless and we left at 5 something to Upperstar, Lintas. Sakai I have never been there before and I don't think I will go back there if I have a choice hehehe. Went to Yoyo after that.

 Karee, Pae Yii, Huang and Audrey who joined us for dinner and dessert!

Yup, that's all and I just missed the re-run of Rooftop Prince because of this post. Damn.

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小范 said...

=( like me.. I don wan matrix zzzzz i shouldn't apply for matrix zzzzz I wan form 6!! ='(