Monday, April 16, 2012

Red Soul

It all started with this...

Fans are probably going to bash me if I said I didn't know who they were and still go to the showcase. So okay, I KNEW who they were, what they do, and where they're from. The thing is I didn't know their name. It's true! When I first listened to Big Bang I didn't know the group was called Big Bang. All I knew was that there were 5 guys and their song was very very nice and they're from Korea. I think I came to knew that they were Big Bang when one of my friends showed me a picture of them and told me they sang this song and that song. Then I went, 'OH SO THEY'RE CALLED BIG BANG!'. If it wasn't for my friends (and the internet) I would end up like Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants. I literally live under a rock.

At the mention of 'Star King', I googled for their appearance on Star King. I watch (outdated) Star King episodes on tv and normally I get really stunned by the performances. The reason I like Star King so much is because the variety is so vast. Singing, dancing, magic shows, people who make sausages and the oldest grandpa they can find in Korea, can be seen on that stage.

So this is their video. I have also watched this episode on tv and once I re-watched them on this video MEMORIES CAME BACK AND I WAS LIKE, "OHHHH!!!!"

So I googled more of their performances...

and their Malaysia greeting!

MY GOODNESS!! Die die also wanna go watch.

So last Thursday Shnwei and I drove down to Party Play to get our tickets! We paid Rm50 each for a ticket and album. We decided to pay more since the RM30 one includes a ticket and a poster. A POSTER?! What you expect I do with a poster?? Stick it on the wall?! At least I can listen to the album in the car or something WHAT CAN I DO WITH A POSTER?!?!?! Aaaand you can listen to the album over and over again (like I always do with my other albums). They sing so nice lagi.

Okeh. Mind you that my pictures are all blurry with a lot of noise and their eyes look like cyclops because my camera too old.

Shnwei and I arrived Party Play at 7pm on the night of the event (which was yesterday, April 15 2012. You must remember this!) The showcase starts at 8pm so we decided to have dinner there and also, to grab some good seats. We chose our seats and then we went into the restaurant and asked for 2 seats (for dinner). Then the waiter said they are fully booked so both of us were like, @#$%^&*()

But then he told us that those who bought tickets to Red Soul can have dinner at the other side. It was a buffet-style set up so we were quite blur and later he told us that it's inclusive.


embarrassment much?


So both of us laughed while walking out and went back to our seats zzz

This is dinner! Quite nice lah. Probably because I was hungryyy

So after dinner, the show begins!!! First up were opening acts by local Sabahan artistes.

First one up was Jonathan Tse.
He sang two of his songs, and ended with Moves like Jagger.
After the whole thing he came to say hi LOL outside Party Play.
To read my blog post about his showcase in my church last year, click here

Halfway during his performance Red Soul came in from behind the stage and the crowd was high!! But then very kesian also because the audience ditched the person on stage and began to focus attention on Red Soul.

Alvin MY (also known as Ranau Boy) on stage with Red Soul's beatboxer, Kang In Chang

Jade Sisters.

One of the Jade Sister singing 'Lucky' with Red Soul.
GAAAAH would faint on stage if I were her and the dude even put his arms over her shoulder!!!
The guy with the zebra shirt is Kim Kihyun, who is a vocalist in the group, and he also played the piano and guitar.

He also said that Shnwei was cute during the autograph session!!!!
And now Shnwei bias him LOL

Introducing themselves.
Shnwei's bias and her ex-bias.
I'll tell you more about it later.

The beatboxer, In Chang, Tae Ik Jun and Hwang Tae Ik.

Fans with their fan boards . Now in 2012, they upgraded to electronic fanboards LOL

So they sang songs from their first album, Stay. The lyrics of the songs were so simple but yet so sophisticated and sweet. Played it in the car for 2 times already and am loving it! Apart from their songs they also did covers and also a 2011 pop medley.

Shnwei and I were not so high at first and then she gave me the, 'I cannot fangirl' say but then we ended up standing on our chairs!!! I was high when they started to sing Blue by Big Bang and then double high during Fantastic Baby. AND THEN I TRIPLE HIGH ALMOST PASS OUT HIGH HIGH HIGH WHEN THEY SANG HANDS UP DURING THE MEDLEY!!!!!


I mean, not many people sing 2pm okay -.-

And the girls who were sitting beside were also high so we HIGH-ed together LOL!!!!

Lee Hanulyi
He was Shnwei (and my) initial bias for one reason - He was the cutest in the group.
But then later he broke all our hearts when he showed his true colour - He was a playboy ROFL
During their performances he walked down the stage and touched like, 3 girls' hands?!?!?!
He even held one hand to his chest you know?!?! Skinship to the max!!!
So we all sad lah LOL

Super fans who were sitting in front.
I sat behind and I don't call myself a fan. LOL. I call myself 'one that appreciates their music'

but I do have a bias in the group.. (but I still don't qualify as a fangirl)

Tae Ik Jun!! (FYI he's standing in front of himself LOL)
So initially I told Shnwei I bias this guy because he sounds very good and that no one will bias him because he looked funny in the poster. Then Shnwei asked me to pick out the cute on so I choosed Lee (who is in the white tee). Then Lee is really good looking then I switched to liking Lee. But then I realised that a lot of girls in the crowd were swooning for Lee, so I ditched him and went back to Ik Jun! (and this whole thing happened within 1 hour? Oh my..)

So after singing they went down stage and the crowd was begging for an encore so they came back up. I guess they were really feeling the KK heat. They were all soaked and their hair were wet!! They rapped the night with a famous Boys II Men song and left us all happy.

But I think they were really tired and hot after that! You can see it from here...

and here
I'm not making fun of them but they were really looking like as if they were going to pass out!

After that was the autograph session.
Us outside lining up and them inside. Me stalking LOL

The boys were really really kind but sadly we didn't take any pictures with them!!!! WHYYYYY!!!! We didn't know that we were allowed anyways so, ahh... forget it. But I did shake all of their hands!! ALL OF THEM!! I was like, 'Hi' while they were signing the album then they said hi back. Then I shocked them with, 'can I get a handshake?' LOL

Most of them were stunned but then I DON'T CARE!! As long as I get the handshake!!! *satisfied. The beatbox dude even said I was tall LOL

Shnwei getting her album signed.

Me album!!
and me messy hair -.-

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