Friday, April 13, 2012

Dream high

I didn't watch Dream High 2, but I did catch up on their performances and songs online. They were great, but none of them could replace my favourite scene from Dream High (which I haven't finished watching. Stopped when Taec kissed Suzy and somehow the files on my computer were gone. #sad)

I just like it because (:


Just a quick update on my daily routine.

Every morning I waste my time by waking up at 10am. I don't eat breakfast.
In the afternoon I have lunch and then waste more time. The only productive thing I do is pick up my brother from school.
In the evenings I have dinner and watch tv with my family, telling them I did nothing that day.
I go to bed at 11 and the cycle continues.

I must say that I AM SUCH A FAILURE.

But let me be that way for one more month... then I'll go to school like a kid again. *pinky swear.

Oh yeah, one proud thing that I must proclaim to blog readers (like I have any ='(((()
I have finally done my e-banking! HOORAY!!

*and I can feel crows flying above my head. GAA-GAA-GAAK

Anyways, I've found the joy of Online Shopping, and I am going nuts!

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