Monday, April 2, 2012

Beach Party to end March

Went down to the beach last Saturday for Marie's beach party. I can proudly say that I do not go to beach often, because I like getting into the water but adults tell me that the water is very dirty in KK beaches, so to avoid disappointment I don't go to beaches here. I love the beach in Kudat though. The water there is actually blue, feels like you're in paradise there. As for Tanjung Aru Beach, I picture a lot of people with tents and barbeque pits, sand flies and poop floating on the water. yuck.

The party was supposed to start at 2pm, left the house around 1.45 and surprisingly a lot of our classmates were already there. Trouble was that beach two was so crowded it was hard to find a parking, and when I found one the people there didn't want to let me park into that lot. They kept walking behind my car how to reverse?!? If I was evil I would have banged all of them at one go..

Marie arrived late with the barbeque pit so we started the fire at around 2.45? At that time it was really hot and I was really hungry (no lunch) so I kennot tahan and went to dip in the water. (You see? When I see water, I must go in one)

Friends who helped start the fire.
I do not know how to set one up so these are the lifesavers =D

Those like me, camwhored

Early starters. Already wet

Dabbing sunblock before hitting that massive sun.
To be honest I wanted to get tanned but failed. No sunburn at all man. =(

So after getting ourselves wet we headed back to the sand to get some food. I only ate a fishball and a sausage, drank half a cup of cola and then I went back to the water again. LOL. Then they had a crazy idea to bury me in sand.

Only half-managed to bury my legs. I can't do the whole body thing because it was so ticklish!!! ngai

After that we buried Rodney, Nigel and Gerald in the same grave.

what you doing?

Gerald couldn't get out of the grave. So we had to re-bury him. Also added some 'features' LOL

Sandball fight?? These are times I wanna hide myself in the water =O

I like this picture but I'm not in it D:

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