Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Of scholarships & Heartstrings

Since the release of my SPM results I have been forcing myself to apply for scholarships. I may sound like I am whining (which I am at the moment) but I cannot take it anymore. I have applied for about 3 scholarships now and so far the requirements are okay, but the deadline is very near. TOO NEAR. One of the scholarship's deadline was just 7 days after the results release. How can we apply that fast you tell me? It also requires us to send photocopied documents to their office. Based on my GK, our post system is a bit slow..

Somehow I find that applying scholarships is like running a marathon. You have to do it non-stop once you get your results, no slacking, or else you will end up like me. Unable to submit forms and fail to send the documents by deadline.

I am seriously very stressed out and tired about it. I really really am. My brain is not functioning and I should shift my attention to another matter before I faint of frustration (and I have no idea what am I talking about)\

Watching a Korean Drama called Heartstrings. Will update more about it once I finish the drama. It's a bit old but I do have to say that I like what the female lead wears. hehehe

Alrights, I must stay away from the computer (too much form-filling today)

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