Monday, March 5, 2012

GDO at the age of almost 18

When I was younger I never really got the chance to go out with my friends. Reason one my parents gave me was that I was too young, reason two I have no money to go out because my allowance was only enough for me to buy food from the school canteen and lastly, it's dangerous out there (as the saying goes...)

I was only allowed to have GDO (Girls' Day Out) when I was around 15. Fifteen. Other teenagers were allowed to stroll the malls in the city at 13 if not younger, spent more money than I had when I was their age and watched a dozen Parental Guidance movies with their friends. I'm not saying that it is inappropriate, but for me it was never a privilege that I got to enjoy. I spent most of my Saturdays and Sunday afternoons with my family. Although I missed a lot of fun and action with my friends during those years, I's say I did a pretty good job spending time with my parents and brother, and thanks to that we have a strong family bond that no 'hang out's could replace.

When I was fifteen I was allowed to go out with my church friends. And later on with my school friends. I guess there was nothing much for us to do so usually our itinerary on a typical GDO goes like this...
  • Catch a movie (Either a comedy/High School Musical/Cartoon)
  • Go to a bookstore (spend most of the time looking at stationary and books LOL)
  • Take tons of pictures at a random spot in the mall
  • Eat lots of ice-cream/Drink Yoyo
  • Waste time in the arcade
  • Have Sticker-Photos (大头贴) taken

That was when I was around 15/16. At 17 I went out A LOT with friends with fifits despite the SPM encounter. We did surprises and stuff and I must say we things more, 'the adult way'. Okay probably not so adult-ish but then we moved on from the phase of taking sticker-photos. (It wasn't really our fault because the machines in the arcades were taken away already by then T__T). We still watched movies, but we went for shows like Harry Potter. We still go to the bookstore, to either buy a pen or get a novel. Arcade was an option if we had extra time on our watches. We started to look at clothes together. Shoes, bags, earrings, etc. The shops that we went into when we were 15 were Cute Corner and Something Different, but at 17 it was Converse, Padini and Speedy (the CD shop).

Now that I'm 17 going on 18, and have gone out more than 10 times within these 3 months, I realized that our itinerary of a GDO has really gone out of hand!! Okay maybe not out of hand but it's a little different.

Last week when I went out with Liana we watched This Means War. Which is a rated 18 movie. I wasn't 18 yet but was allowed to go watch the movie, since I'm 18 this year! Two years ago I would never in my life enter the cinema to watch a movie like that. That is a first.

It's a nice movie! Go watch it now while it's still on!

This year I realised that we went into more cosmetic shops. We ventured into buying eyeliners and lip gloss, pampering ourselves with sheet masks and also getting membership cards. That is also a first.

We walk into shoe shops/boutiques and actually buy something. Before that we were only browsing and had no financial ability to buy any! Maybe it's just me speaking LOL I have no money all the time! Now that most of us are working (be it part-time or full-time) we are able to spoil ourselves with an item or two. Good thing is that our parents won't bother us about our choice of clothes or shoes because they trust us enough (just because we are almost 18). That is again, a first.

What still remains the same is that we still enjoy our time together, and continuously take pictures to remember the moments. One more thing that stays the same for me is that I still hang out with the people I went out with when I was 15 and 16 and 17 (I'm still 17 okay)!! And I'm not bored of them!! Maybe they are with me TT____TT


A trailer to tempt you guys into watching this. Trust me it's good!

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