Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I have never had a headache this bad.

Is it me? Or am I just getting old? Is it because of the weather? Lack of sleep or the amount of time I spent on this computer (which is only an hour)? Is it because there is a huge amount of pimples on my forehead and they somehow intruded my nerves? A brain tumour? Pissed off or too sad? Cannot make a decision on which uni to enroll in? SPM aftermath and now I'm paying for it before I get the results?

Whatever the cause is, I just pray for the headache to miraculously leave my poor big head alone. The pain has been stinging for hours now and I have no idea what to do with it. Take a Panadol? Aspirin? WHAT!? I have never in my life suffered a headache!! Call me lousy but usually when my head hurts I just go take a nap or drink a cup of water and it will be gone. I don't have headaches, my head only hurts before this. It only lasts like, 60 seconds and it normally goes away. But this, call me weird but it has been driving me crazy for the past 6 hours!!

Not trying to be a complaining lady with a mild-but-she-thinks-it's-severe headache but then I am really not comfortable about the pain so I decided to make a blog post about it. Hopefully the pain will feel very honoured and just leave my head alone. YOU UNDERSTAND NOW PAIN!!??!!??!!

Oh yeah, just FYI I quit my job and found a new one and I thought it would be better than the other but they only scheduled me to 6 days of work in March. I am speechless (due to the headache) so if anyone of you wanna recommend me some part-time job please do so. I am willing to work, willing to learn and really hardworking. No joke! haha. Otherwise I would be stuck at home doing nothing and it may contribute to future headaches and migraines TT_____TT

Please save me!!!!

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