Monday, February 27, 2012

Stop hating Mondays!

I never hated Mondays. Hold on, I'll take that back! I used to hate Mondays when I was schooling because I had to sleep early on Sunday night, had assembly early in the morning and usually extra classes/activities are on Mondays.

But now, I have most of Mondays off (Reason is they have enough staff and I am not needed. YAY!). Went out for breakfast today with Siaw and Marie, hung out at their workplace and then I went po to the hospital for her operation.

It doesn't sound like a special day but to me, today is meaningful. I got to spend time with Friends with fifits (well, only two of them), stayed by my grandparents' side (even though I couldn't really do anything but physically I was there to give them support) and had a great rest (for my sick body).

Today is a great Monday and it would get better after I watch the repeat of the Academy Awards! So, how was yours?

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