Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rocky Road & Maybelline Falsies

Here's an app that is very lame, but then I got addicted to it. It's a choosing game, where they would randomly select 32 kpop artiste for you to choose. I downloaded only the guys version HAHAHA because I don't like Kpop girls, at all. Okay, maybe just Hyorin from Sistar. hehehe. Obviously I wanted to pick Taec HAHAHA Did you know many rounds until I finally saw Taec's face appear on this app?!?!?! 6 ROUNDS!!! 6 CRAZY LONG ROUNDS!! During the first round I was really focused, and the rest of the rounds I just simply clicked! Then it came down to round number 7, when Taec appeared and my whole room was spinning.

I wanted to scream at that time but everyone was sleeping.. so it's best for me to just roll on my bed.

Shnwei's man (maybe not anymore) vs. MY MAN

Officially released the Rocky Road that my cousins brought back from Australia from it's wrapper! It's my first time trying a real Rocky Road, real as in it's not from the supermarket. hehehe. I think this is from those chocolatiers or some special shop where they only make chocolate and no other. Those Rocky Roads that I bought in the supermarket are a total yuck!! But this one is bliss, pure bliss (:

From here you can see peanuts and marshmallow.

A very standard Rocky Road has about 20 ingredients in it. I know because I watched Junior Masterchef Australia and this was one of their taste test!! They asked the kids to taste the Rocky Road and guess the 20 ingredients used to make it. If you ask me I'd sure fail in this one. If I'm not mistaken the top kid/kids got 15 out of 20 ingredients correct. CRAZY!!

I always feel so small when I watch Junior Masterchef Australia! In fact, I feel like I have no place to stand in my own tiny kitchen. I'm almost 18 and all I know how to do is make pineapple tarts that no one likes TT___TT

250 grams of fats goodness!
Camwhoring before cutting it!! It's the width of my forehead.
Height of my forehead times two!
Thickness? One marshmallow. Big one.

I just had to show off it's bigness!

And it's cut!!

From what I remember, Rocky Roads contain..
Dark Chocolate, Milk chocolate, White chocolate, Peanuts, Cashewnuts, Nougat, Pecans, Mashmallows, caramel, Turkish Delight and.. the rest are just yummy ingredients!

*happily chewing!

Work these days are boring. No customers and no dust for us to clean. zzz So I went shopping when I get bored. Today (and yesterday) I went to Watsons. Spent A LOT of money today. Am gonna be broke soon. Ehh, I take that back because I HAVE ALREADY BURNT A HOLE IN MY POCKET. My money is, *poof gone.

I'm now a Watson's member!
Bought my first mascara!
Pampering my hands with a hand cream lmao

So the reason I joined as a member is because I have a feeling that I'm going to buy lots of stuff from Watsons in the future. Stuff as in cosmetics, and skin care. What have I got myself into!?!? I never knew what I would be those girls who doll up (am still not) but I have an itch when it comes to make up. Is it caused by my part-time job as a product advisor in a cosmetic shop? MOST PROBABLY.

I bought my first mascara ever. The very first. I use mascara from my workplace and I feel that the mascaras are a bit.. heavy? It's pretty heavy on my lashes so I have to make an effort to keep my eyes opened. This is why guys like girls with big eyes because those with small eyes like me looks like as if we are always half asleep!!

I read the Audvertorial about Maybelline Falsies from fourfeenine's blog and was pretty impressed by it. But then I was afraid that it would not turn out as expected. Previously mom saw an ad in the magazine about a mascara by Revlon, saying that it's waterproof and long lasting blah blah but then I tried it and it ended up getting smudged in just an hour!! So I was quite mad at that mascara because it smudged when I was on stage. How embarassing.

Somehow I got rid of the fear and bought Maybelline Falsies! Oh yeah, and also because I trust bloggers like fourfeetnine and Cheesie. hehehe. Fourfeetnine even did an ad about this mascara!!

Die Die must try lah kan?

So I tried it on one just now. I was still on shift so I removed my make up on one eye and applied the mascara. To my surprise, it's really good!

Maybelline Falsies are created to provide users with lashes that look like false lashes, without sticking on falsh lashes (which I don't like). The Falsies are darker and less heavy! I put it on quite erm.. thick but then it was still comfortable! HOORAY I CAN OPEN MY EYES! It also gave me the length and volume that I hoped for. Another good thing, I don't see any heavy clumps and my lashes look natural. YAY!

Am happy that my first mascara turned out good. Or else I would vow to never buy any cosmetics from drugstores -.- But then it turned out great so YAY! I can finally open my eyes without the need of exerting extra strength onto my poor eyelids!

The hand cream is for my poor hands. I have dry hands since I was a kid and it got worse after I became obsessed with nail polish. Yeap, I think nail polish makes your hands dry. Maybe they suck all the nutrients from your nails. OH NO!! And also because of air-cond that my hands are dry. GRR.

Current colour.
Nude orange with Rainbow glitter.
Yesterday was cotton candy pink!

Had pizza for dinner just now! (This is very random) Pa bought the pizza from the German bakery in Damai. I like the pizzas there. The ingredients are fresh and the base is yummy!
Pepperoni with chilli.
I had 6 pieces just now!! I'M FATTTTT!
so? (:

Pa and ma went out for a movie. Pa ordered 4 pizzas and here are the leftovers.
My lunch tomorrow. hehehe

Just in case I forgot I put them there!!
And you can see me photo-bombing the microwave -.-

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