Saturday, February 11, 2012

My career?

Question that I come across almost every time I meet an adult: What you wanna do after this?

Honestly, I'm already sick of that question -.- But I cannot avoid it, no matter how hard I try. They either give me a frightened stare when I say, "oh..don't know yet. See lah" and then shake their heads; or they'll start giving me advices which are somewhat useful, but long-winded.

I had a long chat about what my future plans might be with my uncle and aunt (who are in Brighton, UK) via Skype. My uncle gave me a lot of advice and sort of helped me to cancel out some courses that I would not ever-in-my-life take. hahaha

I have some things in mind that I want to study, and there are some that I'm pretty sure that I would not. To make things easier, I have decided to make a blog post about it so here I am, typing away. So the next time so random adult who comes and ask me this question, I'll ask them to read this post. Dang! I'm smart. I can stop answering with my short 'I don't know' answer, and boost my blog visitors at the same time. likeaboss!

1. Medicine
To be honest, this was the very first thing that I wanted to study when I first entered Science Stream in upper form. I wanted to be an oncologist, studying about cancer. Reason behind it? I had an uncle who passed away after battling cancer for years, and knew some people who had cancer and stuff so at that time I hated cancer. In fact, I wanted to find a cure for it and blah blah blah. I guess I was really ambitious at that time, not knowing that science was tough and I am not up to it's level. A level too high for pea-brained human like me. =( I didn't like Chemistry, and that's a goner. I liked Biology but it was a tough subject. I was able to remember how our body works and why we need hormones and stuff but at the end of it, I don't think I am fit to be a doctor. But now, I feel like I am up to the challenge to take medicine. I think I am able to survive this, years of studying, blood, body, the smell of the hospital. I am mentally convincing myself that I can handle it, and I am ready to handle all of it.

Pros (What I think is good about this):
1. I get to save lives. I get to not only save the life of the patient, but also bring joy to his/her family.
2. Mom and dad, and kung and po would be proud of me. They get to say that their daughter/granddaughter is a doctor. No one in my family, at the moment, is a doctor so, yeah (:
3. I can marry a hot doctor MUAHAHAHA (okay that's not really relevant -.-)

Cons (The downside of things):
1. I have to study for a very loooooong period of time. Yeaps. Studying and practical and everything in between, I will be missing out a lot, and most of the time I'll be studying and studying and studying.
2. I won't have much time for my family. My family now and family in the future. HAHA okay. Another not-so-relevant reason.
3. I'm afraid that I will drop out halfway. THAT'S THE CRUEL PART. I fear that I will cry my ay back home without finishing my studies. Ugh.
4. It might not be something that I WANT to do. I just want to be happy about my job and not 'do it' for the sake of money, and a job D:

2. Journalism
No doubt this is something that I love to do. Writing. Travelling. I can do this forever.

1. I will never get bored of this job.
2. I don't have to sit in an office 8 hours a day. I can enjoy working outdoors, smelling the fresh air. Okay, perhaps our 'fresh air' would be highly polluted by then.
3. I get share with others, about what I saw and heard. It's not just a job, but more of something that I like to do, sharing about what I have been through.

1. There are lots of freelance journalists out there so I might not be able to find a stable job.
2. Time for family, again.
3. Although I love to write I don't know if I'm really qualified to be a professional.

3. Public relations
Very similar to journalism. Those people who I've consulted insist I take Public Relations or Mass communications so that I can also take up journalism as well. Kill two birds with one shot? Maybe. I can live with this job because I like to socialize. Okay, I shall put it this way. I like to talk to people, even random strangers. I guess I like to work with people more than working with machines (cancels mechanical engineering in list). Besides having to talk to people, I don't really know anything about this job. Find out more?

4. Find a hot guy that loves me to death, get married, be a housewife.
BY FAR THIS IS THE BEST ONE!!! All I have to do is master my cooking, manage the household and have babies. Cool kan? In addition to it my future husband will pay for all the expenses, including my facials and manicures. I can go out with friends and shop and have tea. Yeaps. I love this one. A hundred points for this one!!!


Went down to Suria today with Shnwei and Siaw. Strolled around the education fair and then went for a free photoshoot, by Louis Pang (:

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