Friday, February 17, 2012

Mission: Aly's masks!

When Aly came back the other day for her break she visited me at my workplace and bought a sheet mask from me. How kind of her because none of my friends actually bought anything from me. hahaha. Okay except for Shnwei who bought nail oil the other day lol.

So after using her sheet mask she forced me to buy her another one because she said she needs to hydrate her skin and she's facing a lot of stress. I just made that up, but she did say she has a lot of pimples and that I MUST buy her a mask.

Being me, I agreed. She said she wanted the Milk one because I introduced it to her the other day saying that it moisturizes the skin blah blah so she liked it. I was thinking of getting the mask for her with my PA but then.. I ended up paying for it instead. HAHAHA Oh well. It's her birthday present lol

I didn't take a picture of the mask!!
Found this online and it's the old packaging. The new one has the same shape but the illustrations are prettier!! Cottony Essence Sheet Masks are more expensive (RM12.90) compared to the Natural Pulp Sheet Masks (RM9.90) because it's made of cotton that allows the mask to absorb into the skin at a faster rate, it also has essence in it!

On Tuesday I went to Biolyn (located just next to my workplace. TEEHEE) because my colleague forced me to go there with her. She said she wanted to go look at the mask promotion or something like that. Since no customers were in the shop then I went strolling with her! So the masks were selling at RM2!! Dirt cheap lah okay!! The only one left was the Purifying Acne Mask so we had no choice hahahaha. I bought two and tried one. It was not bad!! So I decided to give Aly the other one because she sent me a text saying that she has a lot of pimples and her dark circles are getting worse. I DID NOT MAKE THIS UP!

Hope they still have stock! I'm going to grab a few more hehehe

It's my day off today so I decided to (finally!) send the masks to Aly. I was supposed to do it on Monday but then I was too lazy to get out of the house. After Aly's text I felt guilty so I forced myself to do it or die today. It was supposed to arrive during her birthday but it passed long long time ago. hehehe. Sorry bah =P

Woke up today and realised that it was 9.30am. I thought it was still early so I took time to cleanse my face. I even did a mask! While the mask was on my face I started to wrap the masks and put it in the envelope (it's handmade you know) and then head down to the post office at Central. I planned that after going to the post office I can still drop by Marie's office to chill.

No money to buy envelope had to make one myself. LOL

Wrap the masks inside. Wrote some stuff to Aly hehehe

Proof that I was really doing a mask (okay half mask lol) I even wrote it on the note!! I need to find a mask for my disgusting eye bags. TT__TT

Because I wasn't wearing my spectacles since I got up from bed I realized that I got the time wrong! I woke up at 10.30 not 9.30 -.- By the time I washed off my mask it was already 11.10am!!! HAHAHA So I quickly rushed to change and drove myself to Central! And I feel bad because I only went to say Hi to Marie after that and then left because I had to pick up my brother from school. Guilty to the max.

Hope it arrives safely and Aly will get to do her beauty routine! hahaa

Feeling like doing Tony Moly product reviews. Anyone wanna read or not?? I guess the answer is none T_____T

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