Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friends with fifits!

The title was supposed to be 'Friends with benefits' but then I think all of us don't really gain benefits (put it in ANY way still none) from each other so I thought we call ourselves 'Friends with Fifits'. Good? Bad? We don't really have fifit stink (armpit stink) okay. We just use the word fifit whenever we feel like it. HAHAHAHA

They called themselves the foreveralones right now but I think that name might curse all of us to be single for the rest of our lives. Better not take the chance later all I have in my future is a lousy pension and 99 cats!! NOOOO!! I don't wanna be forever alone! Right now I'm saying that I'm currently alone, hahaha. Not permanent. Just currently. Forever is a big word okay later I 嫁不出 who is it to blame?? foreveralone.jpg?!?! Okay, dramatic much. Happy Valentine's Day btw, I'm currently alone and available. Feel free to continue reading this blog and then fall in love. With me.

Okay. So the yuck!

'Friends with Fifits' :
Aly, Audrey, Shnwei, Huang, Siaw, Marie, Pae Yii, Karee and Yours truly (;

The first project that we've done (Okay, they've done. Now I feel guilty because I went out with my church friends while they were working their butts off to complete it) is Aly's birthday surprise video. Aly is the first one, out of the nine to pursue her studies. We didn't get to celebrate with her so they made her a video!! With me inside. *feeling small.

So please watch the video (:

My friends are cool right?? See?? We risk humiliation and insults to make our friends happy. We do nothing but the best to brighten up one's day. ngehehehe. Awesomeness overloaded.

Oh yeah. Last time they also recorded a video at my house when they surprised me with Patrick. Wanna watch? Click here

Next project is going to be bungee jumping off Menara Tun Mustapha!! Okay who's up for it?? HAHAHA *psycho!

WAIT!! I didn't go dating okay. Am trying to defend myself. I went to have lunch with my church friends. Another point of defense: THEY WERE ALL GIRLS! But one guy friend joined us later when we yamcha but that doesn't count because he didn't even order a drink. Aly don't kill me. HAHAHAHA

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Alysasasasasa said...

=D =D =D thanks for not being there ABBY!!! =( but nevermind la got the picture of u in the apple product =D
Love the song so much!! T.T