Monday, February 20, 2012

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

It's my off day again! (: Haven't been watching any Korean dramas lately. I started watching Princess's Man last week but it was quite boring. Maybe because I cannot really understand what they were saying because the subtitles are in Chinese, and they talk too formally lol. I know it's a good drama so I'll try to watch it after I finish this one!

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

So the show is mainly about this girl called Eun Bi, and tons of cute guys. The ramen is something in between. hehehehe.

I'm at episode 6 right now. Will try to finish it quickly so I can catch up with more dramas hehehe. I know I'm slow because this drama was released in 2011? From the first 6 episodes I have already grasp that this show is mainly about guys winking and the girl being very dumb. I don't understand why they always have to make the girls dumb -.- Girls are smart okay! Maybe smart girls don't really get attention from guys.

That explains me. I'm not a smarty-pants but I am definitely not, stupid... And thus explain that I have no boyfriend at the moment T__T

Allow me to introduce the main leads

Lee Chung Ah who plays Yang Eun Bi.
No wonder she looked familiar she also stars in Pure Pumpkin Flower.
No comments about her hehehe I'm not interested in girls =P

Lee Ki Woo who plays Gang Hyuk.
He looks cute in the show but not-so-cute in this picture

Oh I almost forgot about this guy because I was excited about the guy who is not the lead but is also very very handsome! hahahaha

Jung Il Woo plays Cha Chi Su
He also acted in My Fair Lady and 49 days, two dramas that I watched and liked.
I don't really like him in this drama because well, I don't know!
Maybe because he is the starring lol.

Or maybe because this guy caught my attention.

my brain just exploded.

PARK MIN WOO!! plays Ba Eul.
Well, I like everything about him in the drama. His hair is the best lalalalala
Tried stalking him but there is not much in the www about him, maybe because he's a rookie actor (I think). But he's really good okay!! I don't know but I have a thing for guys like that. hehehe. I don't like guys like Jung Il Woo lmao and I don't even wanna consider this guy!

No Min Woo.
Was googling Park Min Woo and then he came out and I was totally put off. Nope he's not in the movie but I just wanna bash him LOL. He starred in My Girlfriend is Gumiho and I did not like him okay!! I practically wanted the dogs that went into his office (He was a vet in the show) to bite his hair off.


My friends would probably hate me for bashing this guy because they think he's cute. OH WELL

*breathe. Don't let the anger take over.

A Picture to end the post


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