Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Year after high school

It's my off day from work today! Okay not exactly. I only have to work 3 days a week so I have 4 days off and today is one of them. Am going to do a little Chinese New Year shopping today. Hopefully I'll manage to buy some shoes and clothes, but I do have a budget. A tight one. I have already started spending money before I get my first salary. Shame on you, Abby!

Since I started work I viewed the world from a whole new perspective. While I was preparing for my SPM a lot of adults that came up to talk with me always said, 'enjoy your student life', 'it's easy being a student', 'aww..I wish I can go back to high school'. Every time this happens, I'll give them the glare and whisper under my breath, 'easy for you to say you don't have to memorise which is the femur and what type of vitamin prevents colour blindness'. I always thought that life as a student was hard. We had to get up early morning, drag ourselves up to our classrooms on the third floor, listen to boring classes and as we arrive home, we start to finish our pile of homework. Apart from school we have to juggle house chores, sports and piano lessons. Life couldn't get any worse?

It was not until 2 weeks ago that I realised that being a kid was so much fun. I also found out that being an adult wasn't that much fun at all. I remember when I was a kid I wished that I can have 3 birthdays a year so that I can quickly reach 21 and be a true adult. hahaha. Now I wish to have a birthday every 3 years so that I'll age slower. Right, that will never happen.

The first few days of work was tough. I work in a shop selling cosmetics and my daily routine includes cleaning the products on the display shelves, cleaning the shelves, cleaning the testers, serving the customers, and studying the products in the shop. Before entering 'the life as a salesgirl', I always thought that being a salesgirl is easy. You just have to stand there and talk to the customers, sell your products. But little did I know what great effort these salesgirls put into their job. They understand the brand, the products; they treat their workplace as their home, their co-workers like their family; they try to sell the suitable products to customers, and forgive those to spill liquid eyeliner on the counter. It's not just standing there and selling products, it's a duty to present yourself, the shop, and the brand to others. Seeing the effort that my co-workers put in their work made me feel like all this while, I have been truly blessed.

It is then I understood, that being little is easy, and growing up is also easy. But being a grown-up isn't at all easy, there are more challenges ahead than you expected. Right now I don't know how tough it is for me in the future, to make a living and raise a family. I had a little taste of it during my 2 weeks of work, and I already feel the pressure. I thought of quitting just 2 days after I started working. *Wow I sound like a damsel in distress EWW

What I'm trying to say is, I NEED TO GO BACK TO STUDY.

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