Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What we do best on CNY

Chinese New Year is the time when...


Chinese New Year day 1 routine: Wake up, get dressed, take family photo, get angpau from ma and pa. After getting ready at home, we head down to gather with the rest of the family from pa's side at my uncle's place. We have the traditional 'zai choi' there, have long chats, and watch Sabah Hakka IpMan part 2. LMAO. Everyone was hooked after part one so we ended up watching the video on the Ipads! We (Okay, maybe it was just my mom) also tried to beat my cousin's high score on Tired Birds.

After that, we went to visit my aunt's brother's house. My brother and I go there almost every year for the food. hehehe. Oh, and the lion dance. We just stay at home at night, usually. If not we'll go to my grandparents' place to slack =)

Day 2 is the time when we get busy!! Kung had open house so all of us had to help around. He invited his golf mates, family and close family friends, not forgetting the neighbours!!

Pictures =)
Every year po and my aunts prepare the food but this year they were lazy so we ordered catering from the hut.

It was yummy but I miss our home cooked food!

My cousins who came back from Adelaide, and their parents =)

My cousin uncles & aunts.

3 pretty mamas.
The ones at the side are my aunts while the one at the centre is a close friend of my aunt.

I was shocked when I saw him coming in I tell you! Apparently his father knows kung so that's why they were invited. He's going off for further studies so I took a picture with him for remembrance! lmao He's my primary school friend and we go to the same church so all the best in his studies!!

My cute cousin =D

So after all the curry and prawn and noodles were wanted to do some exercise! The unhealthy way....
And the day ended like this.

*I had to work on day 3, 4 and 5 and 6 so I didn't really do much eating.

On Saturday (which is also day 6 of CNY) I went over Marie's house for open house (obvious much). More pictures but I didn't take any of the food because I was too hungry!

Pictureka has become our tradition!! hahahaha

Look at the people playing! I think they were trying to read the order cards HAHAHA
Oh I also taught them to play 21 the pro way -.-

After that we took a bunch load of pictures in Marie's room. Oh yeah we blasted my Instax Mini too!!
(I call my Instax Mini - Patrick)

I brought pa's Panasonic GF 2 and I didn't really know it functions so this picture was not properly focused LOL

Yeah so we just fooled around in the room. There was this moment when Audrey, Shnwei and Siaw decided to get their butt pictures taken so I asked them to shake their butt. So I managed to snap a picture of Shnwei's then someone blurted out, 'Siaw, your turn'.

Then Siaw gave a short pause, and then she shaked her butt!!! LOL It was so funny I forgot to take the picture. We were all rolling on the bed laughing HAHAHAHAHA

Butt-shaking process!

So after we were done with our little photoshoot, Aly and Shnwei left the house. Aly was going back to Negeri Sembilan again and this time we too didn't say a proper goodbye! The rest of us continued with the pictures!

We got bored of ourselves so we attacked two innocent little kids HAHAHA
They're not really innocent lah lol.
Beaven & Atai who were forced to pose for the camerawoman


On Sunday I went out with Adele and Liana. It was Liana's birthday so she spent us lunch and Starbucks. She finally put her Instax Mini in use. hehehehe


And that's a rap!

Additional picture (:
Taken in Huang's house the other day. It was a pre-CNY Barbeque party.

FYI I almost got put off work because they didn't really need that much staff already but today I dropped by the office to get my cheque (less than what I expected so I was unhappy, for a while) I asked the boss whether I'm still working for them so she said she'll call me tomorrow. To my surprise she called me just now to explain to me why my pay was less (it was because of EPF and Socso or something so yeah, it was cut by a few percent) and that I could still continue work! I have been uneasy these few days knowing that I would be fired but I'm not! Although I was comforting myself, telling myself that I need not stand 8 hours a day anymore blah blah blah but I cannot fool myself lah. I could never survive staying at home 24/7 while getting no pay! And I couldn't stand the fact that someone would actually fire me. I work hard okay. So I'm awaiting another call from the supervisor to tell me my next shift!

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