Monday, May 11, 2015

Second Valley

I'm back!

I haven't done much blogging this year. That's because nothing interesting has happened, aside from me growing older.

We took a trip to Second Valley back in March. It was sort of a birthday getaway.

Was a gloomy day, didn't take many pictures

In love with the rocks 

Wanted to do some cliff jump but my ankle hasn't fully recovered, and I did not bring my swimsuit.
Ended up soaking a pinch of the sun.

Water was so clear that I HAVE to dip in. 

Thiz iz all.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hello, 2015

 25th day of the year and I hadn't post a single thing? The blogging kicks are reducing year by year, huh? Forgive me. I will try harder.

I will wrap up the last day of our 2014 Melbourne trip with these 2 pictures. Had brunch at Hardware Societe before we bid goodbye to the land of good food.

Flat white and Special of the Day. It was a duck confit with poached eggs and watercress?

It was probably the BEST duck I have ever tasted, period.


To welcome 2015, I'll be posting up some pics about the things that I have done so far. I accomplished quite a bit in this first month of the new year. Praying and hoping for better months to come!

#1 Welcomed the New Year in Taiwan

I love how they have this near the city

and not so amused by the food.

#2 Got to eat all the good food in KK

 You don't have to guess this.

#3 Met up with some good ol' friends and had a good time

Like this Pharmacist-to-be

 and this #gengmakan fella :D

#4 Went to KL

 But ended up travelling down to Malacca

 and back to meet the 1600 pandas

 Then woke up at 6am the next day. Friends drove to Penang while I slept at the back seat


Met a new friend along the way!

 Fulfilled my mission of having yim gook gai in 2015! I ate it twice heh :)

Am being very fond of nasi lemak this month.

 and visited Jump Street Trampoline Park!!

 Met up with the Adelaide gang in KL

#5 Sprained my ankle & had to sit on a wheelchair

Was wheeled to the aeroplane HAHAHAH because I sprained my ankle at the trampoline park.

I can say that I have been truly blessed this month. With good food, good friends and love from the Father up above. What a great start to the new year!! :D

Monday, November 10, 2014

Melbourne Day 4 - Lost in transportation

Hey peeps! Sorry for the lack of updates once again :( Have been caught up with assignments for the past few weeks and now it's Swot week already D: This semester passed by even faster than the previous one. Has Earth shrunk or something? Why is it turning so fast????? 24 hours seems like 20 hours now!

Our last full day in Melbourne has to be fully utilized. We fit in food, sight-seeing and shopping all in one day. Which might be a bad idea, but who cares? #YOLO

Set out at 8am again, this time to Manchester Press.

I just looooove how these hipster cafes are set in hidden lanes around the city. One thing I find interesting about Melbourne is that there is a lot of character when it comes to architecture. Not sure if I mentioned it before in my previous Melb posts, but I like the way its city is planned, and how each property contributes the character.

They don't name this city the best to live in the world for nothing, aye?

Loooovin' the rustic feelin'

Walked to one of the famous lanes :) Came here 2 years ago, everything looks the same.

The soup shop that Song Ji Hyo drank soup in whilst filming Running Man in Australia! :)

Went on the tram the first time, for this trip. We have been walking and walking the past few days and didn't realize how tired we were until we took the tram. I think we really did walk heaps because after I came back from Melbourne, some of my friends said I actually looked slimmer :/ Of course now, all fats have returned. *sadface*

Stopped near Docklands for shopping.

Hellllllllo landscape pic HAHAHA

After shopping, we took a taxi to South Melbourne, wanting to go to Brighton Beach. We didn't do enough research to know that they are actually quite far apart HAHAHA

Visited the raved about Chez Dré and had our fair share of realllllllllly beautiful gâteaux!

Now aren't they just *faints*

Just looking at this pic makes me drool!
I ordered this one. It's lemon cheesecake with caramel-glazed pecan and a tiny golden flake on top. Mmmmmmmm

Took a stroll in the South Melbourne market, but I didn't take pictures :O #fail

Now, we are lost. And we have not a single clue, how we are supposed to get to Brighton Beach. Ended up standing at the market's parking lot for like half an hour..

Ohai, random car

Decided to Tram to St. Kilda (don't judge!), and then take a bus to the beach. At this point we were all clueless and feeling miserable. Having half a heart to give up and go back to the city, and another half wanting to tick those boxes off our checklist....

Luna Park. A sign we made it to St. Kilda.
Tempted to go back to both South Melbourne and St. Kilda, and just chillax there for a day or two. Would be fun yaaaaay!



and I think my shoes are a bit worn off. Okay, very worn off. 

 Sand, sea, sun, skyscrappers

Took a train back to the city. At this point we can proudly say that we have conquered all the public transport within 24 hours. Tram, taxi, bus, train. All ticked! Lifetime achievement unlocked ahahaha

Over-ordered in Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana, a cozy Italian restaurant with REALLY good food. Like REALLY, good. Best Gnocchi I have ever had!

Figured that it is our last dinner and wanted to go all-in!

Decided that dinner wasn't enough (who are we kidding?) Settled for some waffles at Waffee!

Caught a glimpse of a human-size bunny 

Back to Lygon street. Walked around and went into a bakery which I promised my stomach that I would come back. Some day. And eat all the cakes, and tarts, and pies, and macarons.

Ended the night with ice-cream from Il Dolce Freddo. It's just opposite our apartment, should have been there every night D:

Alrights, that's all now! The next I blog it'll probably be in about 3 weeks time. Or I might already be back home *celebrates*