Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Melbourne Day 2 - Gaol, TMNT and seagulls

Our daily sleeping routine began as we slept at 2/3 am and woke up at 7/8 am for the next 4 nights. Or rather, mornings. Roamed around Lygon Street with my puffy eyes and blurry head. Greeted by a possum at the garden.

It said hello.

I somehow love the way Lygon Street is laid out. The resraurants and cafes are just so uniquely lined up, and I like how busy and quiet they are at the same time!

Almost towards the end of Lygon St nests a breakfast/brunch place called La Miel et la Lune. The cafe serves a unique menu where you can find the Korean deokbukki (rice cake) and a Big Breakfast alongside each other.

Big breakfast with perfectly poached eggs.

One of my favourite breakfasts, sweet corn fritters with crushed avocado, sour cream & tomato relish. I just love the contrast of flavours on one plate!

Visited the free part of the Old Melbourne Gaol. It's actually a hang out spot for the RMIT uni students I guess? It is open to public, we didn't trespass hehe

Enjoying the fake grass, soaking in Vitamin D

Let the city walks continue

Dropped by Hosier Lane to enjoy art on public walls.

My favourite turtles

Furry friend and I having the same shades of fur HAHAHA

My face =_____=
We used to joke that one of my uncle looks like Mr. Magoo. Well, I can't believe I met him in Melbourne.

This is Melbourne summed up in a pic - the iconic Flinders Street Station, trams, skyscrapers and busy streets.

Rode on the road for another 45 minutes or so, arrived at a town called Cowes in Philip Island. Roamed around the town, which was a little bit too small. We were hungry. Ordered some fish & chips for takeaway and two slices of the yummiest cakes! (forgot to take pictures of the cake because we were too hungry!)

Walked down to the esplanade to have our late lunch. Unfortunately, we had guests. SEAGULLS. Intruded our privacy and demanded for food by prying on the things we set down on the table. These birds. We decided not to have the fish and chips, and quickly ate the cakes.

After that we got up from our seats, to leave. Three of us agreed to have the fish & chips somewhere 'safer'.

The seagulls were furious.

They started making loud barks or chirps or squeaks, whatever you call them. And started flying around us, in a VERY scary way. We decided that it is best to run.

We got out safe, and so did our food.

Settled down on a table a bit further away from the sea, praying that the seagulls won't find us. But we were wrong. One of them came, and he led out a loud call to the rest.

Many were staring at us again.

Staring. Staring. More staring.

God was on our side. A car drove past us, the seagulls flew away in fear. None came back after that.

This picture was taken before we started having our food. Imagine this empty field occupied by a flock of seagulls. Would be a fantastic picture, but I was too worried about my food, and my camera.

Seagulls are one of the highlights of the trip I must say.

The penguins on Philip Island were adorableeeeeeee! We weren't allowed to take pictures once are on the platform, but it was definitely a nice tour and experience!

It's amazing how we are all created differently. Like how seagulls enjoy being annoying, how cute the penguins are when they wobble back into their nests, stopping for breath after 7 tiny steps; and how we humans love to enjoy the simplicity of being a part of this nature.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Melbourne Day 1

Travelled to Melbourne last week for a quick getaway. It was a well-deserved 4-night stay after striving hard in uni and work. I needed that break, so did my friends. Our initial plan of staying over for a full week ended up to be a shorter, sweeter escape.

But how I wished that we stayed for longer.

You know it's Melbourne when the streets are bustling with urban hoppers

First stop upon arrival was lunch on Saigon Pho, Lygon Street.

Best Pho I have had so far. The Pho we have in Adelaide are pretty good, but this one has mega win. The soup tastes sooooooo beefy (in a good way), but still refreshing and clear. The Vermicelli salad was also refreshing. Maybe because we were all very hungry, but the first meal in Melbourne was a win.

We stayed in an apartment on Lygon Street for 4 nights, of which I booked through Airbnb. Perfect location, I must say. The apartment is just a 15-20 minutes walk from the city, surrounded by busy Italian restaurants and ice-cream parlours. 

Great flavours in a cup.

Passed by the Old Melbourne Gaol when we commute by foot to the city every day

Mischievously visited the Melbourne State Library to annoy the quietly-reading/studying people.

Love the dome

I wanted to take a picture of the streets by standing in the middle of a crossing. Friend said I am crazy, I didn't have enough courage. But here's the outcome.

Doing the things a tourist should do

Every walk in Melbourne is an uphill climb :P



Hunger knocked on our stomach doors at 5.00pm, when we had our lunch not long ago.
Discovered the amazing Korean barbeque place called Changgo, which had no signboards whatsoever, but people waiting outside before the doors were open.

Adrenaline continues to invade our systems. Hungry at 8.30pm, settled for supper in another Korean restaurant, Mook Ji Bar. Before that we visited a dessert place called Max Brenner, but decided to give up over-priced chocolate desserts for Korean fried chicken and rice wine.

Day One, end.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bar 9 on Glen Osmond

Brunch is the new yamcha here for me in Adelaide. In Sabah it's harder to get a bunch of people together at 10 or 11 in the morning, drive to a kopitiam and sit down for brunch than to call up your friends and meet up at a mamak at 4pm for a random roti canai session.

Here though, everyone's having brunch. Brunch, brunch, brunch.

Visited the famous Bar 9 on Glen Osmond road. Nestled in South Adelaide, this place is a total gem. The place was packed on a Sunday morning, with some people waiting out at the entrance. Inside though, was busy but extremely cosy, the surrounding infused with the aroma of good coffee, and excellent food.

Took the 861 bus to Glen Osmond from the city. We missed the bus so we had to wait for another half an hour :( Took some random pictures to kill time.
It's impossible to just drive past this place...

Greeted by a crowd of hungry people. No doubt it's good!

Yeah yeah I'll get to the food post ASAP hehe. Was dying of hunger because I hadn't had dinner the day before so I was practically starvingggg!

Bacon & Eggs $14
I love the scrambled eggs! So fluffy!

Runciman's Breakfast, fit for a king $17

My usual Chai latte

House Cured Ocean Trout $16
Wasn't in the mood for heavy fat meat so I got this instead. Loved the combo of the trout and rye! It was also really refreshing with the lemon and light cream. Sorry but I just love fish and lemon. arrrrgh. Perfect treat after a busy week!

The raved about Creamy Truffled Mushroom Ragu ($18) with poached eggs and truffled honey! Well, I know why it's so famous, because it is THE brunch meal made by angels. Just love the mushroom and the honey!

Would I take a bus here again just to have brunch? Definitely, yes! (Once I saved up) Loved the food and service, and best of all, the company!

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