Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hahndorf Inn

I decided to go back to Hahndorf for a visit after two years. I went there with my family back in 2012  and loved it! This time, my friends and I tried out the Hahndorf Inn, instead of The Haus which I previously visited.

Getting to Hahndorf was a bit of a thrill. My bus to the city was about 5 minutes late, which led to me not being able to catch the 9.30 bus to Hahndorf *slamsfist* That single minute led us into a half an hour wait :( But we still got on the 10am 864F bus in the end so all is fine hahaha

Hahndorf Inn

'Don't want suggestions, I'll order what I want!!'

LOVE this part of the restaurant

The three of us finally settled with the Taste of Germany platter, enough for 2. Contemplated on whether or not to get the 12pcs Chicken Wing entree and luckily we didn't!! We almooooost couldn't finish the platter itself! hahaha

Bockwurst, Weisswurst, Cheese Kransky and Vienna sausages, smoked Pork Kassler Chop and Pork Knuckle. Served with Rhine potato, sauerkraut, 2 pretzels and a selection of German mustards $64.50

 My top picks on the plate has got to be the Cheese Kransky, smoked Kassler chop and the pretzels!! I like how chunky the kransky is. And the Kassler chop is just DEVINNNNNNE!! Tastes like roast pork but it was still juicy and not too salty, flavours danced really well with the mustards!

The others definitely did not disappoint, but I have had better pork knuckles in chinese restaurants :) I remember I used to like the sauerkraut two years ago but couldn't really eat it now. Why?? You mean my tastebuds have evolved?? hahahaha

 My favourite!! MUSTARRRRRD 

 If a plate/platter is bigger than my flat face, then it's big. hahaha

Gotta love the potatoes too! 

Sad that I didn't get to try any German beer though :( It was too early and my friends were worried that my face would turn really really red HAHAHAH nevermind. It's an excuse to revisit next time!

I didn't any pictures of Hahndorf this visit. No idea why but just didn't have the urge to. D:

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