Monday, April 28, 2014

Nano, Ready 2 Go!

On a lazy morning (during the Easter break), my friend, Connie and I decided to pamper ourselves with some yummy brunch. I have not had brunch in those classy cafes on the streets before, it feels so expensive! I came across this place called Nano and did a little research about it, the reviews sounded pretty good so we gave it a try!

The interior of the cafe

Nano is an Italian cafe located on Rundle Street, offering mouth-watering breakfast sets, fresh bread, pizzas and pasta! Everything on their menu looks really nice!

Chai Latte

Americano pizza, fruit salad with yogurt and the bread roll (that comes with the pasta)

I really love that tiny bread roll! It's smells soooo good and the center is so soft! It was the most overlooked thing on our table but it turned out to be such a winner! Love the blend of herbs that they put into their bread. I also liked the pizza! The base is just yum yum yum.

pasta pasta 

Whoops. Forgot what this pasta is called but it's got chicken, bacon, mushroom and tons of cheese in it! Mega love! It's not jelat at all even though it is cream-based. It comes with the bread roll and the portion is just nice for sharing :D

The food pricing is reasonable. The pasta and bread roll is $14.80, pizza slice $5.50 and the drinks are the standard $3-4 :) Perfect place for you if you are after delicious food in a laid back environment!

Definitely going back for more pasta. And pizza. And I would looooove to try their bread!!

23 Ebenezer Place,
Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
+61 8 8227 0468

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri  7.30am - 4.30pm
Sat - Sun   8.30am - 4pm

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Abdate: Easter abroad

This Easter was my first overseas. Lent season was really different compared to back home. Usually at this season I would be busy preparing Easter performances, gathering egg shells for egg paintings, folding palm crosses and stuff. I did none of that here, but I still felt God's love filling me every day.

It was the first Good Friday that I actually realized how precious God's love for us is. How He sent his only son to die for us, to save us from sin. Jesus did not do it because He had to, He did it because He wanted to. Out of love. That's what I learnt this Easter. Once in CF a senior in high school told me that God's love cannot be measured. She used a metaphor of a human dying for a small ant. Who would die for an ant, right?

But Jesus did exactly that. He sacrificed Himself to save us all.

I hope everyone felt loved this Easter!!

Instead of painting eggs and hunting for the Easter bunny (do they do this?), I went for a morning cycle with a friend of mine who also owns a bike, Sing Hoe. This guy is crazy he brought his bike all the way from KL -.- I didn't know where to cycle to so I just randomly Googled for bike trails in Adelaide, then decided to cycle towards West Beach. It's only 4km from my place btw hehehe great way to test out the second hand bike that I bought.

Riding in Adelaide is pretty safe. Most of the main roads have bike roads and the scenery is just wonderful!

West Beach

Bike & foot path for everyone to enjoy the coastline! Many people jogging and cycling early on a Sunday morning. I feel so healthy being one of them hahaha

#cyclingfashionfail do forgive me. These are the only sportswear I brought over hehe

On the bike trail map I saw that we have to pass by a bike rental area to arrive West Beach point (I have no idea where it is) so we cycled a bit more towards the West, along the path. Later on we passed by a caravan park, which on the map looked very far! Yep so we decided to continue till the end since we are already there... 

and then where did we end up?


spot the moon

I am not kidding. Never in my life would I believe that I'd cycle to Glenelg as a rookie cyclist. Let alone on the first round riding. When I bought the bike from a very nice lady I jokingly told her 'See you in Glenelg in a few months' hahaha manatau I actually cycled there that weekend.

Here's my bike! It's a second hand Giant hybrid.. pretty rusty but still in good shape. Bought it with my first paycheck of the week! My red helmet is AUD$35 from a sports mart!

Oh yeah. I got a job as a waitress/slave in a Korean bbq restaurant. Reason I call myself a slave is because we do a lot of dishwashing and dishdrying. It's a pretty tiring job but it is quite fun. First paycheck went to the bike and accessories! So I guess hard work pays off? 

Rode back after taking some photos lalala Decided to ride back via Anzac highway

High tech public toilet. After the door locks, music starts and you can do your business to the groove. Okay, sounds super gross HAHAHA

So while riding back I actually fell off the bike. Nope, this is not abnormal. If an average person trips/falls down at least 3 times a year, then I might double or triple that *touchwood* The front wheel of my bike went into the grove of the tram line (which I didn't notice at all) and the next thing I know I was on the road =____= My bike was 1m in front of me, pedestrians in shock, me in total blur.

Happened too quick I don't even know what happened hahaha

Ended up with a big patch of graze/cut/scratch on my left knee. Exact same spot where I got my volleyball scar. Now it is replaced with this bigger patch of blood. it still hurts a bit today, but terribly annoying because it's at the bend of the knee!!! I can't sit and stand and squat naturally :(

Hopefully it doesn't leave a scar or else I would be @#$%^&*()#$%^&

Two days prior to the tumble (very embarassing, come to think of it now. ugggh), other bruises start to surface. Congratulations to me. Haven't had many bruises since I came to Adelaide so I guess this is payback time. Right now I have a few patches of black/blue/greens on my right calf and left shoulder. I honestly have no idea how I fell. Must be adrenaline at that time. TOO HIGH TOO HIGH.

So that's my Easter! Went for the young adults service at 5pm and had hot cross buns after that hehehe

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sometimes you feel so little

Hey people! Sorry for abandoning this space for so long. Was pretty caught up with uni work and stuff so I didn't have time to just sit down and blog properly. Good news is that I found a part-time job here. Whoo! It's pretty tiring but quite fun. Only downside is that 50% of my work time is devoted to washing and wiping plates. hahaha but hey if they're paying, then I guess it's okay.

Was gonna show you guys some pictures I took these few weeks but another topic came into mind, so I'll leave the pictures for later.

I realized that my blog posts has been pretty 'general' and I seem to blog less about personal thoughts and stuff. The internet is too accessible that sometimes I just wish to hide from it. Back home I use to keep journals but here I just don't have the heart to do it. So I guess I will just blog, or just let those thoughts slip through the cracks of my skull. hahaha

I have finally settled in a church here. The church is just a few minutes walk from where I live. Convenient, the people are friendly and I just love the sermons and worship. For the first time in many years, I am finally paying attention to the sermon, and at the same time enjoying. Sometimes in the middle of the week I will actually recall some parts of the sermon, and just think about life. Okay, I sound so old but it's true.

Back home I sometimes get fed up of the sermon, and just wander away in thoughts. Not sure if I'll continue to be as attentive here in the next few months, but I am quite loving my new church here!

Then I heard some news about my church back home. The church where I grew up in, my family in Christ. There are lots of things happening in the diocese, and I don't think I should go into details about that (and you would probably fall asleep reading it). For everything that is going on in my church and the diocese, I just feel really sad. 

Prayer is power, yes. I have been praying.

The people that I have known through church, are the people that play an important role in my life. I just can't explain how dear they are to me. We practically grew up together, nurtured each other, and have the same love for everyone. But recently, I have been hearing about people leaving the church and having disappointments with the services and all that. I can't really say anything about the things happening right now, but I am continuing to pray for you guys back home! I really hope to see every one of you back in church when I am back in kk.

I wouldn't say I am a 'holy' person, but I do go to church every Sunday and serve in different ministries. I love serving, I just enjoy doing it. The church has given me so many opportunities to grow as a person, and also grow spiritually. It's quite hard to see the church fall back and you can't do anything about it.

I'm just a kid, they say. And usually what I say, doesn't really matter now, does it?

For the youth ministry especially. I do feel guilty that I have not done enough before I left. I remember what I was supposed to do, to built up the praise and worship team. The main reason why I stayed back for 2 years. But I didn't fulfill it. In fact, I felt that it was my fault that they didn't grow, spiritually. I don't really know how to say this. Serving in the team, no matter how bad or good in skills you are, you are only good if you let Jesus use you to praise and worship him. That's what I always tell the musicians. You are not playing to show off how good you are, you are using your talents to glorify God. Once you lose that, you lose everything. I am not a musician myself, so I get cruel replies like, 'you can't tell that to me, you can't even play anything'

Yes, I can't play the drums or the piano or the guitar.

But you can't say that I can't praise or worship.

I guess I can put it in a better way. Instead of gifts of music, God has given me the best instrument of all, my voice. Nope, I can't sing like Mariah Carey or Aretha Franklin, but I can still sing for Him. I am not a professional dancer, but I can dance for him. And that is enough, that is really enough. I guess when sometimes when you are good at something, you have the urge to show off. I have done that before, showing off. But I don't feel good after that. I felt so fake I ended not liking myself. A senior told me that whatever you have belongs to God, and it is for His glory. Slowly I learnt, it wasn't easy. It's sometimes hard to strip away from arrogance and be humble before God. But it's not impossible, and I hope the youths now slowly learn that.

From Him, to Him. 

I actually have more to write about but my thoughts are just really around the place. :( I feel so helpless here, I couldn't anything for what's happening back home. Just hope everything will be okay..