Monday, February 24, 2014

Victor Harbour

Yes! The photos are finally done uploading!!

The uni brought us to a Victor Harbour trip during the welcome week. We had to pay AUD$15 for it, but it's okay lah considering that it's quite far from the city and we are actually visiting 2 places! #cheapo I think I will be even more cheapo when I am here gaaaaaah

Before Victor Harbour, we dropped by Urimbirra Wildlife Park, located just 5km from Victor Harbour. It's an open range park so all the kangaroos are happily jumping around the entire park!

During my previous visit to Adelaide, I have already been to Victor Harbour so the main reason why I joined this trip was to go to the wildlife park -.- hahaha It's not as big as the Halls Gap zoo but it was definitely fun playing with the kangaroos (no they didn't box me)

No I didn't see this again this time! This was back in 2012 in Halls Gap. You can read my post here if you haven't! Peacocks in this park were less show-off hahaha

Instead we were greeted by this feathery creature.


Barbary sheep chilling under the tree. 
I DID NOT WANT TO GO NEAR THIS SHEEP. The last time I did I smelt like a sheep/goat the entire day!! I think it's their saliva or wool I don't know but I just let it be there... chillin'. hahaha

All of us were given a pack of kangaroo food to feed them!

Pretty fun actually. But we had to make sure not to step on any of the landmines... kangaroo poop everywhere people =__=

wheeeeeee so close!

Last time I only got to pet them like this

Wah just realized that I wore the same jacket and shoes -.- I have a serious problem when it comes to throwing away my clothes/shoes. I wear them forever until they can't bear my weight anymore HAHAHA

So close you can even take a kangaroo selfie!

He has got to teach me how HAHAHAHA this is high-level selfie, people.

Looks like Harry Potter's owl!

The zoo's OTP 

Kangaroo's are pretty aggressive hahaha they snatched the pack of food from our hands and tore the paper bag into pieces -.- When they find no food they just ate the bag. Indigestion lah later... hehe

OTP and human lightbulb lalalala

Roamed the zoo with these cool people. All of them are from West Malaysia, all in year 2 of uni. hehehe I feel so offside typing this.
(See I am wearing the same jacket and shoes -.-)

Eagle standing tall.
Would be so nice to see it flying but it didn't!! It's cage is not enclosed one so yessss it can fly out

I is finally saw them koalas.
Hello, furball.
There were koala shows at certain times of the day but I missed it!! Oh well....

But I met the cute puffy animal again!!

Wombat, Y U SO CUTEEEEE???

Okay lah wombats still can't beat my love for zebras but I guess they are second on my list :P Even though I said they're my favourite back in Halls Gap. SORRY SORRY. You guys are still very very cute. But Zebras are just too sexy. heheheh

'so you mean I am not sexy?'

Okay. Okay. You win, kangaroo! You win lah...

Chickens from my backyard the zoo. They look like chickens back home, don't they? 

After the park we continued our journey by bus to Victor Harbour. First thing we did there was fill our tummies. WITH WHAT? 


(but okay super fail blogger my picture of fish & chips look very horrible!! Will post up a decent one once I steal from the others who managed to snap a picture)

Then we walked over to Granite Island. 

The looooooooooong way to the island. You can choose to walk or take the tram which is pulled by a very kesian looking horse. I think it costs AUD$7.00 for students. But why not walk instead? Seagulls will be your company!

This time, I went out the granite jetty instead of walking up the island.

I smell you, sea breeze.
Got attacked by the waves so my lens were wet hahahaha
Being there on the rocks made me think of home. Of Simpang Mengayau. Oh how I would love to go back to Kudat again!!! 

So that's about it!!

Starting orientation tomorrow. Very very nervous again arrrrgh I feel like my lungs are about to fall off.

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