Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am not sick

Hello! Greetings from Adelaide! hahaha where the UV is really high I can literally feel the rays prickling my cheeks. No I am not lying! I went out two days ago with sunscreen on and later realized that my face is BURNING at night. Until today I still feel the burn T_____T

Arrived 2 days ago, feeling super homesick? Not sick ah, I'm perfectly fine. BUT HOMESICK, YES. I miss my family the most, especially my grandparents. I miss my friends a lot too.

I never thought that it would be this hard? I never really miss people, and I have said a lot of goodbyes to a lot of people. But it's a whole other level when it is my own turn to say goodbye hahaha

To my friends who have been asking about my well-being, I am doing fine :) I guess it takes a bit of getting used to the new place, especially the sun! Hopefully I will be out and about after uni starts and then I will have more to blog about. I haven't got anything done yet except unpacking and later, fixing my own study table from Ikea. haha

So until then, do miss me a little bit! :)

Oh yeah! Before I forget...

My dreaded STPM Semester 3 results were out yesterday! Have I told you guys that I dreamt of it before Christmas last year? I dreamt that I got 3Fs and a D !! D: That's baaaad!!!

But God is always gracious, and He always provides.

This time is by far my best Semester!! :D I was so happy when I got the results! (Shnwei helped me check because I couldn't load the page here :O) Thankkkk You Jesssssus!!

At times like this I really feel like a loser. Because I always doubt myself and never trust in God that things will be okay. I tell others to pray in times of need. I told them that it works. I, myself pray, but I guess I only put in half of my heart. Hence, the doubt. The anxiety. The worries.

Soooooo I need to put trust in God more. Many many more.

The result for my Maths paper would be out in about a week? I hope it's higher than a B- hahaha but the chances are slim since the paper was so hard D: Oh well.

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