Thursday, November 28, 2013

Abdate: The week I ditched STPM

Yes guys, I'm done with Maths 2 retake!!! WHOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Like finally I am able to watch all dramas in peace. Go shopping without thinking that I have to rush home to finish my homework.



I can now.


What colour do you guys think I should dye my hair?

I was thinking of a weird purple or red colour of some sort.

But I bet my parents would eat me alive. ahahaha

So should I just get curls?

What?! That sounds so....


Maybe I should just get a Miley Cyrus haircut.


We will see. You see.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Audrey's Birthday Surprise

So okay her birthday was back in September but I still have to make a report, don't I? At least the Fifits will know a bit or two of what happened :/ Hello Fifits, I do miss all of you!


We all know how much Audrey likes Starbucks. Yes, she does. Shnwei and I decided that it would be a great idea to buy her a Starbucks tumbler for her birthday. I mean, it's perfect right?? The two of us went down to the nearest Starbucks after school to grab one of those DIY tumblers :D Siaw asked the other Fifits to submit their birthday wishes to me :)

See? We work so well together hahahaha

I think her birthday was somewhere near exam week so we were all busy studying. We were planning on decorating the tumbler two days before her actual birthday, but somehow it didn't happen (for all the wrong reasons). So on the night before, Shnwei said she would come after dinner or something but her dinner was late.

I took out the tumbler from the paper bag (yes, I didn't touch it since we bought it HAHAHA) and to my horror....

What horror Abby?

Oh I'm sorry. I should zoom in for you guys .... :OOO

I was like, 'What the?' and went straight into panic mode.

How can this happen?! Not when I have books to munch down, assignments to rush (that was the Chemistry PBS time arrrrgh), wishes to write and YOU SOLD ME A CACAT TUMBLER?!?!

I was furious. And yes, I did check before we bought this baby. When it comes to buying stuff, I am a psycho in checking defects and stains and all that crap. I have no clue how these water-stain-ish-looking-thing appeared at the rims. Is it because of the weather (because it was raining)?????

I called the Starbucks branch we went to.

The staff who picked up my call was so polite and he was of great help. He asked me if I could bring the tumbler to their outlet so that they can have a look at it. and bla bla bla five minutes later I was on the way there (but I detoured to buy a birthday cake first....)

So yesssssss I got the cake, and I managed to exchange a tumbler. WHOOO!! But I was soaking wet because it was raining cats and dogs and cows. But still, Thank you Starbucks guy!! I can't remember his name :O I remember I took down his name but I totally forgot now. Now I come to think of it, I think he was that guy who gave me a free Tall drink when I went the other day.

Errr... I'm not sure.

But now .... ohmai.

No wonder he looks so familiar :OO

Errr... But I don't think that was his name please.

Oh well.

Rushed back home. It was already 9+pm and I hadn't start on anything. I had an idea in my head but I couldn't really make it out. Shnwei couldn't come because it was late already. And it was a school night :O

In the end I decided to make a rainbow coloured wish thingeeeee... and it turned out like this.

Yes read all ya want HAHAHA
Audrey don't kill me please.

In the process... ahahaha You have no idea how tired I was after I completed the whole thing
and into the tumbler it goes!

It has been revealed. The amount of coloured pens I have. Actually .... ok nevermind.

Took me about 2 hours to complete the whole thing. Another hour to cut and slowly insert the paper into the seal :O It was really tiring! But I was happy with the product heheheh I was praying that Audrey would like it too!!!

And she did! :D

I bet it was really a surprise! (or maybe it wasn't and she just pretended to be surprised hahaha) I saw her happy look when she saw the tumbler so.... *insertsuccesskidface*

And the rest of the surprise includes....

A cake cutting ceremony!
Audrey and Kent share the same birthdate, hence. Why they so happy in this picture?

Our breakfast.

Happy kid opening her presents.

Birthday kid posing with her favourite present HAHAHA I made that up.

Yes, that's all!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!!!
(ohmai it has been 2 months since your actual birthday :O)

I have more posts coming up! Is anyone reading this abandoned blog?

If yes, ehehe thank you!!

here's some onion we chopped during Bio class during Audrey's birthday. Random much

Monday, November 18, 2013

When it all falls apart

Sometimes you can't really understand why things happen when they happen.

Like how I was unable to update my blog since last Thursday. I had planned every post. Convo, prom, surprise parties. But somehow the internet line just wouldn't let me upload a single picture.

I decided that today I was going to start studying for the retake paper. Calculus is not exactly my favourite subject, and until now I have no idea why I opted to re-sit for this paper again. But then, I still have to do my best.

Failed in doing integration questions. Seeked the companion website (for the textbook) for help.

I forgot my password.

Got my password back after many attempts.

Internet line too slow.

Finally found the link to Mathematics T Calculus.

Clicked link for the solutions.

And I sat here an hour waiting for the pdf file to load, but it's still blank..


You cannot imagine how frustrated I am.

You cannot imagine the pain I have kept buried in my heart since the few months of revision and revision and exams and more exams.

I don't think it's my brain that is going to explode, it's my heart.

Yes, indeed I feel, very pathetic.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Abdate: 2 down, 2 more to go


I am done with 2 papers! So it's goodbye Pengajian Am and Math!! Okay, wait. Aih. So it's only one T____T I am retaking Maths paper 2 so that can't be counted. Not fair :( I have 2 more papers next week then I finish my semester 3!! *happydances* But I have Maths 2, a week after that. D:

Let's not go into how bad the 2 papers I sat for this week were. Because. Well, once you start you can never stop.

I honestly have no clue why I decided to write a blog post. Uhm.. probably it's because I wanted to do something other than eating or studying? Or just because I don't wanna stay in my room anymore (as I have been in it for TOO LONG for the past month)?

Don't know. But I don't care. Actually I do care. But what can I do? 
(I just confused myself there)

Now, find something to blog about.

Okay, here goes.

There are tons of things that I would like to do after the 27th of November. MARK ALL CALENDARS!! So I better type everything down here before I forget?  Because I don't wanna write anything down at the moment. I have done it too much HAHAHA

Start exercising again. Yes. I have no more excuse. I should get back into shape (so that I can fit into my jeans again). Eat less junk food. Eat less in general. Stop being an elephant that eats every stick of sugar cane that she can find. I just should get healthy again. Look what STPM did to me (blame whatever whoever HAHAHA)

Go out and take more photos. Nuff said. My archives are not filling up :(

Watch tons of dramas that I missed. Which drama should I start with? I don't know. Maybe that one with Taecyeon but I have dramas from 2012 that I wanted to watch!!!

Go shopping. Okay, window shopping. Because I want to feel that pain in my feet for walking too much again. HAHAHAHA

Start reading those novels stuffed in my cupboard. You might think I'm crazy. AFTER WEEKS OF READING TEXTBOOKS, YOU STILL WANNA READ MORE BOOKS?! Well, novels are different. Please, even newspapers are different from textbooks. My new set of Hunger Games are still waiting for me.... (Yes I know I am slow)

Last but not least, I wanna watch Thor.

I might not even wait till the 27th. YES I WILL NOT. I will barge into the cinemas straight after that Chemistry paper and watch THORRRRRRRRRRRR. Because I have been waiting for this movie for thor long I forgot where I placed my calculathor. I can't watch it any lathor.

Thorlong lah, I need a break from all this thorture. (Yes, I super love Thor jokes)

I also found a video that I'm gonna watch over and over again this week. Like maybe after every paper. And maybe even set it as my message tone. Okay, weird. 

Wokeh! See ya in 2 papers time! :) eheheheheh