Monday, September 9, 2013

Abdate : Of very fui incident

You know how I love online shopping.

It's convenient.

Not too convenient when no one is at home to help sign and collect the parcels from the mailman.


No one was at home when a recent purchase was delivered to my house, so they dropped me a slip in the mailbox asking me to go and collect it myself in the post office.

I decided to go down to the post office today. Drove about 15 minutes to arrive. Parked, and then realized that I had forgotten to take the slip. I remembered the tracking number so I thought that it would be okay to just go up the collection booth to take it.

But no, the staff said I MUST have the slip.

'Come back tomorrow', she said.

I wanted to beat myself up for not remembering the slip TT________TT


Yes, I just had to let it out. HAHA