Friday, May 31, 2013

Life through a phone camera

You guys know how much I love taking pictures. Typical Asian hahaha But yes, I really do love taking pictures. With my phone and with my camera. Since my camera died on me (the shutter is overworn I think), I have been using my phone's camera more than before. The pictures turn out fine but it doesn't deliver as well as my camera (what do you expect, woman?)

Yesterday I was going through the pictures gallery and realized that I have actually captured many random events (and food) throughout this whole year (of owning my phone). So today, I'm gonna share it with you guys!!

So here it is, my life through a camera (doesn't make any sense zzzz) Please prepare a napkin because most pictures are of... FOOD FOOD FOOD!!

I am not joking look at the first one.

Nasi Briyani with Mutton curry from Anak Mami, Lintas.
After this picture was taken, we went there to eat at least... once a month? hahaha But now it doesn't look (or taste) as yummy, but still good :)

Me and Nick at a dinner or something lalalala

During STPM Sem 1 when all of us were stressed!! Wao why my hair so messy -.-

Leftover Kimbap from KL of which my kaufu (my mom's brother) asked my grandparents to bring back for me. Awwww thank you for making me fat as I am :D

Banana pancakes (so predictable) from Pancake International, Karamunsing.

The Mooting Crew lalala

My phone was often used for male-camwhoring HAHAHAHA

During 7K Run last year. Idk what was Audrey trying to do zzz

Picture of pictures lalala Yes that was the last of my Toy Story film T_____T

Sweets from Niagara Falls.

ZenQ signature.
You will see more of these desserts LOL Cannot eat them now because pearls are banned at the moment because they found a poisonous ingredient (according to my dad) called Maleic acid, which is an additive that .... errr.... makes the pearls/noodles chewy #chemistryfail

The receptionists for Prom 2012. hehehehe

More pictures of pictures taken during Prom :D

Oksusu special from Black Ball. I forgot the actual name zzz

Special Shinee Lip Balm we got for Shnwei's birthday just because Shinee Minho's signature is printed underneath the product.

Tung Po Nyuk my grandma made.

Now back to the maleic acid poison thingee... my dad read from the papers that if you eat a lot of pork fats (like the picture above) or chicken feet it might help you flush out the maleic acid in your body. Because it's gelatin or something I don't know lalala but I do love FAT PORK FAT PORK.

Nachos? In Australia.

I want one nowwwww

My lunch after that mad cycling tour

had no chance to try the dips BUT THEY LOOK SOOOOO YUMMY!! This was in the famous Victoria Market, Melbourne!

Spongebob cake they sell in the supermarkets in Australia @#$%^&*() WHY KK DON'T HAVE?!
Hot Cocoa from Billy Baxter's

HAHA Yen Ling if you ever see this picture. It's your Pho shop in Australia lalala

The amount of Ramen that can feed a kampung HAHAHA

My pizza!!

Jajjangmyeon from a food court

I forced my brother to take a pic with the One Direction shop HAHAHA

Free Cotton On cupcakes because ... it was an opening?

Subway Chicken Wrap in the airport.

During the Tam Brothers' farewell. I think they were drenched LOL

During caroling last year when a family we visited gave us colourful golf balls as souvenirs.

Blur Bibimbap picture lalalala

Balloons for the first day of Sunday school. Sucked a lot of helium that day hahaha

Yeap so that's 2012 for you! 2013 pictures coming up (if I am not lazy haha)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reply 1997

Ohai. Semester 2 finished!! :D *celebrates* But I don't think I did very well. Then again, I think I did badly. Especially that Chemistry paper, of which I think I studied the hardest for.

Right after my exams, I plunged myself into this drama and I finally finished it today!! (This means that I didn't do anything productive at all, since last Thursday. Yes I am like that.)

Oh yeah, the drama I'm talking about is Reply 1997, or you can call it Answers to 1997, or Answer me 1997. Whichever one you like but it's actually called 응답하라 1997 (Eungdabhara 1997).

So am I going to go into the details of the drama? No. In fact, you should watch and realized why I was so engrossed in the whole show I practically spoke English with a Busan accent HAHAHA if you get what I mean -.- It's a drama which I guess all 90s babies can relate to, since the show added many elements of the 90s. The hair, the fashion, the must-haves. For example, that Tamagotchi pet thingy that I begged my parents to get it for me, but fail fail fail. hahaha

A drama worth sitting in front of your computer for hours every day laughing at the crazy sheep baaaaa-ing sound effects they insert during the awkward scenes. hahaha This show is a 10/10 hands down brothaaa

Not forgetting the very lovable cast.

The only upset of the show is that the cast never aged. I mean, they never made them age. They all had they same hairstyle, the same silky face, same lipstick colour since 1997 till 2012. Hello? Funny much? At least draw in some fine lines or something hahaha 

Or maybe....

Make Seo In Guk's hair look like this....

Minus the peace sign that is =_____=

I'm sorry I just had to do it. I like Seo In Guk's curly hair lalalalalala

Okay that's all! Gonna try to be more productive this holiday i.e go jogging instead of having potato chips every afternoon zzz

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 golden ringgggs *ding*

Ohai. Am blogging from my phone again because the semester 2 exam is appraoching and I am too lazy to study now.

Your argument is invalid. What?

Apprently STPM Biology doesn't tell you what hormone rages when you are too stressed during your studies. They also never tell you what you can do/eat to pump up your desire to study. Nor do they show you which drug to take as so to inhibit laziness.

So why are what are we studying, exactly? Exactly.

Oh that's right. HCG. HCG that is present in your pee when you are preggie. I guess they want us to be ready for the future.

Do forgive me. My brain is not my own.

It is definitely not Christmas. In fact, it is nothing like Christmas right now. The only thing that might be close to Christmas is uncertainty. Uncertainty of Santa coming into your home with his fat belly through the chimney is almost similar to the uncertainty of whether or not you will be able to answer the exam questions.

But then again, pfffft what have we got to lose? Santa brings you a toy car, and takes your biscuits. STPM will only take your sleeping hours and torment you with brain-juice-squeezing-but-also-no-use questions.

Yeap, the previous paragraph is of no relevance.

As much as I feel like stomping on my textbooks and tearing my notes, I have almost completed my second semester of the challenging STPM. And that, is a valid reason for me to not give up.

With that, I have 5 more days to make or break this semester. Please do pray for me.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cried the whole way home..

I didn't want to make any noise about this, or tell anyone I shed tears because of this very lame but anger-raging incident. Despite how frustrated and afraid I felt, sad indeed, somewhere in my heart is telling me that I should forgive.

And I did.

And maybe because of that, I have this tiny bit of courage to share it out. Not because I want revenge, nor sympathy; not because I was angered by it, but because I believe that I am not the only person in this huge, huge world that has been bullied.

Ya I just said that I got bullied can you believe me. And yes the person was bigger sized than me. Wait, not a person, but two.

Today I got shouted at by two middle-aged bus drivers, in public. I park my car outside of my school compound and one of their school vans were parked very close to mine. So close that the van's door was touching my side mirror. Yes, touching. It wasn't hit or anything like that, but there was no distance. From my driver's seat I wind down my window to reconfirm. Yup, definitely touching. Angry, I got out of my car wanting to talk to the driver.

I'm not exactly the best Physics student but I do have some logic. While I was waiting for the bus driver, some of his students loaded themselves into the car. The students, I observed, loaded themselves to the seats far from the door, mostly at the right or at the back. As they hopped on, the van started to tilt the other way, causing the initial touch to be about 1mm distant. Makes any sense?

So when the driver approached his vehicle, I tols him that his van door was touching my side mirror. He went ahead and checked, with that 1mm gap and accused me for being wrong because there was still a gap. I explained that I saw it with my own eyes, his door touching my side mirror, but he went on about how I made wrong accusations, in a loud and rude voice.

An Abby a few years back might have stepped forward and shouted out louder than he did, or she might have punched him right in the face. The Abby today, surprisingly, didn't get boiled but instead wanted to let it off.

But Lady Luck wasn't on her side I guess. My friend told the van driver off about how near he double parked his car beside mine and another car, and the rude driver pointed his finger at my friend and shouted at him. That's not all. Another friend, also a school bus driver came up and also took his share of yelling at us.

They might give you different versions of the story. My friend who got yelled at might have another version, studentswho were there witnessing the whole thing would have assumed that it was our fault, parents would have a misconception about how wreckless P-licenced drivers are.

What I did was not wrong, and I bravely say that what the drivers have done to me and my friends is in fact, a shameful act of abuse.

My initiative was not at all bad. I voiced out my opinions to him politely. I did not raise my voice. I just wanted to tell him that he stopped his car very near mine, hoping that he would apologize. I was going to leave it.

But instead, I got yelled at. Ignored. Nevermind. But my friends got yelled at, not only by him but by his friend as well. For something that they didn't do. And that was the moment when my heart just cracked into pieces.

I wanted to cry.

The drivers continued shouting and pointing at us. Threatening to call the police, as so to fine all of the students for parking outside the school compound. Yelling at us saying that they did not do any wrong and babbled about how kind-hearted they are because they parked as close as they can to the bus stop, for the convenience of their passengers.

That was the longest 5 minutes of my life.

I didn't fight back, the yelling got louder, more eyes staring at me. I got in my car from the passenger's seat. I stared to tear, with the two drivers fiercely staring at me, the students peeking into my car.

I wanted to drive away, but I was blocked by both drivers. I wanted to sound my horn as loud as I could, but something inside stopped me. Fear? Anxiety?

I didn't want to start a commotion.

I cried the whole way home, and later on wept in my grandparents' living room. Partly because I was angry and sad, partly because I felt bad for my friends who got yelled at because of me, mostly because I realized how disgusting some part of this society has become.

If he had just admitted the door was touching the side mirror. If he refused to admit but just said sorry for parking too close. If he didn't ask his friend to gang up on us.

Bullies, I believe, have some form of insecurity in life.

And I hope this bully, and his friend, would be able to find their security, in a different manner, with an improved attitude.