Sunday, March 31, 2013

Abdate - A holiday like no other


Our one week school break has come to and end. I have to say that this is the first year I spent my holidays being hardworking :O Well, not very very hardworking but I did do homework, and I did spend most of my time facing the computer, finishing up my PA PBS T_____T It's the holiday I spent ALL my time at home. Can you imagine, ME?! Stay at home? Every day? And not watch tv the whole day ...?


But it did happen. What has form six done to a tv buff like me?


On a side note, I managed to catch GI Joe : Retaliation in 3D with Shnwei yesterday. Good show but the 3D effects sucked. No, it SUCKKKKK BADDDDDD. Fighting scenes were a blur and the only 3D thing about the whole movie were *wait for it* the subtitles -.- Are you serious? I paid extra for tickets and I had to rent 3D glasses and all I get are blurry fight scenes, lousy camera focus and 3D subtitles??!!

Okay, ignoring all the technical failures, the storyline and acting were good *applause* Good team of actors too! Not to mention you get to stare at (Storm Shadow) Lee Byeong Hun's abs more than Bruce Willis' bold head. HAHAHA But then... you cannot ignore The Rock's bold head -.-

And why am I talking about heads?


So tomorrow we go back to school, and sit our desks again, doing test paper corrections T_____T I bet I have a lot to do, because I have a feeling that my grades for this trial would be pretty bad :OOO 

And so tomorrow, April begins.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Facebook on paper

Today I'm gonna show you my Facebook that is made of paper. HAHAHA

Geddit? HAHAHA Okay I know it's kind of lame but it's true whad. The Facebook that we all have is paperless and ... you can't even touch it? So this year my friends gave me a scrapbook for my birthday. The whole thing was inspired by the Facebook theme that we are using right now. I know it's kind of late but I know some of the Fifits and also the one and only Fifit spouse wants to see how it looks like :)

Once again a big Thank You! to Shnwei, Audrey and the rest of you guys who helped cut, paste and print! I know Shnwei and Audrey aren't really good when it comes to crafting (they say so themselves. Don't kill me you both!) so thank you you for your efforts *hugs*

TADDAH!! So it comes with a black cover. And unlike normal books/magazines/dictionaries you flip the pages to the right instead of the left.

And you see me on the first page.

And then you can see wishes written on my 'wall'. Okay this statement somehow sounds a bit wrong. Nevermind. In the future, this page will come in handy as a reminder that I could actually read Chinese. I haven't been writing/reading Chinese lately so I think it's fast fading from my.. brain?

And I got a wish from a fake Taecyeon. And I have to wish myself too wtf they left a space for me as well HAHAHA Okay, I might as well just write my wish here...

I wish for love, joy and peace. 
HAHA I know my classmates were a bit bummed when I blew the candles before making a wish. I have not much to wish for anyways :/ Honestly I don't think I have ever made a wish before blowing candles on a cake :OOO Most of the time I get very excited and just blow 'em candles quickly so I can eat the cake. HAHA

Back to the .. Facebook..

Had to put this picture up because I think I look pretty in the cover picture LMAO
Got wishes from all the Fifits too!! Sad that we can't celebrate our birthdays together!! D: But thank you for your wishes!! YAY!!

haha some pictures dating back to the 1950s! Nolah -.- That was taken in 2010 I think. Mad difference.   

So there ya have it!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Abdate - Semester One Results

Note - One new post below this!

Hello :D It's finally Sunday and I FINALLY got time to blog!! Whee!! Such a hectic week I must say! With first trial exams on-the-go and the badminton tournament after that (No I didn't play lah I was a linesman =___=)!! I was so tired after that but we went for Gerald's birthday party yesterday evening!! Had a great sleep though yesterday night HAHAHA

In the midst of the trial exams, right before my Bio paper, I had to face reality ...

The long awaited STPM First Semester results *jeng jeng jeng*

Didn't wanna post this up but then, I scared in the future I forgot what happened hahaha so might as well blog about it.

So we had to sit for Bio paper on the day of the results release. Actually it was released the night before but not many of us knew. Our paper only starts at 12.30pm so we had the morning for some last-minute revision. One classmate in particular went down to the teacher's office to check her results and came back telling us how she did. The moment I heard her results I was worried about mine. I definitely have no idea what to expect.

After recess, the whole form six clan squeezed into the teacher's office, using the computer to check their results online. Then Audrey told me her results, other classmates told me their results. Some did well, others not so well, others failed a subject or two. I didn't know what would happen to me. A friend of mine lied to me that he failed his Bio grrr and I was horrified because if you compare me and him, his Bio is much more better than mine. So I was expecting my Bio to be an F as well :/

Shnwei checked her results. The guys anxious to see how others did, I got more terrified. Things were getting more and more unpredictable. Then bravely, I typed my ic number on my teacher's laptop.

And ......

All I have to say is, my results were better than I'd expected. No fails, No Cs, only a single A. 2Bs and 1B-. A flood of relief ran through my whole body. I almost wanted to cry the moment I saw my results. 

I know it's not that good, but it's good enough. More enough for me. I've never expected that I'd get results as such. Some of my peers got results that did they did not expect at all. Shocking, yes.

My results were a shock too. To those who were far more ... better than me. Academically. I know where I stand in my class of 30 students. Those who are more hardworking, smarter, more serious, better. It was a shock to them, and also a shock to the teachers, who I guess, expected nothing from an average girl like me. Who never stood out as the one who scored an A for Bio tests, who can only solve ONE math question in half an hour, who could not understand a thing during Chemistry class.

I was the dark horse.
I was underestimated.

Teachers coming up to me saying, 'Wow. I never expected you to do so well' or 'Congratulations. You did better than I thought'. How did I feel? Happy? Yes. Definitely happy. But then, the feeling of being underestimated? Yes. That bitter feeling. Yuck.

My teachers probably didn't expect me to get such good results. Even I didn't expect such results. Maybe they saw what other, better students' results were, and expected even lesser from me?

So how did I do so well, they might ask. And I can only think of one answer. 

Last year when I was in youth camp, I asked God what were His plans for my future. As much as I hate it, God told me that I was to go into form six. (I think I blogged about this hahaha) Why? And the reason is, that he wants me to continue serving here. I was in disbelief. Why me? Why not the other youths my age? Why not send me to some place else, where I could also serve? I tried to run away. Asked my parents to send me overseas, or maybe take up a foundation course in KL, but it didn't happen. Scholarship offers never came to me, applications were denied. WHY!?! Frustrated, I went into form six, not wanting to know why I am there. Denying His plans.

Every night, I prayed the same prayer. That He would show me why He kept me in KK. Why he wanted me to stay in my youth. At least, show me that I am able to stay in form six. Show me that I am able to persevere in this tough pre-u course.

I didn't get signs. I didn't get affirmation. 

I know it's hard to understand His plans, sometimes. But I believe that if God brings you to one challenge, He will definitely bring you through it. He might close a thousand doors in your life, but He opens one, just one, that is the perfect one for you. My trust in Him faded and was regained, faded and regained again. But I never lost my faith.

Weeks before the exam, and after the exam, until the results release, I prayed for a result that is enough for me to understand why I am stuck in form six. Why am I struggling in the science class. I asked for a result enough for me to move forward, to have no regrets. I asked that I would not have to retake any of my papers, a result that would make Him, and my parents proud of me.

Of course, in the Bible it says, 'Ask and it shall be given', but most of me surrendered the results in His hands. I had faith in His plans. I did my best, and I believed that He will do the rest.

And He did. 

I did what I could. I studied, I stayed up late (my late is 11pm only zz) to read, I sacrificed my tv time, I learnt to give up certain things. I answered the questions the best way I could. It may not be enough to some, and even to me, but I tried to give my best. At least, the best that I can.

He never promised me anything, but I believe that the result for semester one is something like a gift. An affirmation. A pat on the back, encouraging me to continue to fight. I know it's hard to explain. Maybe it cannot be explained. But if it wasn't for God, or His grace, I would not be here typing in joy and thankfulness. I would not be the one having okay results smiling from ear to ear. 

If it wasn't for God, I would have not done as well as I did.

Hard to believe? Hard for the teachers to believe? What's the secret behind the Bs and the A? I think you know my answer. It might not be as excellent as the results the others scored, but again, it's more than enough for me.

And with that, to God be all glory, for He is, the best.

Now, I have to start all over again. Work hard for semester 2 and continue to have faith in Him. I am struggling to keep up, and I know that this semester is tougher than the first one. I cannot guarantee equally good or better results, but I have to try my best, and believe that He will do the rest.


Holidays this coming week! :) I want a new camera! (Okay, that's random lalala)

How to shop on eBay?

Hello! So some of my friends have been asking me how I shop online, particularly on my favourite shopping website, eBay! So here is a simple tutorial on how to purchase an item on eBay :) I hope you guys will find it helpful :D

So this is the homepage for Click on the picture above and it will bring you straight into the page:) I use because it normally shows sellers of which ships goods to Malaysia, and item prices are converted to MYR so it's easier :) 

If you don't have an eBay account, just click register, follow the steps and you would be ready to go! It's as simple as signing up for an email address so I guess all of you can do it! (No kidding even slow people like me can manage hahaha)

Most of the sellers on eBay prefer getting paid via PayPal. In fact, you MUST have a PayPal account if you wanna purchase items off ebay. I came across some sellers who accept other kinds of payments but I guess paypal is one way that is safe and convenient.

Simply sign up for a Paypal account. You can link it to your credit card, debit card or even your bank account! Good thing is that it helps you keep track of your online shopping as well :) Perfect for people like me! hahaha

I am using the Personal account. :)

A personal account allows individuals to BUY online, and also SEND MONEY to other Paypal users. The 'sending money' service requires a small fee. You can read more about it when you register for an account hehehe I once sent money to a friend overseas through paypal and I had to pay an extra RM2 or something. Okay whad RM2 only =___= Otherwise, you need not pay any fees for normal transactions like purchasing stuff on eBay. Good or not?


Once you have registered on BOTH ebay and paypal, you are good to go. I'm gonna show you guys step by step on how to purchase an item off the website. It's kindda easy so hopefully you guys can understand what I am trying to say (Even if you don't just pretend this is a good enough tutorial hahaha)

So what do you wanna buy on ebay? Kung (my grandpa) just got himself a new handphone, the Xperia J and I was thinking of helping him to buy a case online! Okay... so what I'll do is search for 'Xperia J back case'. You can type whatever you want. The important thing is to have keywords :) I am looking for a simple snap-on back case for the phone so I just type in the MODEL and the TYPE. You can also add in keywords like Silicon, hard cover, pink, cartoon etc etc. It's up to you :)

With, search results will first display items sold by Malaysian Sellers. Malaysian sellers usually sell items a bit more expensive, but not always. You can sometimes get a pretty good offers form local sellers via eBay deals. I helped some classmates purchase the Instax Mini 8 on eBay from a Malaysian seller for only RM210.

From the left sidebar, there is a tab called 'Locations'. I usually set it to 'Worldwide' so that I could see all sellers. Now, only displays sellers who are willing to ship items to Malaysia. The price shown will be in MYR (converted from USD/GBP/AUD). 

Here's a tip. I usually purchase items from sellers who are based in Singapore, Hong Kong or China. Hong Kong sellers are usually more efficient, and items will arrive in one month time (free shipping/non-registered mail). China sellers are also efficient, but shipping is normally slower than Hong Kong. This is probably caused by the mail service in China, the way I see it. China is so big and you can just imagine that their central mail room is like their... traffic? I bet that is why it takes a big more time for items to arrive.

The search results will show you the image of the item and location of the seller, along with the payment method, price and shipping. Usually I just click on items with free shipping :) You can also customize your preference using the left sidebar.

So it you see anything you like, just click on the link and it will direct you to the item page.

So the item page will look like this. It will display the price of the item, and also the conversion in MYR. Scroll down the page and you will be able to see the descriptions of the items. Sellers will normally add in their store's T&C at the end of the description. It's good for you to read the T&Cs before purchasing :)

On the right sidebar displays the seller's info and additional info for the chosen item. Take the above item for example. 47 items have been sold thus far, which is not bad :) I usually don't buy items which have not been sold before hahaha The seller has a pretty good rating of 99.5% positive feedback and more than 20K transactions. Trustable? Most Probably. The seller is also rated as a 'Power Seller' by eBay so it's a big plus :) Try to look for sellers who have about 95-100% positive feedback (: Feedbacks are given by buyers like us so it's a good way to find out whether the seller is efficient or not.

Item description

Once you are happy with the item and the seller's T&Cs, then you can click 'Buy It Now' !!

Ebay will ask you to review the item once more.
Once you press 'Commit to Buy', you have purchased the item. The website will then direct you to the 'pay now' page.

You can choose to pay immediately, or whenever you are free. I usually just pay right after I purchased the item so I don't have to worry about it anymore lalala Some sellers require you to pay immediately after purchase.

After clicking 'pay now' you will be directed to a page like this.

This will be a review for your purchase. Check your shipping address and the price that you are about to pay. You can leave the seller a message if you want. Click 'continue' after you have checked all the details and you will enter the paypal page.

Key in your paypal account details (email and password) to log in.

Another review for the purchase. Paypal will display your order total and debit/credit details. The conversion rate of paypal and ebay would be a little bit different. Most times paypal conversion would be more higher. I don't really know why but it's not a big difference so I usually don't mind :) You can sometimes check on the conversion before paying so you can save 10 cents but aiyah.... I don't really care. Sometimes if I'm in the mood I would wait for the conversion to go lower hahaha

Click 'continue' and you will be reverted back to the ebay review page again. Confirm you payment and you are done!!! :)

Then ebay will thank you for making the payment hehehehe

That's all! Simple as pie, right? Sellers will usually message you after they sent your items. You can contact the seller if there are any questions regarding the items.

So that's all for the tutorial :D Any help? (I hope yes haha)

Here are some stuff which I purchased of ebay! My account tells me that I have bought 60 items already D: But I just started purchasing off ebay a year ago!! hahaha I usually buy cheap stuff like phone cases, accessories and ... anything that is cheap?

Penguin case, Less than RM5! Melt case RM7 or something I forgot.. Zebra case less than RM3!!!
Few of the MANY phone cases that I bought HAHAHA. I usually pick cases which are less than RM10. Of course I look at the design and seller ratings. The penguin case in the above picture didn't arrive the first time the seller sent it and he had to resend another one T___T Good thing about ebay sellers is that they resend/ refund if you didn't receive your item/s within a certain timeframe. The zebra case seller resent me another case because the corner of the case was damaged during shipping. Good huh? It might take some time for the items to arrive but it would be fine if it's not urgent :) The thing I like about ebay is that most of the sellers offer great customer service!

Innisfree Green Tea set.
You can also find skin care/cosmetic items on ebay! I usually purchase from a seller called Rubyruby76 which I came across while reading beauty review blogs. Some sellers also give you free samples!! :D Very nice!

2 packs for twin instax mini films for RM80!!!! *jawdrops*
Good deal I got from a Malaysian seller through ebay deals. Seller sent these via pos laju and it arrived the next day!! (:

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Late Abdate - Exam!


I have no clue what that means in any kind of language but to me it means 'hi'. Do tell me if you know what Ohaiyo means. I hope it's not a swear or anything like that :/

Currently in the midst of a school exam. Okay it's actually called a trial exam of some sort, and I have sat for 2 papers so far. I have zero confidence in both T_____T I don't even know what to think of the upcoming subjects of which I am gonna sit - Bio and Chem. I bet you get chills even thinking about it. HAHAHA?

Still can laugh oh me, what is wrong with you oh Abby?

I am in a very drowsy state =_____= No I have not eaten any flu medicine, and I think I had enough sleep, but I just don't know why I feel like I have been beaten up by a clan of gangsters. Uhh? Maybe it's because I strained my brain (wow it rhymes hahaha) BUT IT'S UNFAIR!!! Why can't my fats be strained instead of my brain?!?! Then I wouldn't have to go jogging -.-

Speaking of jogs, I beat my personal record... of..

Going jogging twice in a week!! YAYYYYYY!!!

Okay it's kind of lame -.- And I speed-walked more than actual jogging. No fats burnt I bet, can't even beat one session of wushu T____T

But then, it's still progress.

2 more days of torture and I get to be free for a week!! WHEEE!!!

Too sleepy to ty....p...


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Turning 19

*There was supposed to be an emmmmmmmo post before this but I deleted it hahaha. But it will be back, if there's popular demand? *

I turn nineteen today!! Well, actually not yet HAHAHA I think I was born around 4/5 pm so yeah -.- To get a brief insight on what happened when I was 18, read this. To get more detailed crap, continue reading, or keep scrolling until you reach the end hahaha

When I was eighteen, I had my first love~
Which of course, is ENTIRELY false! *smirks*

I guess eighteen was the age when life decided to ride on a gigantic roller coaster with many twists and turns. New experiences, new challenges, new heights, new expectations, new people. Yeah, I had a LOT of new things, but somehow these 'new things' of which I thought was not going to be important, turned out to be the things that I am going to cherish the most. 

And I couldn't have all this, all this right now, without providence from God. I could not have survived without Him. I could not have survived if he hadn't put angels in my life, and I believe that those are you guys (yeah, you!) who helped me along the way :D

So this is going to be a thanksgiving post. HAHAHA It's too early for thanksgiving! I am filled with thankfulness right now and I feel the need to type it out right now if not it's gonna be blown away by someone's fart. HAHAHA

Always first, Thank you Jesus!! For being my Superman and my Best Friend, for never leaving me behind and giving me hope even when I thought I was going to die (which is pretty often when I was 18). For the strength that you gave me when I almost fainted (physically and mentally). Thank you, for everything.

Thank you ma & pa for bringing me into this world! Thank you Nick for your noobness. You three have stuck with me during hard times and happy times! Thank you for being willing (or pretending) to hear me babble during dinner. I am so touched!! hahaha

My coolest grandparents in the world. Thank you for giving me advice and making my day when I feel down. Thank you popo for the good food that you feed me every day. Thank you kung for you are a great listener. I love you guys the most!!

To my uncles, aunts, and cousins. Thank you for bringing joy into my life, for making every special occasion more special than it already is. :)

Big hugs and kisses to Adele and Liana!! And also their families. You guys are truly family from God and I hope the best for all of you!

My darling Fifits (don't high ah) who have endured my lc-ness and craziness!! You guys are the best friends I have ever had!! Thank you for spicing up my boring life HAHAHA And thank you for injecting ham-ness in my life. I never knew I had it in me WHAT?!?!

My classmates from 6AS 2013!! Oh and Jeck & TK! Karee and Mei Ling too! Thank you for accepting me for who I am!! Well, I'm not sure got or not but I finally feel 'at class' for the first time in my study years. Although we've only been together for like, half a year? But I definitely feel blessed to have met each one of you! Thank you for making my form six life less miserable!!

The Good Sam English Youth. GSEY!! Young as you guys are I still love you guys! Continue to shine for the Lord!


A big thanks to the people (You know I know who you are!!) who surprised me today!! Yes I was surprised HAHAHA and thank you guys for the cake and cards and presents!! You guys deserve a big round of applause! *claps*

Last but not least, another big THANK YOU! to those who left me messages on Facebook, dropped a wish on my wall, Whatsapp-ed me in the middle of the night, spam texted me and called me from wherever you are!! Thank you!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Oh yeah. Another thing. I was born on the 12th of March in 1994 and it was the 1st day of the 2nd month(二月初一) in the lunar calendar (chinese calendar). It so happens that today is the 1st day of the 2nd month in the lunar calendar as well! I don't know how often this happens in a lifetime but it is so amazing. haha I know it's kind of lame but uhm, it never happens every year, nor every decade, doesn't it?

To a fruitful year ahead!! *cheers* :)))))

Friday, March 8, 2013

Abdate - One way to start March

** Edited. So this post only came out a week after March started. Due to busy-ness lalala I only managed to finish blogging one week later *smacks forehead*

Can you believe it? 

It's the third month of 2013 already! And here I am still thinking about the fats I gained during Christmas last year. hahaha Times flies huh? In less than 3 months I will be sitting for my semester 2 exam. Not that anyone cares T______T Many have taken many semester 2 exams, Abby. You are not the only one. Okay? Okay. *emo face*

The fact that my results for semester 1 are to be revealed makes everything more dreadful. Yes! DREAD. FULL. Am I scared, yes! Am i worried? No. I kind of prepared myself, for the worst of the worst. Hopefully the STPM people will realize that my birthday falls on the day BEFORE the release of the results and give me a late birthday present. Late also never mind good can liao!!

This year I started March every .... Interestingly? It's my very first time dissecting a rat!! I am sorry animal lovers but this is one of our compulsory experiments (is it?) and I did feel bad for the rat :( But I did wanna cut it up and see what's inside :O Okay.. let's not go into detail...

Let's just look at some pictures :D Of which I took with my dirty, bloody fingers *evil laugh MUAHAHA* Okay, that was a joke. We didn't really have time to take pictures T___T As I mentioned most of the time our hands were covered in blood (okay not covered but it was not clean lah get my point?) and our bodies were covered it sweat. SWEAT. Yup, we had no current on that very special day and we don't know why. So we showered in sweat for about two hours.. lalalala

Apparatus. This was the only picture I took lalala
Rest of the pictures are taken by the school's lab assistant :D

My rat which cost more than a chicken HAHAHA

So rats do have teeth laiddis...

Buka baju...
This was before all the blood. I accidentally cut a blood vessel and then everything started to get bloody and stinky so even the lab assistants went into their office to hide HAHAHA so no pictures of blood and intestines and rat poop for you guys. Sorry!! (or you may wanna thank me)

That's all!! :D