Saturday, December 21, 2013

October Coffee House

Hello! I am back from Chinaaaa :D

I'm not being ungrateful but the tour that we joined to Guilin, China was pretty awful :O It was mostly spending time travelling in a bus (longest ride was 7 to 8 hours whalao), sleeping in the bus, and eating verrrrry greasy food! The sceneries were supposed to be nice and breathtaking but they were all blurred by a thick smog/haze (from Beijing D:<) 

So yesterday I decided to treat myself after the tiring holiday ahahahaha :D

Siaw and I went to try out a cafe at Peak Vista. It's called the October Coffee House. Saw some pretty good reviews about the place and we decided to give it a go (both of us bored to death during the holidays ahahaha)

The shop is located on the first floor and it's quite easy to spot. The cafe is small, but yet cosy, and I love the wall with the black and white tree canvas!

Got a few pictures of the shop. I bet it's a really nice place to chit chat with your friends over a nice cup of coffee, or a hot pot of tea!

The owner of the shop and his son, fixing up some magic hahaha

That's their entire menu written on the blackboard above their heads! They don't have a wide variety of food as the shop focuses on serving brewed coffee and tea. The fresh juices look tempting as well! hahaha They have brunch specials where you can add on a drink for a cheaper price :D

Inner part of the shop

Siaw and I sat at the station top? Counter top? What do you call it =___=  ahaha There were only about 3 or 4 tables where you can sit together in a group (of 4 -6). Since there were only 2 of us we just sat at the ... place near their work stations AHAHA great glimpse of how they made our drinks though. It's a bonus! heheh

I wanted to order the brunch sets (snack + Americano/Tea/juice) but quickly changed my mind when I saw Caramel Macchiato on the list :D I ordered it once in Starbucks last time and it tasted sooooo good. When i ordered the second time it tasted so badddd that I hated the taste of the whole drink (maybe the mixed something wrong idk)

But this shop redeemed this drink HAHAHA Bravo! It was so smooth and I loved how thick and creamy the coffee was :3 I wanna have one right now omgggggg

Iced Caramel Macchiato Rm9.80
I have finally found a place to have nicely-crafted coffee in KK! Usually I just go for the usual kopi ping or kopi O in coffee shops, and occasionally I would spend a little in Starbucks, but I guess I have another alternative now! So happy that there's finally a nice coffee place! HOORAY!

I have no idea why I keep ending every paragraph with bravos and hoorays and yays -.- Not very happy also. Okay maybe happy because finally got nice coffee HAHAHA enough.

Not a big fan of coffee? Fret not!! Siaw ordered this!

Green Tea Latte Rm7.80
I didn't try it but Siaw that it was okay! hahaha I love the mugs that they use :D See the teaspoon also cute hahaha

A girls' day out is never complete without a selfie HAHAHA see this Siaw dress up so nice and I look so bad beside her =____= Didn't put much thought into appearance lately as I think I am overweight and too blessed with pimples ohmai

Pretty lady takes more pictures

Fatso has neck fats HAHAHA bad angle :(

Korean Street Toast Rm7.80
The filling's some ham and tomato and omelette I think. The bread smelled really nice and fresh!

Bruschetta RM9.80
I lovvvvve how salty the bruschetta was! hahaha The topping's beef, some sauce and (as in picture) a whole slab of cheese! Great for those who are not bothered to get fat (like me)

The overall vibe of the cafe is reallllly good! The pricing for their food and drinks are reasonable, considering the quality, taste, and freshness of it. Would definitely go back and have another drink from their menu!

October Coffee House
Jalan Signal Hill Park 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 
Telephone: 088-346 954
Operating Hours: 11:00 - 22:00

Go and give it a try! :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Senior Prom 2013 - Last Vegas!

I can't find the post I previously written :O So here's a new one :(

The theme for this year's Senior Prom is Last Vegas. No idea why they wanted to add the 't' to Las? I just realized that our prom themes are getting pretty exciting hahaha prom Paris to Vegas. A definite win compared to 'floral', not? AHAHA 

A job well done to the juniors who put up this incredible night *claps* Yep, we know it's not easy!! There were hiccups that night (with our seating arrangement) but aiyah the past is the past. Let's move on. I think this year's prom definitely topped last year's! Okay both years were great lah AHAHA kiasu because I was committee last year :O

Spent more on this prom that last year's hahaha Nolah actually not much but of course, I can't wear a RM30 dress like I did last year (although I was really tempted to). I didn't want to wear the usual black or white so I decided to look for a bright colour!! Since the theme is Vegas, it has got to be over the top, right?

And so, I chose a Halloween colour BAHAHA pumpkin.

Photo creds to Shnwei lol

Obviously this is a wrong angle =__= or a wrong pose HAHAHA Dress is from a local brand called Zero to Ten, shoes are my aunt's HAHA from Charles & Keith. My bracelets are from a blogshop called Delirious. Hair and make up are done by myself. I obviously didn't do anything much to my hair, it fact it looks worse compared to my usual hair days :O I had a stye on one of my eyes that day D: WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!! It was super painful while applying eye make up, and I just couldn't get the eyeshadow even :(

But I don't think anyone noticed!! hahaha except my grandpa :O

When my aunt sent a picture of me in my dress he immediately noticed that I had an eye stye. =___=

My bracelets are from a blogshop called Delirious.

Typical girls photo AHAHA

My internet line is still @#$%^&*() so I'm posting up a few photos only kayyyy

Oh btw I love the fact that we had 2 backdrops to take photos with! *clapslouder*

The Taufufah gang!!

Most of us got a chance to participate in games. I joined this Cola drinking thing and realized that I am actually pretty bad when it comes to drinking Coke without a straw :O 

Fat arms for sale.

I think Audrey's table won or something and the prize was a Starbucks Gift Card. No fair!!! ahahahaha

The Pre-U Volleyball Team!
Must take a picture together while we are not sweaty and bruised, right? ahaha See we all look so dazzly.

No idea why but the official photographers of the night kept taking pictures of out table :OOOO

6 Atas Sains of 2013. There were no geeks that night AHAHAHA

Yep that's all. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... after all :P

Friday, December 6, 2013

What feeling is this?

When your heart feels like it has been squashed into a ring box. And someone closes the lid without any care.

Why is this happening?


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Abdate: Thoughts of the week

First week of my holidays.

I could say that I have been quite productive. At least I didn't sit at home and watch the grass grow. Yet. I went out for paintball on Tuesday. Now I am dealing with surburn on my neck, of which I don't know how it can happen when I slabbed on half a bottle of SPF 120 sunblock SPECIFICALLY on my neck area. I also have 2 huge bruises at the sides of my right knee. How huge are they? Well, one is the size of an eraser, the other the size of a mug coaster.


Yesterday I spent the whole morning and afternoon cutting pasting and drawing some props for a photobooth. I have no idea how it will turn out but I hope it will be good! Only sad part is that most of the props that I made have glue waves (waves formed when I use too much water glue on paper) .... on their surfaces so the product is not so nice :( I'm gonna make more later!! If I am still up for it after blogging ehehehehe After that I went for a mani-pedi sesh that I purchased from Groupon. Cheapo.

And in most nights, I absorb myself in a fiction which seems too real.

Last night I dreamt of many things. Only one remained clear in my nightmare memories.

I was jolted awake. I dreamt of the release of the STPM Semester 3 results. When everyone has gotten As and Bs and jumping in delight, I tossed my results in my bag pack, deciding to reveal it later. And when I do open the envelope, I realized that all my hard work, stress and cries resulted a D for Pengajian Am and Fs for all my Science subjects.

EFFs. Not one. THREEEEEEE!!!!

What is this supposed to mean? That I should be prepared for failure?

And then it begins.

What if I really got a D and all fails? What am I supposed to do then? Can I live without a degree at hand? Am I able to make a living? Will I survive?

Am I supposed to retake all the subjects and go through 2 weeks of cramming again?!

I'm not a person who rushes into stuff and decide last minute. I don't always say 'Hey let's grab a coke and who cares about tomorrow' .I always plan ahead. And right now, I am trying to foresee where I should be in 5, 10, 20 years to come. But people tell me that those plans never work out. Because life is that unpredictable, that nothing ever goes to plan.

Does this mean I should NOT ever plan, anything? Ever again? So I should just leave it to my feet to figure out where am I supposed to head next?

Daddy God, what plans, do you have for me?

I need an answer.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Abdate: The week I ditched STPM

Yes guys, I'm done with Maths 2 retake!!! WHOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Like finally I am able to watch all dramas in peace. Go shopping without thinking that I have to rush home to finish my homework.



I can now.


What colour do you guys think I should dye my hair?

I was thinking of a weird purple or red colour of some sort.

But I bet my parents would eat me alive. ahahaha

So should I just get curls?

What?! That sounds so....


Maybe I should just get a Miley Cyrus haircut.


We will see. You see.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Audrey's Birthday Surprise

So okay her birthday was back in September but I still have to make a report, don't I? At least the Fifits will know a bit or two of what happened :/ Hello Fifits, I do miss all of you!


We all know how much Audrey likes Starbucks. Yes, she does. Shnwei and I decided that it would be a great idea to buy her a Starbucks tumbler for her birthday. I mean, it's perfect right?? The two of us went down to the nearest Starbucks after school to grab one of those DIY tumblers :D Siaw asked the other Fifits to submit their birthday wishes to me :)

See? We work so well together hahahaha

I think her birthday was somewhere near exam week so we were all busy studying. We were planning on decorating the tumbler two days before her actual birthday, but somehow it didn't happen (for all the wrong reasons). So on the night before, Shnwei said she would come after dinner or something but her dinner was late.

I took out the tumbler from the paper bag (yes, I didn't touch it since we bought it HAHAHA) and to my horror....

What horror Abby?

Oh I'm sorry. I should zoom in for you guys .... :OOO

I was like, 'What the?' and went straight into panic mode.

How can this happen?! Not when I have books to munch down, assignments to rush (that was the Chemistry PBS time arrrrgh), wishes to write and YOU SOLD ME A CACAT TUMBLER?!?!

I was furious. And yes, I did check before we bought this baby. When it comes to buying stuff, I am a psycho in checking defects and stains and all that crap. I have no clue how these water-stain-ish-looking-thing appeared at the rims. Is it because of the weather (because it was raining)?????

I called the Starbucks branch we went to.

The staff who picked up my call was so polite and he was of great help. He asked me if I could bring the tumbler to their outlet so that they can have a look at it. and bla bla bla five minutes later I was on the way there (but I detoured to buy a birthday cake first....)

So yesssssss I got the cake, and I managed to exchange a tumbler. WHOOO!! But I was soaking wet because it was raining cats and dogs and cows. But still, Thank you Starbucks guy!! I can't remember his name :O I remember I took down his name but I totally forgot now. Now I come to think of it, I think he was that guy who gave me a free Tall drink when I went the other day.

Errr... I'm not sure.

But now .... ohmai.

No wonder he looks so familiar :OO

Errr... But I don't think that was his name please.

Oh well.

Rushed back home. It was already 9+pm and I hadn't start on anything. I had an idea in my head but I couldn't really make it out. Shnwei couldn't come because it was late already. And it was a school night :O

In the end I decided to make a rainbow coloured wish thingeeeee... and it turned out like this.

Yes read all ya want HAHAHA
Audrey don't kill me please.

In the process... ahahaha You have no idea how tired I was after I completed the whole thing
and into the tumbler it goes!

It has been revealed. The amount of coloured pens I have. Actually .... ok nevermind.

Took me about 2 hours to complete the whole thing. Another hour to cut and slowly insert the paper into the seal :O It was really tiring! But I was happy with the product heheheh I was praying that Audrey would like it too!!!

And she did! :D

I bet it was really a surprise! (or maybe it wasn't and she just pretended to be surprised hahaha) I saw her happy look when she saw the tumbler so.... *insertsuccesskidface*

And the rest of the surprise includes....

A cake cutting ceremony!
Audrey and Kent share the same birthdate, hence. Why they so happy in this picture?

Our breakfast.

Happy kid opening her presents.

Birthday kid posing with her favourite present HAHAHA I made that up.

Yes, that's all!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!!!
(ohmai it has been 2 months since your actual birthday :O)

I have more posts coming up! Is anyone reading this abandoned blog?

If yes, ehehe thank you!!

here's some onion we chopped during Bio class during Audrey's birthday. Random much

Monday, November 18, 2013

When it all falls apart

Sometimes you can't really understand why things happen when they happen.

Like how I was unable to update my blog since last Thursday. I had planned every post. Convo, prom, surprise parties. But somehow the internet line just wouldn't let me upload a single picture.

I decided that today I was going to start studying for the retake paper. Calculus is not exactly my favourite subject, and until now I have no idea why I opted to re-sit for this paper again. But then, I still have to do my best.

Failed in doing integration questions. Seeked the companion website (for the textbook) for help.

I forgot my password.

Got my password back after many attempts.

Internet line too slow.

Finally found the link to Mathematics T Calculus.

Clicked link for the solutions.

And I sat here an hour waiting for the pdf file to load, but it's still blank..


You cannot imagine how frustrated I am.

You cannot imagine the pain I have kept buried in my heart since the few months of revision and revision and exams and more exams.

I don't think it's my brain that is going to explode, it's my heart.

Yes, indeed I feel, very pathetic.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Abdate: 2 down, 2 more to go


I am done with 2 papers! So it's goodbye Pengajian Am and Math!! Okay, wait. Aih. So it's only one T____T I am retaking Maths paper 2 so that can't be counted. Not fair :( I have 2 more papers next week then I finish my semester 3!! *happydances* But I have Maths 2, a week after that. D:

Let's not go into how bad the 2 papers I sat for this week were. Because. Well, once you start you can never stop.

I honestly have no clue why I decided to write a blog post. Uhm.. probably it's because I wanted to do something other than eating or studying? Or just because I don't wanna stay in my room anymore (as I have been in it for TOO LONG for the past month)?

Don't know. But I don't care. Actually I do care. But what can I do? 
(I just confused myself there)

Now, find something to blog about.

Okay, here goes.

There are tons of things that I would like to do after the 27th of November. MARK ALL CALENDARS!! So I better type everything down here before I forget?  Because I don't wanna write anything down at the moment. I have done it too much HAHAHA

Start exercising again. Yes. I have no more excuse. I should get back into shape (so that I can fit into my jeans again). Eat less junk food. Eat less in general. Stop being an elephant that eats every stick of sugar cane that she can find. I just should get healthy again. Look what STPM did to me (blame whatever whoever HAHAHA)

Go out and take more photos. Nuff said. My archives are not filling up :(

Watch tons of dramas that I missed. Which drama should I start with? I don't know. Maybe that one with Taecyeon but I have dramas from 2012 that I wanted to watch!!!

Go shopping. Okay, window shopping. Because I want to feel that pain in my feet for walking too much again. HAHAHAHA

Start reading those novels stuffed in my cupboard. You might think I'm crazy. AFTER WEEKS OF READING TEXTBOOKS, YOU STILL WANNA READ MORE BOOKS?! Well, novels are different. Please, even newspapers are different from textbooks. My new set of Hunger Games are still waiting for me.... (Yes I know I am slow)

Last but not least, I wanna watch Thor.

I might not even wait till the 27th. YES I WILL NOT. I will barge into the cinemas straight after that Chemistry paper and watch THORRRRRRRRRRRR. Because I have been waiting for this movie for thor long I forgot where I placed my calculathor. I can't watch it any lathor.

Thorlong lah, I need a break from all this thorture. (Yes, I super love Thor jokes)

I also found a video that I'm gonna watch over and over again this week. Like maybe after every paper. And maybe even set it as my message tone. Okay, weird. 

Wokeh! See ya in 2 papers time! :) eheheheheh

Friday, October 25, 2013

SUDDEN ABDATE: Post Convocation Post

I is back!!! *evil laughs*

But not for good. I guess you guys know why so do bear with me. I promise to give you guys a bear hug when I get back.

Virtual bear hug, that is. hehe

Yesterday was the upper six convocation, a ceremony to end our 18-month torture in glam! Okay maybe not much glam, but at least... in style? But I cannot say in style also since we all wore graduation robes that made us look pregnant or like one of the students from Harry Potter (supposed to be but noooooo #macamyes). hahaha

But still it was a way to make our form six life memorable, a second to look back and say, 'I've survived!!!!' and think of what I've achieved (and failed) for the past one year and a half.

I remember the first day of lower six orientation. I remember how I pulled a sour face when I stepped in the auditorium, and didn't want to talk to anyone (even my friends) because I resented being there. I was totally unhappy at the beginning of lower six. I felt I didn't belong to that place at all, and every day I would try to find ways to escape. Applying for more scholarships, seeking for other pre-u alternatives. None worked. Praying hard. That kind of worked. At that time, it was the only thing I can do.

Fast forward a few months later, I was having the time of my life. Homework, assignments, and extra activities piled up. Yes, hectic, but it was fun having the whole class going crazy with you, sharing ideas (and answers) with each other. Aside from our classes, we ate, played, and laughed together. People whom I thought were the most alien-est kind of humans compared to me, ended up being friends that I don't think I would forget for eternity.

So that makes me an alien too, yes? 

The teachers that have taught me throughout this journey, are all inspirations and life guardians. Not only have they given us knowledge and patience, they added elements of fun in between. Who knew that I would actually like my teachers hahahaha

Our brain tends to remember more of the happy things than the sad. Most frustrations and anger and sorrow, are usually flooded away with joyful memories, made by happy and genuine people :) I have met the best people in this past 18 months. It was a short 18 months back in secondary school, but God has blessed me with soooooo much, compared to the first 5 years when I was there.

Who would have ever expected that? hehehe

A candid from yesterday. hahaha More pictures will be up sooooooon

We have less than 2 weeks to our final semester 3 exam!! Do keep us all in your prayers! After this we are all free and happy people! WOOHOO!!

I will see you (stalkers) lateeeeeeer!

*back to hiatus mode*

Monday, September 9, 2013

Abdate : Of very fui incident

You know how I love online shopping.

It's convenient.

Not too convenient when no one is at home to help sign and collect the parcels from the mailman.


No one was at home when a recent purchase was delivered to my house, so they dropped me a slip in the mailbox asking me to go and collect it myself in the post office.

I decided to go down to the post office today. Drove about 15 minutes to arrive. Parked, and then realized that I had forgotten to take the slip. I remembered the tracking number so I thought that it would be okay to just go up the collection booth to take it.

But no, the staff said I MUST have the slip.

'Come back tomorrow', she said.

I wanted to beat myself up for not remembering the slip TT________TT


Yes, I just had to let it out. HAHA

Friday, August 30, 2013

My Pre-U Volleyball experience

Never in this life would I have ever thought that I would play volleyball.

It's a sport for cool people. It's for those tanned, tall, fit, ohmygash so pretty ladies.

This year, something called the Pre-U Games (Sukan Pra - U) was organized for the very first time. It's something similar to what the local schools have called the MSSD/MSSM and stuff. All Pre-U units sent their teams to participate in different games. For our school, we had teams for futsal, netball and volleyball.

I am not a sports person, and yes I can admit that I am a nerd. Who doesn't study but claims she's a nerd because all she does is sit at home. Okay. This is not going anywhere. I volunteered myself to join the volleyball. 

Yes, I volunteered. And I don't know much about the sport :S

The reason behind it is that I realized that I was not doing as well as I wanted in co-curriculum. I didn't have important posts in any clubs, I wasn't that active, .... My grades are not that good either. I realized that I had to step up a notch to make my records look better. And that's why I joined.

Initially I wanted to join the netball team (I'm not sure if they wanted me HAHA) but I thought of trying out something new and so I did. 

I kind of regretted afterwards because, volleyball is not as easy as it looks.

I had less than a month, to cramp up all the rules, learn all skills that I can, make sure I don't miss the ball. Our team consisted of some very talented and experienced players (woohoo!), and also inexperienced people like me (booooo!). We weren't the perfect team but I guess each one of us put in sweat and pain in the game, in hopes to win.

.... For me, I just didn't want to make a fool out of myself.

The venue for the competition was in KK Polytechnic, almost an hour drive from our school. YES. THAT FAR. By the time we arrived I have no idea where I was. I have to say that the compound of the school is huge! Best part was that the volleyball courts were indoors!! WHOOHOO!!!

Our Pre-U Volleyball Team! :)

The girls. Spot the giant HAHA

The guys.
There were 12 schools in total participating from KK. Each team has to play 2 different teams in order to move forward to the quarter finals, semi, and finals. We won the first match and it was already thrilling enough. I never thought that our coach would put me as a playing member :O All along I thought I would end up sitting on the bench the whole day, cheering for the others (because I think I am that bad). I did make tons of mistakes and didn't get the ball across the net when it was my turn for service (something that I seldom do) so I was kind of frustrated and anxious the whole day :(

Our second match was cancelled because the other team forfeited. Quarter finals immedietely. Won. Semi finals, more nerve-wrecking, more sweat. MORE MISTAKES. Won again. The girls in my team are really good I have to say. It never crossed my mind that I would actually be playing in the final match.

I never thought that we were that good.

Our opponents were all strong players. Their serves were sharp and strong, effortless receives, better than me. It is at that point when we realized that we really wanted to win, to bring home the title. To not waste hours and hours of training just like that. 

Because we wanted to prove ourselves. 

And we did.

First place goes to us!!


First place did not come without a price. Our boys team lost one of the two matches and they were down. Brought down the team's spirit a little bit. We had to wait for our turn soooooo long that our butts were soaked in our own sweat (from sitting on the court floor). The games were supposed to end at 4.30 but at that time we were still waiting for the final match. Our transport came to pick us up and didn't want to wait. It's too far from our place to ask our parents to drive us. The boys and three of the girls went home, leaving SEVEN of us behind. Somehow it wasn't really our day. Three of them leaving were like us having one of our hands chopped off.

But it was all worth it.

Went to McD for celebration!! :) It was already 7 when we arrived HAHA last match finished at about 6.30 ohmai we were there for almost 12 hours T_____T

The seven of us :D

Went to school the next day. I was having a bit of a sore throat during the competition but I didn't bother much about it. Of course it became worse =___= I ate a spicy burger in McD lagi HAHAHA so I was feeling really awful and tired. I probably felt worse than a living zombie. lmao Halfway through classes, the volleyball team captain came to our class and we were told that we are going to compete again TOMORROW ... representing KK region.

Another match? Are you serious? My mind was like, YESSSSSSS! and my body pleaded NNNNOOOO! -.-

Had practice that afternoon itself. I almost died during the practice!! :( At that time my fever was spiking and I couldn't even interpret what the others were talking about. I was in a blur the whole day and I felt like dying.

This is what happens when an unfit person does too much sport. hahahaha

I was praying hard to get well. Because I wanted to play again. Because I can't let my team, or my coach down. At least give me energy tomorrow to play well.

And we did play well! It was a fun match between other teams from Penampang, Tuaran and Ranau! I never thought I'd play against people from different areas in Sabah. Volleyball summore HAHAHA never even dreamt of something like that *slaps self*

Won 2 matches but lost the final one to Ranau. Although we were a bit disappointed but I think we did pretty good, considering that we had less than 10 practices added up!! We were the underdogs that no one bothered to be afraid of but came out as champions! Well, almost champions. hahaha

The First Runner-Ups for Sabah West Coast :)

Us being girls.. hahaha selfie


But before that, had to get some lunch and I ended up with this TT_____TT

Not exactly a good meal for a sick person suffering from fever and sore throat -.-

HAHAHA but I was too happy to bother sorry.

Ended the day (and this volleyball thing) with desserts from Justberrys!! I know I know I'm not supposed to have ice cold desserts when one's sick. lalalalala

And that's a wrap! 

That night I had a fever and the next day I didn't feel like myself at all. Turns out that I had inflammation in my tonsils. Doctor said it was quite bad D: (Thank you fast food! And hot sun...) So i ended up taking a bunch of medicine. :(((

I guess it was all worth it. Being sick, but still having the opportunity to experience what's it like to play volleyball in a team, winning and losing together.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Abdate: Of things unpredicted

Hectic, HECTIC week back at school.

I don't know if the teachers are just trying to drown us with work or we have lazed around too much during the holidays.

Halfway through the week I have forgotten that this week was the week right after raya.

Right now my homework is still in my bag, and I have no intention to finish any.

Yes, lazy.

What I need to do, and what I need not do. Blogging was not a priority, but then I decided not to miss another Abdate.

This week has been TOO happening for me and I think I need a quiet break today.

Until I slowly pick up the pieces that I shattered this week (wait for me!), a blog post will be up to cover it all.

Oh yeah, in the midst of all this !@#$%^&*(), I fell sick.

Such is life.

Let's hope for a good Monday (Mondays are never good, in Garfield comics. Which I love.)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Abdate: Last week of holidays!

I am so tired right now I am typing in delusion mode.

I was assisting in a holiday club in church today and later on went out with the church gang and came home for dinner. My plan was to finish up our (it's a group project) chemistry PBS after dinner and later on continue to watch some drama but the plan was totally spoiled!! In the midst of finishing up the report we realized that EACH of us were suppose to pass up an individual report, and not a group one. TT______TT And every report has to be different so I had to start from scratch *inserts more crying emoticons*

Now I am almost done but I just can't continue anymore!! My brain is wrecked from waking up early this morning, continuous focus on the kids in holiday club, and also yamcha-ing with the gang. AAARRRGGGGH Yes I know I told you guys already but I have no mood to hit the backspace button thank you.

I am here to cheer myself up. If you are wondering why I am not sleeping right now ... I have to pick up my brother from youth meeting in about fifteen minutes so I can't go to bed -.- Otherwise he would be stuck in church forever and I'd only wake up when the sun rises.

I have to go for the holiday club again tomorrow and dash off to volleyball practice after pnw session. Ohhhmai.

This is what usually happens to the last week of my holidays. Everrrrrry time. Last week was so laid back and easy for me but this week was just pump-pump-pump outings after outings after outings. Sorry but I didn't touch a single book at all this week.

Last Sunday, the youths went out for Pizza with their cash vouchers. They won it in the Talent Night we had that Friday and they decided to go out together for a celebration. WWWHOOO!! I wasn't in any of their groups but I was the emcee of the night so I joined in HAHAHAHA FREE FOOD!!

Cash Vouchers and pretty ladies ahem.

The whole bunch. Faith and Elaine not in pic cz they went to get the movie tickets.

Adele (the other emcee) also crashed the partaaaay

The girls. My gun pose is me acting cute =___=

On Tuesday Audrey and Shnwei came over to my place to finish (or rather, to start) the Chemistry PBS. It was more procrastinating than actually working HAHAHA but we did get most of the things done. 

Had Japanese food for lunch. Yums.

Audrey asked us to join her family at a little beach party. Her mom cooked all the food aaaaaah thank you auntie!!!! As usual I was late to the event HAHAHA because I had practice in the morning lalalala But at least I did help them sweep away most the leftoversssssss NOT!

Ae ze bich

Yesterday, my brother and I went to Mamutik Island with my uncle and aunt. I haven't been to the island for almost a decade HAHAHA

Mamutik Island is famous for its corals which is a great spot for snorkelling and diving as well! The island was flooded with locals and tourists mainly from China and Korea. Snorkelling was really fun and I guess I got carried away T____T


It hurts so bad I can't even.

That's me with my feet up hahaha lousy me. I wore the life jacket because it was much more easier for me to float on the water. I didn't want to step on any of the corals :OO so wearing the float helped me refrain from stepping them. Price to pay is my bakar-ed legs TT______TT

Random Korean tourists waiting at the jetty. If it's you in the picture do drop a comment hehehe

That's me after washing up. I was too afraid to get sunburnt like before. I guess I should have worn the scarf around my legs :(

We spent more than half a day on the island. Came back super tired. I went out with ma to get some stuff for the party packs at night. Drop dead in sleep after that.

Woke up this morning for the holiday club. Chaos taking care of the kids but it was great fun. Was supposed to hang out in Lintas after that. Changed venue to City Mall. Ended up in Fook Yuen located in a Mitsubishi building some place after City Mall. Oh well.

I am starting to like shaky pictures.
I think it's as artistic as some Spongebob underwear.

Okay, not exactly the best comparison HAHAHA

Have a great weekend/ last day of holidays!