Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free & Easy Melbourne City

I shall begin with day 2 of the entire trip! Since day one was mostly spent on the plane, if not in the airport. Arrived in Melbourne around 11pm and most shops were closed. Had instant noodles (I don't like) for dinner/supper.

Brunei Airport stopover. 3 hours!!!

The next day we took the Melbourne City Free Shuttle to Federation Square. We decided to make the day free & easy since uhm... we were kindda tired from traveling the day before. There is an information center at Fed Square which is really helpful (:

Before lunch we visited St Paul's Anglican church, , located opposite Federation Square and also the famous Flinders Street Station.

Federation Square
Flinders Street Station.

Interior of St. Paul's. Similar to the churches we visited in Belgium
I always loved this part of the churches I visited overseas. Tells so much history of the church and its people.
Had sandwiches for lunch, which we bought from a nearby takeaway shop. So we had to sit at a field near the church (ON GRASS!!) to eat them. hahahaha But the sandwich was good though.

Friends who accompanied us during lunch LOL

After lunch, it was applying sunblock time! HAHAHA My mom found out somewhere in the internet that the UV in Melbourne (and probably the whole Australia) is VERY high. So I got a little bit (okay maybe very) paranoid about it so I kept slapping sunblock on my face hahaha

Sad to say that I still got sunburnt -.- I will tell you about that in the next few post!

There are lots of self-guided walking tours of which you can do in the city. If you are interested, you can find one that suits you from this website, or you can just visit the info centre at Fed Square. The tours are really really easy (that's why you can self guide!), just follow the map and you will never ever get lost HAHAHA

We did the Arcade and Lanes tour. Arcade as in covered walkways with stores at the sides, not gaming arcades (like what my mom thought -.-) It's a one and a half hour walk and 2.5km :O That's our exercise of the day! hahaha Also got a chance to see very nice coffee shops and little bistros at the lanes :)

Love the signboards :D
Inside the arcade. Most of the shops in the arcades are very classy and *ahem* pricey. But the things sold there look really really pretty!

SEE! Even the food looks soooooo good!! This was taken outside one of the cafes which you have to line up to get a table :O We didn't go in lah TT_____TT
Another arcade. With Christmas deco already up!
Some arcades are actually really old, like this one :D Look at how old looking those elevators are!
After that we visited a park in the city of which the name I forgot -.- There is a handful of parks in just the city itself so I forgot which was to which.

My parents and I also walked to Chinatown to have a look later that evening, but I didn't take any pictures. It just looked like most Chinatowns in the world (I guess). hehehe. 

Dinner was at Nando's.
Nando's in Australia is surprisingly much more yummier than the ones in KL! 

 Okay finish! Somehow I feel that this post is really boring -.- Issit? I hope I don't bore you because I have many posts to come lol Please leave a comment if you think this post was too boring, too bland, or the pictures were too little (because I try to put less pictures than usual)

Next post - Victoria Market! (It's just directly opposite from our rented apartment!)

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