Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zoom zoom update!

Hey!! *waves

It's only Tuesday but I have been so busy I thought it was already Friday -.- Plus the rainy weather keeps me very sleepy throughout the day so half of the time I don't really know what I am doing (ie right now)

I have lots to update about my online shopping haul but I just don't have the time to sort out pictures and stuff! The school exam is next week (pulls own hair) and I have to pass up my Mathematics assignment by Friday (bangs head on keyboard)! Yes I am taking Maths laugh all you want! I'm also busy with Prom stuff -.- which is on the day we finish our school exams. AND IT'S A FRIDAY!!! D: Dreadful or not? I am so going to look ugly + fat + zombie-like (I'm not sure whether zombies can be fat hahaha) during prom because I usually eat tons of junk food while studying for exams (fat gain explained) and I get a lot of pimples and my eyes turn very sleepy and dark circles form and my energy level is basically lower than the floor (ugly and zombie done) THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!!

Of course it doesn't really matter because no one is going to look at me anyways :( I also must say that I don't have a decent dress to wear to prom. Can I just wear my jeans? I'll iron it ... I promise .. and I'll wear the best t-shirt I can find in my closet. ugh.

Lastly, I have sad news. My ex-accounts teacher passed away. We heard the news just this morning. :( RIP Cikgu Sinin.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's a Fifit affair

Oh hey there darn it I am in a very bad mood now because I made a dumb mistake that will probably cost me my life. Okay it is not that bad but it's bad. -.- I was typing minutes for a meeting and I didn't save it as another document but I overwrote the initial document so I am having a big problem here because it is not Photoshop and I cannot undo undo undo until I get back the original document TT_______TT So right now I need to either dig out my draft (which I bet is already thrown away into the sea) or I could ask the vice secretary to use her draft and type the minutes for me. Please tell me what to do I am at the brink of smacking myself with the keyboard.

*inhaleeeee exhaleeeeee

Okay sorry for that. It's just that I have been multitasking, wanting to get everything done so I can have a peaceful dinner LATER but that happened and I totally lost it :( Anyways, this is supposed to be a happy post so from now on, PUT YOUR SMILE ON ABBY :D :D

I went out again with the Fifits yesterday night :D For a simple dinner at Upperstar Lintas and then we had desserts in ZenQ. Our favourite hang out place HAHAHAHA Well there is not much to blog about -.- We took some pictures at ZenQ since Pae Yii was also with us!! :D Our last chance to meet her this year lmao because she and Marie are only coming back next year! :(

So here are the pictures to remind us how we look like in 2012 when we last seen each other. HAHAHA what did I just type. Pictures are for keepsake ah so when we look at it next year, we will realize how old we have grown within the months lmao

My brain is not working zzz let's just move on to pictures.

Karee and I. See her eyes half open zzz
I tied up my hair because it's in a very ugly phase right now. It's not long nor short not pretty and it was frizzy so I tied it up. I had to use a hairband because the hair clip that I use practically every day broke that very morning T______T

Me and the Sabahan turned West Malaysians lol
Pae Yii, Moley and Marie acting cute. HAHAHA
Pae Yii and Marie superstars lah that night lol here is Karee ham-ing them :P
Mole and Molier
'Mole and Molier' is something that I came up with HAHAHA representing Shnwei and I because she has a mole (is it not obvious?) BUT I have MOLES. IN YOUR FACE!!!! So I am called Molier, but then when it comes to size I lose because my moles cannot be easily detected lmao and you can never miss hers when you look at her. You cannot even see my moles in the picture above but hers can see kan? 

Her mole size is like my mole size to the power of 100!! Even if my 2 moles add up together also cannot beat hers. Walao so geng. Now, why am I talking about moles?

*Now I am trying to finish this post because I think we are leaving for dinner :/

Group photos coming up and also collages of our photo with Marie or Siaw or Pae Yii lalalala because Shnwei, Karee and I are in form six and we see each other all the time. Take picture for what?! But we also took pictures with each other, for pointless sake.

I take one. Best student (Marie's brother lol) also in the picture
Picture with me inside YAY!!!
Best picture taken by the best student (geddit?) and edited by the best photoshop editor, ME. HAHAHAHA
With Siaw and Pae Yii.

With Marie.
More pictures but then sorry lah I have no time to edit them :( Some of them are very low in quality because of the lighting. Photo collages and editing are done using the app called Photowonder on Android. I like it very much :DDDD

Okay YAY! I finished!!

FYI I might not be blogging as often after this because my time is very ... uhhh.... not enough? But I will try the best I can to update when I have the time!! Love you guys XOXOXO

PS. Have a safe flight Marie and Pae Yii!! We will miss you very very very much!!! <3

PPS. Audrey and TK joined us for dinner too but left early because they had another party to attend

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fifits eat Korean food

Hey! Back with a very long (okay not really) but quick post. Actually it took me like, an hour to upload these pictures because my computer is very lag. ugh. and also the Blogger uploading thingee always bully me :( I cannot upload big bulks of pictures at one go!! So it's very time consuming lah clicking a few photos at a time. What upgrade is this? 

Anyways, Marie is back in KK for her semester break!! So we planned to go out and party (when Fifits party, it means eating lmao) since it was also a few days after Audrey's birthday :D

Highlight of the day was actually a Korean dinner at Bintulu Korean Restaurant located in Lintas. I have no idea why we had the idea to eat Korean food but everyone agreed when Wei and I gave the suggestion so we ended up eating that. 

 Before the dinner, we must have lunch LOL
Audrey treated us McD in conjunction (what?!) of her birthday lmao

for those of you who think Marie is not really back.. zzz
After lunch we shopped around for prom dresses for Wei, Siaw and Audrey. I had no urge to buy a dress D: Somehow I am reluctant to go to prom. Maybe because I don't have a date (wah so emo?) but no way lah. I'm just lazy HAHAHAHA But then I already paid for a ticket (bye bye 3 day salary) so I guess this means I'm going, since I am super cheapo pay already must go one. hahahaha

They got their dresses, and they were happy. I got my eyes itchy but it was really fun picking out dresses for them. I even ripped off a flower from a belt which came together with a dress Wei tried on, which she later bought. lmao. I bought a lipbrush YAY After that, we went to The Face Shop since they were having a 6th Anniversary sale or something so yeah. I spent money there again. Goodbye money.

Left for Lintas at around 6pm. TK joined us since he was a Fifit Spouse HAHAHA This is something that I made up. If either of us got married, the husband/wife will automatically be called a 'Fifit Spouse' since they won't qualify as a Fifit, EVER. Obviously TK is not a husband to any of us (but to Audrey in the future there is a MAYBE. Maybe ah don't take it seriously). Audrey asked me if he could be included into the Fifits and I said NO because to be a Fifit, Fifits have to unanimously agree for him/her to join but then not all Fifits are not in KK so we cannot do the voting (whalao... like Parliament ah?). Second is that the vote would not be unanimous hahahaha since I will vote NO. Unless he meets the qualifications in the future lmao

Like tourists lmao Taking a picture before entering the restaurant
I have been to this restaurant lots of times, just to make things clear lmao. Wei obviously nommed there before but Aud, Marie and Siaw were first timers. Oh and TK also lah.

And so, we got seated. And we ordered. And we waited. And we took pictures
Please remember to put this picture up on your living room wall if you guys ever buy a house together

You can put this also if you want lmao
Wei, me and Siaw. Why I smile like that like flatfish =___=

Starters rolled in. No one liked the pumpkin Kimchi so I ate must of it YAY!!!

From top left: Cucumber kimchi, kimchi, pumpkin kimchi, ikan bilis, bitter gourd with ikan bilis. The last one is a definite YUCK! I like bitter gourd but this is not a really good way to serve it. :/

With the Orangutan

Ah Sum (auntie in Cantonese) pouring drinks for us HAHAHAHA
Food came really quick! I bet it was because we were very early and the kitchen was not really busy at that time of the night, yet.

Bibimbap!! I don't often order this when I go there with my family :D

Wei very hungry already.. mixing the rice.

Ah Sum again serving soup. I forgot what it's called but it's a spicy soup with taufu.

The Steamboat Mix, and Sotong (squid) :D

Kimcho bokumbap. Wei ordered this zzz and she ordered the Bibimbap. and I realized that we didn't really order any meat except for the Sotong and the few slices of beef that came with the Steamboat

Happy people lol
Why the two beside me like very jealous looking?? HAHAHA

Another shot.
The Sotong dish, which we have to cook by ourself.

My turn to be Ah Sum. Cooking the sotong.
Shared Bibimbap. it looks like this when it's all mixed!

Dinner was great. We were all very full HAHAHA except for TK maybe because he didn't like what we ordered. I told you he doesn't qualify. I think we should order more meat lmao since I think we only filled our stomachs with starch =/

After that there was a shocking event. No lah. I cheat you guys one. But Audrey did receive a birthday gift from TK ...  few days after her birthday lol

her flashing it to us :(
Later they went back to my house to wait for their parents to pick them up. Did nothing much, just fifit-talked lol
Pictures we took at the restaurant before we left.
Oh there was one guy who shushed us in the restaurant. We were too loud maybe but we weren't very very loud loh!! He was shushing in a very rude and annoyed tone D:< But maybe it's our fault lah. To add on to that he gave us a stare of disbelief when we took pictures. Staring at us like we were some kind of criminal. Ish. What did we do wrong?

Souvenir from Marie.

Stuff Marie bought from The Face Shop!! Rich dao bao!!

Siaw tapau-ed some of my Aloe Vera gel home lmao

K that's all lalalalala am going out with them again later with PAE YII!!!!! who came back from KL. Oh and also Karee who always jual mahal don't wanna go out with us. Fifit you!!!!

Until the next blog post, happy reading :D