Friday, June 1, 2012

Harvesting on harvest festival

Got a phone call a day before Harvest Festival. It was my ex-supervisor. She asked me whether I want to part-time during Harvest Festival since they're opening another franchise. =O So I agreed thinking that one, I can earn money; two, I can not stay at home all day; three, I can find excuse not to do homework hahaha. So the first day of Harvest Festival I was at City Mall. Tons of people and it was really crowded. Walked like 10km around the whole shopping mall, the store was like an oven because the air-cond wasn't working, and right now I have blisters on my feet because of I stood for like, 8 hours!! Things I would do for money, LOL. Not that I needed it but I do enjoy being a sales girl hahaha Just not at this place and at this heat, and please don't ask me go give balloons to kids ever again.

Second day (which was yesterday FYI)  I drove down to City Mall again. I was a bit late, very paiseh, because I thought I'd do my makeup at home before work because there are less mirrors at the City Mall branch. AND THERE ARE 7 ON US THAT MORNING. Including the staff and part-timers lah. After I arrived, put on more make up LOL and then the person-in-charge ask me to go Suria branch to do sales blah blah and I was so happy I said okay straight away, got my bags and left the building! WHEE!!

The reason why I happy is because I know Suria's staff better, and then I know I can do sales there hahahaha Very happy lah because it was so fun and 8 hours passed so quickly. Did quite well in sales also hahaha somehow I feel like I'm born to be a sales person -.-

Went to watch Men In Black 3 with my family at night. Had Japanese food before the show =D

The show was not as bad as I thought! I have never watched any MIB you know. Yep call me a weirdo but when I was a kid I thought the aliens were very disgusting so I didn't bother to watch. hahahaha But MIB3 was okay okay lah. Storyline was not bad but I cannot say much because I have never watched the previous ones. *hidesface

Uhuh. That's all I did for this 2-day festival. I earned some pocket money from work I guess it was "harvesting", no? WELL I THINK IT IS. I harvested crops for the company, and I am going to have my share too lol. Now I can start thinking what should I do with the money...

Maybe should buy 2PM Member's Selection Album. NOT! This is the new MV for 'Only U'. This song was released when Jay Park was still in 2PM. Somehow I feel like Jay should be in this video, since he sung most of the parts of the song. Repeated this song for like 10 times during work because my colleague and I both love 2PM, just that she likes Nichkhun and me well, not as much as her.

I was supposed to do my Biology kolokium (don't ask me what issit I also dunno) but I ended up blogging LOL It's something like an assignment where we have to prepare the topic that we've chosen and then present it to the class. Initially I wanted to choose Malaria but then the topic was already taken, and then I cannot make up my mind and the other topics also taken taken taken. Those left were all due in Semester 3 (which is next year =O) but I thought it'd be better if I get things done with earlier so I pick the first topic. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! I was probably out of my mind but aiyah, it's better to get things done fast fast lah. The only problem is my topic is Lipids, and trust me I'm really bad at this stuff. Now I'm reading about triglycerides it's so confusing I can't even. WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS TOPIC?!? Well, I guess I myself know the answer to that. I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT understand a single diagram that I looked at. UHH. Can someone tell me why did I go into science stream AGAIN?

Might as well be a sales girl LOL
No I take that back I wanna study more so I can be boss MUAHAHAHA *dreaming

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