Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm not a VIP

... and I don't pretend to be one.

Perhaps I have no rights to say this because I am not a VIP. I don't mean VIP as Very Important Person, but rather the nickname that Big Bang fans call themselves. I have friends that are VIPs, and I respect them, but saying I'm not one of them doesn't mean I hate them, I just don't pretend to be a fangirl. But I see a lot of girls, and guys are doing it without thinking.

I bet it all started with this music video.


Little that the new VIPs (okay I'll just put it this way) know that before this MV came out,  senior VIPs were already anticipating Big Bang's 2012 comeback, stayed up late at night just to watch the teasers and pre-ordered their ALIVE album. From what I saw, new VIPs only circled around this music video, this song and followed dance moves to this song.

Of course they know Bad Boy and Blue (also in the ALIVE album) but I tell you Fantastic Baby became a drug to young people from the age to 12 to 25. The other day I was buying apples at a supermarket I saw a young couple staring at the apple saying, Wow! Fantastic Baby! and then proceeded to buy some. Please lah. *givesdisgustedstare

I admit that Fantastic Baby was over the top. Costume, melody, stage, class. It's all in one. It's so fun, so catchy AND I LOVE IT TOO. But then, some people started to get crazy about this one song, literally. They converted themselves from zero kpop to KPOP IS MY LIFE OMAIGASH I LOVE BIG BANG!!

Trust me, this is from what I observed on a certain homo sapien's facebook page.

At first she (yeah it's a woman so what?!) only posted pictures of people like Chase Crawford and stuff on her timeline, normal.


Then after the MV of Fantastic Baby was released, someone shared it to her. [I am trying to refresh this chronologically because her stuff always got so many comments it appears on my news feed at Top Stories D: and I cannot tahan must stalk her timeline lol] And I think she only saw the video, then liked it. Nothing much here.

One month later (this person's rate of catching on a trend = sloth's rate of eating it's food), after numerous posts of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, she shared a post on guess what? FANTASTIC BABY and wrote, 'THIS IS MY FAVOURITE MV EVER!!!'

and I went, what the ?!

And then came the flooding of Big Bang member's pictures and MV of Blue and Bad Boy and quoting of their songs.


So her friends got all YAY! BIG BANG FOR LIFE kind of thing and I was really irritated. Not that they cannot like Big Bang or cannot be their fans or cannot like TOP or cannot appreciate Kpop but please, do it in a manner that people will not hate you lah.

I have no right at all to say that Big Bang is not worthy of so much love, because I love them too. I truly respect the blood and sweat of all the five members because they have given me music that makes me, happy. But then I think a lot of these people are just faking it. I mean, who are they to say that they are TRUE VIPs when they just listened to Bad Boy, Blue and Fantastic Baby?

Get the point?

What I'm trying to say is that yes, you can become a fan of Big Bang because of these three songs, but don't pretend like you know the whole Big Bang at the tips of your fingers. Don't go showing off saying TOP is very handsome, you know everything about him (please lah by everything I assume you mean his hair, his eyes, and his long legs. HIS BIRTHDAY LEH YOU KNOW AH?) and he's your husband but in fact you don't even know that he collaborated with GD and produced a sexy song titled 'HIGH HIGH'

This was the anthem of the year for me back in 2010 hahahaha I remember playing this song over and over again while studying Sejarah and in the end I just stood up in my room to dance! And up till today I still love the to bang my head along to this song, though I still don't know every single word to the lyrics, but I love it.

I was first introduced to Big Bang by a friend of mine in church (best not be named later she hit me LOL) and I didn't know who they were at that time but I just loved the melody to their music so much. My computer wasn't able to read Korean texts at that time so it was all *squaresquaresquare* like that hahahahaha I think the song I first heard was 'Lies'. LOL

And few years later (okay maybe only a year but seems like forever because I played those songs over and over again), HARU HARU CAME OUT AND I WAS LIKE, I FOUND MY FIRST LOVE!!

Dang! I love this song man! I think few days ago they played this MV on MTV I was smiling from ear to ear while listening to it. I don't know why happy lah hahahahaha
So later on I started to listen to Big Bang, without being a crazy fan girl of course. Fan girling doesn't work for me of course, all I can do is appreciate their music and style. That's all. And then there was Oh my friend and Cafe which I love so much and will always sing the parts which I know. Mainly the english parts only LOL
A lot of new VIPs don't know that most of the Big Bang members have their own solo careers, like GD & TOP, Seungri (who's MVs are always played on MTV idk why) and my favourite of all favourites, Tae Yang. Because of this song....

Oh man I like this song like I like donuts. I remember I once said that if a guy writes a song like that I would kick myself to him and wear a wedding dress for him lmao which means I will marry that guy LOL

Am not trying to bash any of the VIPs here but I'm just trying to say that you don't have to try that hard to fit into the circle. Yes K fever is getting more serious but then you don't have to go gaga about everything related to Big Bang lah please. But of course, I am happy that Big Bang has great success and hopefully Tae Yang will come up with more songs like wedding dress to let me swoon over!

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Honestly I really do not know so much about big bang.. haha anyway thanks for sharing abby! LOL