Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SPM results release

I am very sorry because I didn't really take pictures during the actual 'ceremony'. But I am about to blog about what happened before and after. teehee.

Marie came to my house early morning. Planned to go together but ended up going at different times because I had to help Kung (my grandpa) to send his office keys to his colleague at Sembulan. This mission was given to me at 9.40am, just 20 minutes before the release of results =O

Marie and I before leaving the house, in our pinafore!!
It still fits (proving that I didn't grow that fat. YET)

Drove Marie to the coffee shop where Audrey and Pae Yii were having breakfast, drove to kung's place. Search for keys, drove to Sembulan, passed keys, carried a whole bunch of things. Kung's colleague greeted me rudely when I arrived by saying, "I'm also busy today.. I'm not supposed to work today... and I'm here... you only help mah..." That time I was really boiled inside and pardon me, I shot back with "I'm supposed to be at school taking my results NOW" and that basically shut him up. I didn't mean to be rude, but he's not the only busy one in this town.

Rushed back to school. Teacher told me the results.

Happy about it? Uhh... maybe. I was aiming for a better one but then I got one that is not-at-all bad as well. My efforts paid off, I guess, a bit sour in the inside but then it's not that bad. At least I didn't cry like last time LOL

After results, Marie, Siaw and I went down to Centre Point to celebrate!! We didn't know whether we will get good results or not but we just wanted to go out hahahaha Planned this like, last week or so? Yup, it's a GDO. Other fifits didn't want to go out D:

Marie happy with her straight As!!!
*envy eye

Us in the car.
As usual, me the driver. Marie front seat, Kim Sun Ah back seat. This has become a permanent thing LOL

Took polaroids at my backyard :)
I love this picture! It has a vintage-y feel, ya think?

We wanted to try out this Korean restaurant in Warisan Square, but we didn't have enough money so we ended up in Secret Recipe. We didn't want to go back to our usual McDonalds' (though we love it!) as we wanted to treat ourselves. hehehehe

My spaghetti and meatballs!

Marie's lasagna!

Siaw's Cordon Bleu.
After this she said she doesn't wanna eat chicken again LOL

Secret recipe is celebrating their anniversary so there's this buy 3 free 1 thingee that I saw online (from stalking blogs LOL. Saw Cheesie's ad). I even confused the waiters as they didn't really know how the thing goes. Turns out that everything I said was right (the waiter was so polite he kept saying 'I'm sorry you are right' without making fusses or a sour face. Points go to that waiter!), and we had another main course. Fish and chips! I tell you it was the most fulfilling lunch I ever had. I was so full after that I could barely walk. Summore we had this crazy idea of having bubble tea right after that heavy lunch. Psycho. I'm full till now.

meatball already bitten!

My face!

Parents brought me out for dinner, as a celebration. Japanese! I have to say that I am thankful for my results. It wasn't what I expected but it's good. God is great, all the time. I'm not just saying it, I believe that it's true.

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