Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Of scholarships & Heartstrings

Since the release of my SPM results I have been forcing myself to apply for scholarships. I may sound like I am whining (which I am at the moment) but I cannot take it anymore. I have applied for about 3 scholarships now and so far the requirements are okay, but the deadline is very near. TOO NEAR. One of the scholarship's deadline was just 7 days after the results release. How can we apply that fast you tell me? It also requires us to send photocopied documents to their office. Based on my GK, our post system is a bit slow..

Somehow I find that applying scholarships is like running a marathon. You have to do it non-stop once you get your results, no slacking, or else you will end up like me. Unable to submit forms and fail to send the documents by deadline.

I am seriously very stressed out and tired about it. I really really am. My brain is not functioning and I should shift my attention to another matter before I faint of frustration (and I have no idea what am I talking about)\

Watching a Korean Drama called Heartstrings. Will update more about it once I finish the drama. It's a bit old but I do have to say that I like what the female lead wears. hehehe

Alrights, I must stay away from the computer (too much form-filling today)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SPM results release

I am very sorry because I didn't really take pictures during the actual 'ceremony'. But I am about to blog about what happened before and after. teehee.

Marie came to my house early morning. Planned to go together but ended up going at different times because I had to help Kung (my grandpa) to send his office keys to his colleague at Sembulan. This mission was given to me at 9.40am, just 20 minutes before the release of results =O

Marie and I before leaving the house, in our pinafore!!
It still fits (proving that I didn't grow that fat. YET)

Drove Marie to the coffee shop where Audrey and Pae Yii were having breakfast, drove to kung's place. Search for keys, drove to Sembulan, passed keys, carried a whole bunch of things. Kung's colleague greeted me rudely when I arrived by saying, "I'm also busy today.. I'm not supposed to work today... and I'm here... you only help mah..." That time I was really boiled inside and pardon me, I shot back with "I'm supposed to be at school taking my results NOW" and that basically shut him up. I didn't mean to be rude, but he's not the only busy one in this town.

Rushed back to school. Teacher told me the results.

Happy about it? Uhh... maybe. I was aiming for a better one but then I got one that is not-at-all bad as well. My efforts paid off, I guess, a bit sour in the inside but then it's not that bad. At least I didn't cry like last time LOL

After results, Marie, Siaw and I went down to Centre Point to celebrate!! We didn't know whether we will get good results or not but we just wanted to go out hahahaha Planned this like, last week or so? Yup, it's a GDO. Other fifits didn't want to go out D:

Marie happy with her straight As!!!
*envy eye

Us in the car.
As usual, me the driver. Marie front seat, Kim Sun Ah back seat. This has become a permanent thing LOL

Took polaroids at my backyard :)
I love this picture! It has a vintage-y feel, ya think?

We wanted to try out this Korean restaurant in Warisan Square, but we didn't have enough money so we ended up in Secret Recipe. We didn't want to go back to our usual McDonalds' (though we love it!) as we wanted to treat ourselves. hehehehe

My spaghetti and meatballs!

Marie's lasagna!

Siaw's Cordon Bleu.
After this she said she doesn't wanna eat chicken again LOL

Secret recipe is celebrating their anniversary so there's this buy 3 free 1 thingee that I saw online (from stalking blogs LOL. Saw Cheesie's ad). I even confused the waiters as they didn't really know how the thing goes. Turns out that everything I said was right (the waiter was so polite he kept saying 'I'm sorry you are right' without making fusses or a sour face. Points go to that waiter!), and we had another main course. Fish and chips! I tell you it was the most fulfilling lunch I ever had. I was so full after that I could barely walk. Summore we had this crazy idea of having bubble tea right after that heavy lunch. Psycho. I'm full till now.

meatball already bitten!

My face!

Parents brought me out for dinner, as a celebration. Japanese! I have to say that I am thankful for my results. It wasn't what I expected but it's good. God is great, all the time. I'm not just saying it, I believe that it's true.

Monday, March 19, 2012

DEYC 2012

Last week I spent 4 days in Tawau attending the annual Diocesan English Youth Camp. This year it was shifted to the March school break so that youths whom are preparing for SPM and PMR could get a chance to join as well. Cool? Perhaps not. Perhaps it was. This year we were blessed with 500+ campers, breaking records of previous years.

To be honest I didn't want to join youth camp this year. Main reason is because I think I'm a bit too old for it, and it's in Tawau. It's not that I hate to fly, but I have a 'thing' against Tawau. My previous visit to Tawau left me sick for weeks. Due to the weather and the bad condition of the area, I suffered from sore throat and flu after the trip. I was reluctant to go because of that but I ended up going so, no complaining.

Before the camp I prayed a simple prayer, asking God to answer them during the camp. One is to touch me like never before. I guess I grew distant from God last year, because of the exams and all the commotion. I didn't spend as much time as I should doing my devotion, and worshiping to me then was just an act, serving Him was a duty and I didn't like the feeling at all. So I asked God to bring me back to the point when I just knew Him, when I first experienced his love. And He did. God is great, no matter what. During the prayer sessions, praise and worship, even when I was in the room saying my prayers before I go to bed, I felt His presence. I felt Him just there right beside me. Even now after the camp I am still dumbstruck by it. Even now I can still feel His presence, and I like that feeling.

The second thing was to tell me what I should do in the future.
While worshiping in one of the sessions I realized that the youths from our church praised and worshiped wholeheartedly. I could see that. They were singing, they were raising their hands, they had that hunger for the Lord. It wasn't just once, it was during every praise and worship session; it wasn't just one girl or one guy, it was each and every single youth. I questioned, how come they are able to worship like this here, but not in our own youth?

Being a worship leader, I sometimes see that our youth is a bit shy during the praise and worship session. Some girls sing but dare not raise their hands when they feel like it, some aren't even into the worship, some guys just stand there and give you a cold stare. For years I have been praying, but then nothing seemed to work. I want them to sing for God, to raise their hands and jump and shout to show their love to Him during P&W. I saw that during youth camp, but I want to see it in our youth fellowship as well. So I asked God, how can I bring this back home?

And then I heard it. God asked me to stay in youth. He knew that I wanted to go elsewhere to study. He knew that I wanted to leave KK and begin another journey in another place. But instead He told me to stay. Stay for youth, for the worship team. Finish what you have done, bring the team up, and I am there to back you up. When I heard Him asking me to stay I knew I had to take form six. It just registered instantly. It was then that everything started to fall in pieces. People around me telling me that I should stay, advising me to take form six even though they knew my answer was no, convincing me that is not something bad, my parents wanting me to stay as well. All along He has put people into my lives to tell me this but I have never ever take it into mind.

The first time I heard Him I was numb. I didn't want to believe it. Believe me, I couldn't sleep that night. The next day there was His voice again, and I knew that I have to obey.

Some people might not understand, might think that I'm rushing in my decisions and such. But then, I just want to obey, and I believe that He has plan for me. The best plan.

Okay enough of that, took some pictures during the camp.

Cotton candy

Our room.
Towels for sale!

My luggage bag lmao

Before our 4pm flight, camwhored around the campsite. To kill time.

Sweating like pigs after cleaning up.
Treating ourselves to ice-cream

epic phail. Tried to remake Woohyun's heart pose

Guys waiting in the disciplinary room


This picture somehow reminds me of 2PM's CF shoot I saw years ago.
But there is definitely no Taec in this picture

High because of sugar sweat



Group photo with our lunches!

Another group photo before we board our ride home (:

Friday, March 16, 2012

My 18th birthday party

So turning 18 is a big deal to most people? Not really for me. But then my parents wanted to gather friends and family together for a nice dinner at our place so it is then I had a party. hehehe.

My party was on a Saturday so I did tons of cleaning up in the morning! The first place I cleaned was my room because most people would want to see my room whenever they come to the house. I don't know why. Surprisingly this year no one asked me to open my room door so that they can peek in. My prayers worked!! Unfortunately my effort was wasted. hehe.

I had to pick up Mei Ling before the party, and then Tan Yik Jia called me and I asked me where my house was so I offered to pick her up as well since it's very nearby. I left my house around 6 to pick both of them up and by the time I reached home the other fifits (my close friends) were already there!!

Guests started flooding in our humble and messy home and around 7pm. Dinner was supposed to start at 7.30 but there was a bit of delay and my young nephew was grumbling because he was hungry. He even came up to tell me that I should start dinner already. -.- Kids.

Roast lamb
We had this last year and when I called my relatives to ask them to come over for the party the first question was, 'Got roast lamb kah?'


My birthday cake!
Ma said that my cake looked like one for a 5 year old HAHAHA
This shows that I still want to be a kid at heart and I don't wanna age. I wanna stay forever young like Spongebob!!

Birhday song and blowing the candles (with my nephew)
I have never felt so old in my life when the birthday song was sung. I'm only 18 and I feel very old HAHA I wonder how I'd feel when I turn 30.

Me cutting the cake and what a scary smile D:
Btw, the cake was made by my ex-colleague, Catie.
Do check out her FB page, Catie's cakes

The cake was finished within minutes!! I didn't expect them to like it so much since it's a cheese cake and you know people nowadays indulge less on fatty food because they wanna stay fit. NOT THESE PEOPLE!! My friends ate like, 3 pieces of cake WALAO I only had a tiny piece -.- It was yummy though no wonder so fast finish.

After that the party got kind of boring. And I felt really hopeless because I cannot entertain my own guests. My classmates were probably bored to death. SORRY LAH bad host here trying to come clean LOL So we just took pictures to fill in time.

Karee who enjoyed the air-cond

Audrey and I (:
The -censor- friends

Karee again!
I look good here lmao Like supermodel konon

Rodney, Gerald and Nigel.
The guys that came to the party =D
WOW table so messy!

Kim Sun Ah and polaroids
I like this picture oh!

Kim Sun Ah (Siaw) and Lee Dong Wook (me)

A blur picture D:
Camera shutter is dying.

Oh. I was sending Pae Yii off!

Audrey combing her hair with a FORK

My good sisters from high school (:

With Shnwei and her mole!

*Too many pictures sorry ah don't be sad if there is no you ):

Time to show off my presents! This year I felt very different. I loved to have presents last time but this year was just a totally different feeling. I just enjoyed the fellowship with my friends and family and the fact that they came to celebrate my birthday with me was a present itself. It was truly a blessing, each and every one of them. Now I realize that presents are not at all important (not saying that you should stop giving them to me), but I cherish the people, and their sincerity more than ever. Thank you the people that I love, and also thanks for the lovely presents!

From Ariele!
So sweet of her to give me a gift though she couldn't make it to the party!

From Mei Ling. She's asking me to save money for uhh... uni D:

Chocolates! (Plus a pack of candy) from Gerald and Nigel.
YAY a gift that I can munch on

WOODY!! From Liana (:
She wanted to give it to me even before my birthday LMAO but I begged her not to.

Pretty oh! From Elvis, Nick's friend and also Gerald's bro

A birthday booklet from Friends with Fifits!
YAY another card!! *happyface

Siaw and her princess pose!
Yeap they wrote birthday wishes inside :3

Aly's wish (:
Probably the longest one hehehehe

That's not all. The booklet was secretly kept inside this....

Choo-choo cat make up pouch from Jetoy.
hahaha They knew I needed a make up pouch.
Prayer answered hooray!!

Actually I knew you guys wanted to give me the present while I was cutting the cake. You know why? Not to burst your bubble or anything but I heard someone said, 'What's the surprise plan?' while I was serving the cakes. For those of you who are smart enough you can guess who is it by now. It's the one that once said, 'I wanna be.... engi...nnnneeer!'

Last but no least, a present from myself (:

For memories to come!

So how does it feel like being 18? OLD!