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It's a Korean Thriller released last year while I was preparing for my SPM. It wasn't shown in Malaysian cinemas either so I had to put it on my waiting list. Shnwei downloaded it the other day so I copied the file from her. (:

I'm going to spoil it for you and tell you the whole story. As my story-telling is pretty boring and you might fall asleep halfway, I suggest you watch the movie after reading this.

The story begins as the starring, Min Ah (played by Kim Ha Nuel) and the brother got into a car crash. Her brother died while she survived, but tragically losing her ability to see light. Her impairment didn't slow her down. She lived alone with her dog, Seul Ki and didn't really depend on others. That's what I like about her, she's independent.

One day Min Ah got onto a 'cab' in the midst of a heavy rain. The 'cab' then accidentally hit something that sent a loud thud and stopped the vehicle. Min Ah suspected that they hit a human being but the 'cab driver' insisted that it was just a dog. She escaped from the 'cab driver' and went to the police. The police didn't believe her as she was only able to judge things based on her other senses, but not her sight. But then she wow-ed Inspector Cho, who was in charge of this case with her ability to 'see' not just with eyes, but with heart. Min Ah was not the only witness to the murder, a youngster called Gi Sub (played by Yoo Seung Ho) was also at the scene.

The 'cab driver' soon turned out to be a serial killer. He pretended to be a cab driver and during the ride, he forced Min Ah to drink a bottle of coffee that he handed over to her. =O The coffee was not original coffee, it was mixed with Propofol! He realised that Min Ah and Gi Sub witness what crime he done so after the incident, he called Min Ah to warn her, as well as Gi Sub not to speak of it, or else he would go after them.

Before Min Ah got into the accident with her brother, she was going to be a police officer. She didn't back down easily after the phone call. She quickly called Inspector Cho, who didn't answer his phone. She then contacted Gi Sub and even went to where he was. She tried to warn Gi Sub but rebellious as he is, he didn't listen.

While Min Ah was going onto the underground train, Gi Sub saw a man following her from behind. He quickly came to his senses that her warning was right. He called Min Ah and helped her to get away from the guy. (This is the most touching and thrilling part of the show I was crying and scared and shouting 'fast fast fast') Due to her visual impairment, Gi Sub helped her escape using her video phone. Min Ah got away, thanks to her faithdul dog, Seul Ki, who sacrificed his life to save his master.

After Seul Ki, Inspector Cho died too. He was killed by the serial killer at the second he found out that he was the culprit. The serial killer inposted as Inspector Cho and contacted Min Ah and Gi Sub, who were staying in House of Hope, the orphanage that Min Ah's mother was in charged of.

Min Ah and Gi Sub fought their way through the serial killer, through blood and more blood. Min Ah managed to knock down the serial killer with a brick. The police came, show's over. Both Min Ah and Gi Sub were lying on the ground outside the orphanage, trying to keep themselves alive.


I try to avoid watching thrillers mostof them time because I'm afraid that I couldn't go to sleep at night. Although I enjoy the tension and the suspense, my brain doesn't function to receive it as well as I thought it would. Often I would not be able to go to bed because scenes from the film will keep repeating in my brain.

Confession: I watched this film not because it was a thriller, not because I like the starring of the film, nor because of the dog. I watched it because 2PM's songs were chosen as their soundtracks. HAHAHAHA They have good taste though, and I do not regret because it's a great movie!

Kim Ha Neul who plays Min Ah.

Yoo Seung Ho aka Gi Sub
Okay he looked familiar to me and I didn't know who he was until I Googled! He's the guy in Warrior Baek Dong Soo LOL I like his hair

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