Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in a nutshell

It's slightly different this year.I get to celebrate new year in KK instead of KL, which for me is really different since it's so quiet and calm. And I like it.

We had bak kut teh for dinner just now and right now everyone is at home, chilling. So I decided to look back and see what I've done this year...

My first time having a part time job. And I enjoyed it very much

Bought my first mascara. The year I started venturing into make up and skin care

Lost my iPhone :(
Last time wearing our secondary school uniform. Good SPM results (:
First time going to karaoke with these ladies...
I went to 3 concerts. One of them was Red Soul. And then it was Anthony Neely, then Sungha Jung!!
Went into form six. Met some really nice people

Gave blood for the first time. And I almost died

Went to Australia!
And I shook his hands LALALALALA

So I've grown. Year 2012 was the year of growth. I've matured, I've become wiser, I learnt how to learn. And of course (if you see the pictures), I've gained A LOT of weight. 

And so I decided that Year 2013 will be the year of giving. The year of giving my best. In my studies. In the ministries that I'm in. In relationships. In weight hahahaha 

I am truly thankful for this year and I really could not have done it without God, and also the support of my family and friends. They say you are a grown up when you turn 18, but I don't think so. I think I have more to fill in before I can really be a 'grown up'. Perhaps I will never ever grow up. But I wanna make 2013 much more fruitful and joyful than 2012.

(Just heard some fireworks!)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Abdate - Rise of the Guardians

I finally got to have a Movie Marathon last Wednesday with Nick, Shnwei and her sister! Was planning to have one after we came back but there were too many activities GAAAAH! Only managed to watch 2 movies because we (Bro and I) had to go for carolling in the evening! 

The 2 movies we watched was Rise of The Guardians and Life of Pi. Of which both I recommend watching :D 

Rise of The Guardians was unexpectedly VERY good!! Before that I've read reviews and some of them said it was boring so I thought it would be just a normal and lame cartoon but it wasn't!! Turns out to be one of the most touching stories that I've heard of and it really brings out some good message :) That every kid should believe.

YAH I'm 18 and I still watch cartoons and still think it's sometimes better than other shows. So what?

Tooth fairy! Love her costume so pretty

Sandman! My favourite of the legends hahaha though he can't speak.

Life of Pi was also really nice. It's like, a really really nice dream!! Okay you have to watch it for yourself to actually know what I'm talking about because otherwise you would think that I'm talking nonsense. Go watch it yourself LALALALA


Spent other days of the week watching We Got Married Season 4, Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo. Otherwise I would be... just.... sleeping -.- Or just online window shopping. 

My church is having an Open House on Christmas Day so do join us if you have nothing to do! The event starts at 11.00am and there will be performances and FOOD! GOOD FOOD!! There will be turkey and other Christmas dishes, all prepared in our own kitchen! Please come and have some turkey!! It's an Open House so of course you can come, even if you are not invited HAHAHA

And that's the abdate of the week!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prepare to be mind blown


Everyone likes the sea, right? And sand? And the breeze? 

After 4 nights in Melbourne we drove down to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road.


Okay the only driver was my dad hahaha

This was when we didn't know where to go...

There is another attraction before this but then I just wanna post this up first because I really cannot tahan already because all the pictures are so nice I couldn't really pick favourites because all are so pretty. Okay I said that already zzz BUT IT WAS. And still probably is hahaha

Ever heard of this before?

The Twelve Apostles?
Yeah it's the Twelve Apostles in rock form lmao

Before going there I didn't even know this exist. I was absolutely clueless :( When my dad told me that we are going on the Great Ocean Road I was like 'okay cool' because I thought the whole stretch was going to be sea ocean ocean sea beside us so that was already cool for me.

But then... I didn't know they had the Twelve Apostles.

Which is real great because I was really impressed. HAHAHA


Before the 12 Apostles was an attraction called the Gibson Steps. It's sort of like the steps that we have at Simpang Mengayau, but it has handrails and is much more safer. HAHA Of course you don't feel like you are gonna trip, but you might freeze to death.

View from one of the steps of the Gibson Steps. lol
Once you reach the bottom.. (which is like, the sandy.. beach) part, you will see this!!

LOL I just love their signs :/

And then this
Only thing was that the weather was gloomy and it rained a bit.

After I saw that, I thought I was going to die happy already. Y U SO PRETTY?!?! Even the sand and cold and hair getting into my face didn't stop me from standing in awe. In awe of God's creation. In awe of how He can make such a thing. And I was numb (partly from the cold hahaha)

This is how big the rock (which is one of the 12 Apostles) and the cliffs are.
After that we drove a little and were greeted by this!!

Behold 4 of the 12
Of course you can never see the 12 in one shot, unless you go on a helicopter or a boat LOL Oh they say now it's only 11 Apostles standing because one collapsed (see my picture. the flat pile of limestone is the fallen one), because that one is Judas HAHAHA

Somehow I like this picture HAHAHA That girl is not me okay -.-

Asked my brother to snap a picture of me and this is what I get -.-
My favourite picture I took there!! The Ocean looks so nice I can't even!! GAAAAH.

Next stop was Lord Arc Gorge. Named after a shipwreck of which only 2 passengers survived I think. Read here if interested. I know some of you don't really bother HAHAHA But I do know that some scenes in the 1982 film The Pirate Movie and Journey to the Centre of The Earth (1999 version) was shot here. hehehe

Lord Arc Gorge
And you will find this at the opposite of that opening...
Amazing isn't it? Most of the time my mouth was like, not closed because everything seemed so.. unreal. Unreal because it was too real to be true. It's like you are reading a fairytale and the writer brings you to a land in your imagination :O

But it was far better than imagination...


After that we arrived a town called Port Campbell, which was our stop for the day. And we checked in to Port Campbell Hostel
 I liked this hostel. Really much. And I don't mind bunking in there again LOL

Love this part of the hostel
Went to town to have dinner at a restaurant. I forgot what's the name of the restaurant but I think it's 12 Rocks or something like that..

From our hostel we got an offer of a dinner set. You can choose between a Chicken Parma or Fish of the day, with a glass of beer. I'm not sure if glass is the right term to use here :O
And it costs $17.99 per meal (which is considered quite cheap already... for a meal with beer lagi)

We thought that since the set was much more cheaper than the ala carte (around $20), the portion would be less compared to the ala carte. Thus we went ahead and ordered one set each. So it was 2 sets fish and 2 sets chicken.

Restaurant let us swap beer for other stuff from the chiller. YAY!
While waiting for the food we looked around the restaurant and checked out what other people ordered, and also the size of the dish. And all of us went 'WAH! SO BIG HOW TO FINISH?!' 

Then we assured ourselves, 'aiyah ours cheaper one sure smaller'

But we were wrong. And the food came out this big ....

My Chicken Parma, the chicken itself is the size of my face

Nick's or mom's Fish & chips.
And we learnt our lesson.

I couldn't finish the chicken (actually I only managed to eat 1/3 of it....) and it became the next day's breakfast HAHAHA

For more pictures (by other people) of the Twelve Apostles and also a little background story of it, click here

Friday, December 14, 2012

Abdate - the beginning!

Hello *airwave*

I am going to introduce a new segment (okay I don't know if I can call it this) called 'Abdate'. Geddit? 

Abby + update = Abdate.

Cool? Or pffffft? :(

I wanted to call it iidate but then it will sound like iDate, and people might think that I'm overly obsessed with iPhones and iPods and stuff. And iDate sounds like a dating website, or an Apple App HAHAHA

So Abdate it is! 

Now I think Abdate sounds like as if I am going on a date HAHAHAHA but never mind lah next time if I go out on a date the guy can say 'I am going on an Abdate' HAHAHA okay not funny loh -.- It also sounds like you are going on a date with abs, which is impossible because you go everywhere with your abs (if you have any). 

The reason I am writing like this is because I have recently read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Yeah.

Okay. Back to the point. The main purpose of introducing Abdate is to force myself to update at least, once a week. It's sort of like my normal update posts but then it will called 'Abdate', for fun? Can or not? So I will update you guys about my week and what I am doing and other... boring... stuff. 

Speaking of boring stuff, you can skip Abdates if you think my previous random posts are boring lalalalalala

Now. Let me start...

Right now I am sneezing because my brother caught the flu and I think he passed it to me D: It's not that my immune system is lousy okay it's because he keeps coughing/sneezing TOWARDS me. I can imagine millions and millions of germs that are spat on my face EWWWW I am hoping that I will not get sick. Please, me no want sick.

I am also enjoying music much more often now that I finally received my New iPod Nano from chikapowwow!!! It took 2 months to get here!! Okay nolah it only took 1 day lol The initial iPod was somehow not shipped to me so I didn't receive it :( And when I contacted the organizers they didn't bother to reply me loh!! Until I got really mad and wrote an emo complain letter hahaha and then they re-checked and realized it was their mistake so they sent me the latest model (7th) instead of the old one!! WHEE!! :D But I sakai okay dunno how to use the ear pods. hahaha help me D:

And before I wrap it up (like a chicken wrap), I am finally going to see Sungha Jung LIVE tomorrow *epic moment face*

See yaaaa <3

Freddy's Bike Tours

This was probably the most adventurous thing that we have done during the entire trip. Okay, what I have done maybe. Joining a bike tour during a holiday to me is like running a 15km marathon when you have been a couch potato for 18 years of your life.

If I were to choose, I would rather go on a swimming tour or a walking tour instead of a bike tour -.- But my dad (who is really into bikes these days for some reason) dragged the whole family into doing this tour. Ugh. You cannot imagine how hard my mom and I prayed for that day to rain, which didn't work. TT_____TT I don't even know how he can find out that such a tour exists. Before that he tried dragging us to rent the free bikes so that we could ride around the city AAAHHHH!!

Breakfast was the usual + mushrooms!!
So we met up with Freddy (from Freddy's Bike Tours, duh) at Federation Square. Got our vintage bikes!! And then set off for the tour.

Freddy's Bike Tours is a tour around Melbourne city, and he brings you to beautiful places while telling you the history of that land, which is really nice considering I know nothing much about Australia. hahaha. All I know is that they have kangaroos and koalas and stuff like that. Okay, so maybe my dad found out about this tour online since it's ranked #8 of 113 activites to do in Melbourne on Trip Advisor. I am not kidding proof here , found while I was googling about it lol.


This is me on the bike, tucking in my shirt, and wearing my helmet lol
Yarra River

Australian Football

And here you can see how Freddy looks like.

A church that we visited.

Somehow I like this picture, a lot.
Graffiti alley in Melbourne. Kind of reminds me of the graffiti in Belgium
 The tour takes about 3 and a half hours to complete. I assume that it is enough exercise for the entire 3-week holiday! It wasn't easy okay we had to paddle up a very loooong and steep hill, and then do hook-turns in traffic, and also get bashed by some drivers hahahaha

Group photo
 After that we went to have our lunch (at 4pm) in Melbourne Central, then walked home.

AND I COULD NOT WALK AFTER THAT!! I am serious. I didn't feel my legs at all. And when I could feel them again they hurt sooooo bad. I HAD TO SIT ON THE SHOWER FLOOR WHEN I WAS TAKING MY SHOWER!!!

and that's not all... my face got sunburnt!!! GAAAAAH!! And I was upset the whole night because I was really afraid that my whole face would be ruined. :( I still have the burnt patches on my face until today :(

After dinner my dad forced me to walk down to the Suzuki Night Market summore D: I tell you it was the longest and the most painful walk that I have ever walked. I had to stop at the middle of the road (where they had a place for trams to stop) for like, 10 seconds. And when I got into the night market I kept on looking places to sit because my legs were just reallllllllly pain.
Thank goodness for these chairs

So that's how our apartment looked like at night...
And the pain goes on for days. 

Now I have bike phobia and whenever I see a bike, I feel the pain.

BUT. Overall the tour was good! I would recommend it to those who are active and more fit HAHAHA because if you are like me (who exercises ... never), you would suffer the consequences. *scary music* But if you do wanna get a good look on what Melbourne has to offer (and daring enough to accept that steep hill challenge), go take this tour!!!

For more info on the tours (they have day tour and night tour!) and charges, visit for more info!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Victoria Market

[Okay so Aly commented on my previous post that it is mah mah dei (which means so-so in Cantonese hahaha) only so I am trying to make it up in this post! But do forgive me I think I am having bloggers block lol]

So if you have read my first post on my trip to Australia, you would have picked up that we rented an apartment just opposite the famous Victoria Market. Which is a big plus because we were able to grab fresh produces to cook by ourselves :D I think we had most meals made by ourselves and it costs much lesser than eating out!! Tasted equally good! hahaha

I woke up early on Tuesday morning and followed my parents to Victoria Market to get some breakfast. My brother slept in obviously hehehe But we went back again after breakfast to get some food for lunch, and also stock up for the following days that we will be in Melbourne, since VM is closed on Wednesday.

Shopping on Tuesdays would be the best since VM is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays. So you will be able to get really fresh fruits, meat and vegetables on Tuesdays. The price is also quite affordable! You can get fresh fruits for a bargain if they have offers!

For more info on VM, they have their own website for you to explore! hahaha

Stepping into Victoria Market was like, WOAAAAAAAH!!! I've seen VM in a travelogue on tv when I was in primary school and I wasn't able to grasp that a market can be that BIG. Until I went there lol. I might even get lost in the market itself if I walk alone lol

Here are some pictures (of food found in) VM. I didnt take pictures of the area really HAHAHA I was too into the FOOD

They have wine too! :D

WHALAO. The aubergine big, the box also big!!

Very cute tomatoes
Fruits that you can seldom see in a Malaysian market

Victoria Market is divided into many different sections (they call it sheds). Meat, fish, fruit & vege, organic, delicatessens (where you can find cheese & pastry) and also many shops and cafes! There is also a food court in the market :D

Rump Steak! We bought this rack for $10 :D

Bones selling at a very cheap price (and they are ditched on the floor instead of the nice counters lol)

Pre-marinated for the busy people HAHAHA

Looks yummy but we didn't buy any to try.
Nice or not!!!

Nick and I bought one each and only ate them during our drive to Port Campbell. Really yummy!!

So here are some stuff that we bought from the market... mostly eaten before we left so no more for you guys!!! hehehe
3 for $10 cheese!
Ham, eggs and a gigantic Kranzky sausage!!

Fresh bread & bacon for breakfast.
I have to admit, after eating so much bread, bacon and ham during the trip I really miss the Malaysian style breakfast of kon lau mee and sang nyuk men!! Ohh and teh c also! All they drink there is coffee!!


Really yummy pastries :O In VM you can just simply buy anything from any shop and it will ALL taste good.
Big strawberry!! I think this was $2 for a pack only!!
Rock Melons of which cost a fortune if you buy in KK TT____TT

Dinner that we cooked :D So we had mushrooms, cauliflower, potatoes & squash, and the Rump Steak I mentioned on top!! Very simple and nice!

So that's all :)
Gonna have a busy weekend! Please pray that I will not collapse. Only hope that I will lose those fats due to the hectic schedule HAHAHA